1. participation in festive activities
First things first, I'm Bekah and here is more than you'll ever need to know about me.
That's right, folks. You have found the place where I like to showcase my personal style, share my beauty products obsession, and post way too many pictures of margaritas.  (Can there be too many?)
I'm in my early-ish twenties, not married, no kids, I can't buy expensive clothes and I'm six feet tall- I'm like a blogging rarity right there.  I live in Memphis, and I love it.  I used to teach, but now I work with kids in a different and more creative capacity.  I have a degree in History (collecting dust) from the University of Memphis (GO TIGERS!)  I am obsessed with watching complete television series on Netflix.  I live for red nail polish and pink lip gloss. Leopard print is my favorite color, my little black dog is pretty great, and I am more Instagram obsessed than anyone you probably know.  So, grab a girly drink, get comfortable and have a look around- there's plenty of merrymaking for all my little chickens. 

Yearning to know more? Here's a quick rundown on this girl.