March 28, 2013

Simple and Casual (and Twizzlers)

{jeans: tj maxx | white tee: old navy | army vest: old navy | flats: tory burch | necklace: accessory concierge | sunglasses: michael kors}

I don't know what is more simple than a white tee and jeans!  Meanwhile, I refuse to go a week without wearing my green vest... so throw that in and you have my outfit.  Badabing! Seriously folks, I will cry when this baby (eventually) gets lost or horribly damaged from my love.  There are two things I just don't think I can live without: my green army vest and sweet and sour Twizzlers.
Currently, I am off Twizzlers (I KNOW???!!!!!!) so be prepared to see the vest reappear again soon.

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March 26, 2013

Stripes, Dots, and Bubbles

{peplum dress: eloquii via gwynnie bee | necklace: groop dealz | coat: lane bryant | wedges: payless | sunglasses: michael kors}

Happy Tuesday, my little chickens! Boy, I have missed you all!  I took of for the weekend a little early, and I am just now getting my life in order on a Tuesday morning.  Go figure.  The summertime cannot come soon enough. I won't even talk about the weather (sans this sentence) because the two of us cannot see eye to eye and are not speaking.  I have a lot of new chickens around these parts, so I just want to say HELLO to you!  Also, let me introduce you to one of my favorite pastimes: pattern mixing!
This outfit was so fun and the perfect, peppy outfit to run around downtown and grab lunch with some family and friends.  Gotta love Gwynnie Bee because I probably never would have grabbed this dress off of a rack, but I loved it in when I tried it on! It was so comfortable, too! If you don't know much about my love affair with Gwynnie Bee... it is like Netflix for clothes.  I fill out my online closet with styles I adore and want to try, and they send me three at a time that I can switch unlimited amounts!  It basically gives me the walk-in closet without breaking my teeny tiny little teacher salary. 
Happy Tuesday :)
This face below was made out of sheer and complete frozen shock at the weather over the weekend! I took my coat off and immediately regretted it, photo shoot over.


March 25, 2013

$200 Piperlime Gift Card Giveaway!

Good morning, my little chickens! Today I am joining forces with some of my most favorite bloggers to give away a $200 Piperlime giveaway! How exciting!! That means you have a chance to win a $200 gift card that you can use at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, or Altheta! Dreams DO come true.  See the rafflecopter below to enter! Happy Monday!

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March 21, 2013

What day is it? Who... am I?

If you read the title in your best Zoolander voice, it is way way funny. Right? Right.  
Truth be told, I have spent the last 48 hours highly caffeinated, super tired, and deliriously happy. Lack of sleep due to good news and exciting plans! My little baby sister (Sarah) is engaged to be married! I am so excited for her and her future husband and their sweet future together. He's lucky we love him, too! (hey, Rob!)
Today, my alma mater, THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS, plays St. Mary's at like 1:45pm! I forget how cray cray March madness can be! The whole town is cooking up excuses to leave work early as we speak. #gotigersgo
Despite my own personal wishes, I left the house this morning without my tiger blue. I guess I'm distracted by the fact that its supposed to get FREEZING tonight with a chance of snow.
Hey springtime, no body likes a tease.
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March 20, 2013

Pep(lum) Up & a GIVEAWAY!

{peplum top: ASOS via Gwynnie Bee | jeans: TJ Maxx | belt: dots | wedges: payless | necklace: JNA}

I have loved the peplum trend since it first hit the mainstream a year or so ago, but finding a good option that I loved on me was difficult.  I tried dresses, jackets, and tops all peplum... none were great.  When Gwynnie Bee sent me this ASOS top, I was weary.. but I actually loved the Minnie Mouse vibe (so did my preschoolers) and it felt funky and fun!  Peplum, I have a feeling our love affair is just beginning. (Side note: these pics were taken pre-keratin treatment, so just imagine the hair 1400 times better, because it is)

{I am guest posting on Ten Feet Off Beale today! Go check out more merrymaking over there!}

With the big announcement by Google that they're getting rid of Google Reader, there has been a huge push to move towards Bloglovin', and it's such a fun way to follow and keep up with blogs.  So in order to help our followers move to that platform a bunch of us bloggers got together and have a HUGE giveaway to celebrate.  The response was intense, and so we ended up with 4 different gift cards at a $320 value!  Amazing!

The Follow Me on Bloglovin' Massive Giveaway

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March 19, 2013

writer's block & new shoes

{top: ASOS via Gwynnie Bee | jeans: tj maxx | flats: tory burch | necklace: dots}

Pretty much got the writer's block today, folks.  Considering that the content on the blog is never too hifalutin on the regular... I think you love me enough to forgive.  But to distract you from that, go grab some confetti (get ready...) and let's talk about my new shoes.  I finally bit the bullet and order the Tory Burch Reva flats, and I love love love them.  Also, they hurt like hell.  I gotta pull out some thick socks and break these babies in!  Pinkie pinching and heel rubbing galore! (Toss confetti!)
That was fun! Enjoy your Tuesday!

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March 18, 2013

Get back, honky cat.

