August 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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Oh, my chickens! I have missed you SO!  School started back and things have kept this little lady a super busy bee.  I am finally getting used to my ridiculous schedule & I am going to give this little thing called 'time management' a try! I miss my merrymaking & I miss all of you like mad! I am so ready for fall weather, I could scream.  This weekend is going to be so much fun and I am really looking forward to it.  Some friends and I are going on a short vacation to the lake! I hope you all have a wonderful 3 day weekend.  Let me know how you have been doing and I hope to return to regularly scheduled programming after the break.


August 8, 2012

Bright and Sheery!

 top and jeans: tj maxx  | belt: LB | sandals: target | sunnies: cole haan via tj maxx | necklace: F21

Loved this top from the very first moment.  The colors, the stripes, the sheer-ness.  It will even come in handy to layer in the colder months.  Speaking of the changing seasons, I really wish that would hurry it on up and change, because I am dyyyyying over here.  
Also, NEWSFLASH: I have a TJ Maxx obsession.
Happy Hump Day!

August 7, 2012

Goin To The Chapel...

dress: LB | wedges: nine west | belt: macy's | earrings: simply chic

Playing a little catch up this bright Tuesday morning!  I wore this to a friend, Kathryn's, wedding two weekends ago.  It was the twirliest, prettiest dress- perfect for breaking it down on the dance floor.
Such a fun evening it was with the most beautiful bride.  And don't think her wedding gown kept her from getting down and doing the Wobble.

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Turner! :)

August 6, 2012

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's The Merrymaker!

I am so excited to be posting today!  Today is my official last day of summer, I got back for inservice and registration for the rest of the week.  The summer FLEW by, eight weeks of summer camp will do that to you.  I am super thrilled to get back and meet my new kids, and get on a recurring schedule of actual clothes (JEWELRY! Gasp!)  Field trips, crafts, and tennis shoes were fun- but I miss my sparkles and my dresses!
Speaking of dresses, I saw this beauty in Target and knew it had to be mine.
Birds! Collared! Sleeves!
I love the vintage feel of it.  I wore it to the movies once I finally had the time to go see Batman (It was only recently that I was super disappointed to find out that It's a BIRD, It's a plane! is actually Superman... but my heart will always belong to Bruce Wayne Christian Bale.)
dress w/belt: target | necklace: eclectic ornaments | 
sandals: brash for payless | lipstick: NARS heatwave

I hope the end of summer finds you well! So tell me- What have you guys been up to? What's the 411? Any hot gossip?  See you soon, little chickens.  It feels good to be back in bloggerland.  I hope to give this place a face lift here soon, so look out for that.