May 30, 2013

Who's That Girl?!

I will save you the ins and outs of where I've been hiding (somewhere between a margarita bar and a lost Macbook charger) and just carry on, my wayward chickens.  Deal? Deal.
Sweet summertime is here and I feel the freedom! I have slow, peaceful mornings, a belated work time, and freedom of dress code with my new job (a post to come on that soon.)
 Also, summer means CELEBRATION! Last Saturday, a few of my favorites went out to celebrate my main blonde's birthday.

tank: tj maxx | pink shorts: dots | wedges: payless | necklace: gift | pink bracelet: gift | claw cuff: bid girl

I hope today finds all of you well, and I hope it won't be so long before I am back again.
Lord knows, I have a lot to say and share with my little chickens.

May 15, 2013

Beale Street Music Fest 2013

Hellloooo and welcome to the post about one of my favorite weekends ever in this lovely little town of Memphis, TN. The first weekend in May starts the fun (and usually the rain showers) and you can expect some fun and big name bands to show up. Be prepared for iPhone pics because who wants to keep up with a camera when you may fall in the mud at any given moment? Precisely.

Usually it is super hot and sticky and gross, but this year the rain brought cooler temps and a constant threat of rain. It never really showered on us until Sunday night which is a blessing. My bright orange rain coat was my trusty accessory.

Friday night I saw Sheryl Crow (below) and Bass Nectar (not pictured.)

Saturday was THE BLACK KEYS! Such an amazing show and it is one I will remember for a looooong time.

Oh, and Dwight Yoakam was life changing and super fun.

Sunday was the day I was most looking forward to because The Black Crowes were coming back! I've seen them twice before and I just love those boys!!! Definitely my favorite part of the entire weekend.

Okay, I lied. My favorite part was having my friend Alli in town from Atlanta.

Goggles just in case the stage flooded.

And meeting Billy Joel*.


A good time was had by all. Definitely come see Memphis in the month of May and there is so much in store for you.

\\ *disclaimer: not actually Billy Joel //


May 14, 2013

Hide and Seek

Oh, here I am! If you were looking for me last week you'll notice from my absence that it took me nearly a clear week to recover from Beale Street Music Fest 2013. The bands, the beverages, the fun with my friends in the muck and the mud.... Exhausting. I can't wait to post super belated posts!

Photo cred here, from Memphis Magazine. Fun article.

I just wanted to get a shoutout in for my Memphis Grizzlies! Way back at the beginning of May, I mentioned we were kicking arse in the playoffs and we are still hanging in there!

Be sure you are following my merrymaking on Instagram for up to the minute shenanigans. I hope to get a post and a beauty giveaway up before the week is out! Exxxciting!!!

My little chickens, have the best day everrrrr.


May 1, 2013

Rise and #Grind

Not a lot of brain activity happening over here today. Maybe it was the staying up til midnight watching the Memphis Grizzlies game!?? But in the end TOTALLY WORTH IT because we pulled out a win!!! Good thing I've already taken off work on Friday to get downtown because it is going to be a center of crazy awesomeness. I have said all of this to say... that I don't even know which way is up until I finish this quad latte.
Also, I am wearing clothes.
(I had to double check.)
Happy Hump Day!