 {tutu dress fabulousness: ASOS | red wedges: payless | belt: torrid | sunglasses: michael kors | clutch: navoh | intial necklace: jewelry nut}

Over the weekend, one of my dreams came true when I went to see Sir Elton John live in concert on Saturday. We had pretty amazing seats behind the stage backstage :) !
If there was ever an occasion for a tutu, this would be it (this was actually my New Year's Dress that never got photographed!)  We walked to Beale Street before the concert for a bite to eat, amid a ton of pre-St. Patrick's Day revelers.  The evening was a true merrymaking success when as a finale Elton and I sang a duet to "Your Song".  Fun was had by all.
Side note: the title of this post is one of my favorite Elton songs, which he did not play.  I will forgive him because he provided a nonstop dance party for 2.5 hours.  

 Running in to two of my favorite bloggers downtown? Extra win for the weekend!
Laura (middle) and Colleen aka my blogging soul mates.
Enjoy your Monday, it is back to work for my as Spring Break is now behind us.  Wish me luck and no one mess with me until I have had my venti iced hazelnut macchiato, mmmkay?

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March 16, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday, folks!
If you're an avid blog reader you for sure know that GFC and Google Reader are disappearing come July 1st.  So with that being said (and super sad) be sure you keep up with Matters of Merrmykaing by following me on Bloglovin (or just click this super cute button below!)
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Have the best day ever!  I am off to the hair salon to get my first ever keratin treatment! SO excited!
See you little chickens on Monday!

Did you catch the super fun beauty product review yesterday?!

March 15, 2013

Beauty Product Review: Sephora, Maybelline, Benefit, Buxom, Vaseline, & Urban Decay!

It is no secret that I am beauty product obsessed!  Luckily, with my Birchbox subscription and my Ulta and Sephora obsession, I am never too far away from discovering my next and newest favorite beauty product.  This post originally had double the products in it (I have been a busy, primping lady) but I cut it in half for maximum exposure.  In no specific order, here we go:
one: Sephora Instant Moisturizer 
First of all, I was sure that this moisturizer would be TOO heavy for my combination skin.  It is advertised as "intense," and I feel that is does just that without being greasy.  I LOVE the smell, and it feels great on my face.
two:  Maybelline BB Cream 
If I have tried one drugstore BB cream, I have tried them all.  I like the consitentsy of this one... it's a little bit thicker and not runny.  Save your money for the $40 BB creams from Bobbi Brown or Jouer.  It is worth it to see the results.
three:  Benefit They're Real Mascara 
I had heard raves and raves about this mascara that boasts to lengthen lashes that "you never knew you had."  I definitely agree. It coats really well and the bristles are staggered, even on the end.  Reading the directions leads to optimum lash lengthening.
(After applying mascara while holding the brush horizontally it is recommended to coat the lashes while holding it vertically to lengthen! IT WORKS!)
four: Buxom Insider Eyeliner 
I loved the color I received as a free points reward gift from Sephora beauty insiders, and it stays on really well!  I love stick eyeliners that you do not have to sharpen!  It won't replace my one true love, Stila.
five: Vaseline Spray & Go Lotion 
I saw an ad for this in a magazine and instantly ran to Walgreens to find it.  Well, I finally found it at Target.  I really love the idea of this and it is perfect for lazy gals.  You still have to rub in it, but you are guaranteed total coverage.  Perfect for the summer time!
(It comes in the cocoa butter & aloe lotions, too)
six: Urban Decay Naked2 Palette 
I will always love my NAKED palette, but I was read to mix things up and finally invest in the Naked2. I love the shades, all great UD quality, with a two sided brush. (My favorite colors? Pistol, verve, & YDK.)

March 14, 2013

Confused & Casual

{princeton tee: target, old | red pants: lane bryant | sweater: i ♥ ronson | leopard flats: nine west | necklace: dots | headband: oh sweet joy!}

In my tiny two years of blogging, I have yet to (knock on wood) receive any negative comments regarding my outfits, content, or margarita addiction.   I know what you're thinking... "Oh then that's why you are posting this outfit?!" Alas- no.  I really thought this outfit was cute, but on second glance I am not too too crazy about it.  Every time I start out wanting a casual outfit, I always get confused.  (read: I prefer to wear tutus and things of that nature.)  This is an ensemble born of confusion, mixed with a desire for comfort, and a dash of my favorite necklace.  Stir and enjoy with a glass of champagne.

March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Gift Guide 2013

Ladies and geese, we have it super easy this year.  With emerald being the color of the year, the gift giving possibilities are endless this March seventeenth. But, if you are scratching ye olde irish noggin in confusion on what to get... here are some of my favorite merry gift ideas for all ages.
customizable and the perfect little spring dress for wearing whilst sipping on green beer on a patio. sent me a free promo code to try out their online store- it was so cool to customize a card and they send it to your addressee! All from online!  Some lucky gent is getting that greeting in the mail come St. Paddy's Day!
 a merrymaking favorite recipe, only in green form. magically delicious.
 How affordable! (not)  but it is gorgeous.
dear OPI, I love you.
 Some little lady in your life would trade her lucky charms for these.


March 12, 2013

Jacquard Comfort (The New Yoga Pant)

 {jacquard dress: simply be via gwynnie bee | leggings: tj maxx | boots: lane bryant | necklace: crack in the walk | ring: silpada | red bracelet: dots | claw bracelet: bid girl}

Quick outfit post from last week...  I love the simplicity and comfort of this dress.  I don't judge people in yoga pants and tanks, but why wear work out clothes to lunch when it is so easy to throw on a t-shirt-like dress and leggings.  Adding a statement necklace just makes it look like you tried... (I didn't.)  Also, dresses like this completely work in the transition to Spring, too.  I wish I had a closet full!

What is your go-to comfortable look?