August 19, 2014

Just writing to say I love you...

Attention: This is NOT a test, I repeat do not adjust your monitors.  You're reading this correctly, I have returned from the elephant graveyard right to your blog reading device once again… Oh hey there!  How have you been the past three months?  My, oh my, I have been great.  Summertime is always better spent lounging by the pool, sipping cool drinks on patios, and spending some QT with your besties.  Sure, I still get dressed and go shopping and such, but for some reason I have never been much a good blogger during the summer months.  Honestly, I don't think I've cracked open this here laptop since I got my iPad in March! Eek!  I realllllly dropped the ball this summer.
I missed you chickens, I did indeed.  I would totally do a catch-up post, but if you even give a hoot about what I've been up to… you already follow along in my Instagram.  But because I love picture collages (and you probably do too) here is a collection of some of my favorite things I did in the past three months, for your eyeball's enjoyment.  
Imagine this in my best TV voice: Previously on Matters of Merrymaking…

Long story short (too late)... I spent two weeks in paradise, enjoyed a summer of tourist-ing in my own town, spent too many days by the pool (I'm one big freckle,) and there are many margaritas and craft beers not pictured.  
I hope to return to merrymaking more regularly here soon!
PS Thanks for all of the emails & notes telling me you missed me, be sure to leave a comment or shoot me a message to let me know how you've been.  Sweet words have not gone unnoticed and I seriously have some of the best readers ever ever! XO, Bekah
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May 9, 2014

Friday Faves: Electric Inspiration

I've really been feeling the electric vibe here lately. I love these items and I'm especially yearning for that Urban Decay electric palette. Hint hint my birthdays coming up! (hi, family!) Check out all the item details here.

Happy weekend! TGIF!


May 8, 2014

Jumpsuit Jungle


jumpsuit: rainbow // sandals: Payless // necklace: gift // clutch: jun lee

This, my little chickens, is my first adventure in one-piece/jumpsuits/play suits land... Whatever you prefer to call them, I used to have a closed mind that onesies are for babies and completely unflattering. I wasn't completely convinced at first, but I've worn it a few times to positive reviews. What fun is personal style if you can't take any chances now and then. I'm excited to dress it up for night out soon with wedges. You can't really tell from the pictures, but it's a linen type material, perfect for continuing in to the summer months. The wide legs were the selling point.

Rompers, however, I'm not completely sold on.


Baby steps.



May 7, 2014

Music Fest Merrymaking

dress: Ross ($12!!!!) // necklace: accessory auctions FB //

booties: barefoot Tess


I wore this outfit over the weekend to the annual Memphis in May Beale Street music festival. Every year, we are either battling tornados, rain storms, or a heat wave. Thankfully, this year the weather was perfect. I picked the wrong shoes to wear (as I normally do) but when I was dancing on the banks of the mighty Mississippi listening to Alabama Shakes in the 65 degree breeze... I didn't have a care in the world.

I wish Music Fest was more than just once a year.

Happy hump day!



May 6, 2014

Hippie Hippie Shake


dress: rainbow (old) // necklace, bracelet: gifts // sandals: Payless // sunglasses: target


I always forget how comfortable and easy maxi dresses are! I tend to overthink ensembles from time to time, I love to layer, guilty as charged. However, today I was feeling super lazy (and HOT, we are not turning on a/c just yet.... Yikes!) and this tie dyed little number stood out from the rest. A statement dress, easy necklace, comfy shoes and bim bam dressed. Pretty sure i bought this dress for my first Black Crowes concert and i love the memories associated with it! I really need to invest in some more of these babies for the upcoming summer weather. What do you reach for on a lazy day?


PS My 80 year old grandmother, who suffers from dementia, took my photos today and it was the most fun for the both of us. :) enjoy your day!