April 28, 2011

What's In My Bag?

I've been so busy with exams and interviews this week.  I dumped out my purse to find a highlighter and got the 'inspiration' to do a 
"what's in my bag?"
From left to right-ish: 
hobo wallet
 foster grant sunglasses
stride gum 
ULTA lotion
lots of highlighters and pens
hand sanitizer (germs=ick)
tons of lipstick (red, pink, and a classic nude)
TWO iPhone chargers (???)
Cosmetic Case full of meds and eyedrops (allergies!!!)
car keys
the new InStyle (duh!)
mixed CDs from my blogger swap
You'll never see me with a small purse.
Too many junk treasures to carry!
I'm sure that was beyond fascinating!
Does your purse resemble this?
Or are you a small purse kind-of-gal?

I'll be posting some more pictures and interview outfits tomorrow!
Hope you guys have a great evening!
Are you staying up to view the Royal Wedding?
I'm DVRing that shizz.
Cheers to Friday!

grizzly bears & great outfits

This may be one of my most favoritest outfits ever.  I loved wearing it, I loved posing in it, I loved having a heart attack watching the Grizzlies games in it.  
Seriously, if you are following me on Twitter, I apologize/take credit for participating in the massive city-wide live tweet of local fans last night.  
It didn't end quite how we imagined, but FRIDAY night it's grizz-ness time.
I got this white thing, I guess it is a sweater, but it's light weight and sheer, on clearance for $12,
 I didn't try it on before buying.
It could have been awful, but I LOVE IT
My dad even told me he liked it. (score 1 point for Pops!)
It's comfy and quirky- and WHITE.
It's on my (short) list of things to style for the Pretty Shiny Sparkly white-out challenge.
Yes, I am actually loosing my balance, whilst attempting to walk. 
The short time during which the thunderstorms and tornado warnings stopped, I snapped these pics- you can see it getting dark again behind me.  My thoughts and prayers with everyone affected or harmed due to the crazy weather lately.

Meow, meow...
Love ya chickens, have a great Thursday!
The royal wedding and the weekend are both so close, I can almost taste the decadence.

April 27, 2011

Flower Pin-teresting

More "cheating" today, folks!
But as you assured me- everyone does it, so no worries here!
If you follow me on Pinterest, you saw me pin this picture:
via pinterest
And if you don't Follow me on Pinterest... you should!
Like I threatened-
I stole one of my dad's old work shirts and did my own thing with it.
I used the flower to cover up the name on the shirt... I wish I had this pin.
That certainly would have done the trick.
It was also intensely hot (and sunny...hence the shades and the weird eyes below, so this shirt will just be hanging out until winter.  I took these pics Saturday morning to go bike shopping with my sisters.
I got a purple Columbia trek bike, more for the workout than the looks, I guess.
I wish I could tell you I've been burning up the trails- but we have had severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings the past two days and I have barely been outside, much less cruisin'.

I picked up a lot of great items over the last few days- tops, shorts, shoes... I can't wait to show you them! Again, when the rain stops... I'm on it.
I hope the weather is treating you lovely where you are!
Oh, and my new clutch says hello... he loves you too!

If you have been around a while, you may know I mention my little Ozzy dog quite a lot.
I love the man... he's great. AND TALENTED! I entered him in the ModCloth Bow-WOW Contest, through YouTube.  Voting is not up to the public, but if you'd like to visit the site and check him out, or comment, he would love it.  He works hard, y'all.
What a diva.
Here's the vid:

Thank you for being a friend,

April 26, 2011

Practically Cheating

I cheated.
I'm not wearing this today... or even yesterday.  I wore it this past weekend for some outdoors activities.
Today, I am taking the first of my last three exams before graduation and honestly, I am going to wear bright yellow shorts and a tee shirt and go without makeup on.  
I might even take outfit pics anyway because my tripod is needy and used to being given attention.
And who am I kidding?
I'm totally going to wear makeup.
Even I have limits, okay?
This skirt surprisingly is hard to style for me.
I wonder why :) ?  I'm hoping to have new and improved ideas for it, 
when I get all of my summer clothes in order.
I love how it's chevron before chevron was even the trend.
Just saw me Trendsetter McGee.
Okay, don't... that's stupid.
This outfit is brought to you by the letter T.
Everything I'm wearing, besides the belt, is from Target.

In case you missed it:


April 25, 2011

Rom-Com Revelations

Lately, when I think about the whole (super amazing) blogging community I have become a part of, I can't help but to quote Never Been Kissed in my head.
You know what part, don't you?

No, it's not about Josie Grossie, although...
somedays it sure feels like it when I first wake up.
We do have similar style.


I always think about the part where Rob 
(David Arquette, when he was classy, sigh.) 
tells Josie that: 
"All you need is for one person to think you're cool, 
and you're in."


It just occurs to me sometimes, that the style blogging community is like that.  
Like high school. Well not like my high school, thank god.
For example: if a huge blogger, the "Kirstens, Kristens, and Gibby's"
You know, the ones with the massive following,
 free clothes, tons of sponsors, expensive cameras and editing equipment.**
One day they send you a shout out on their blog, twitter, guest post, etc:
 Her dedicated followers will follow suit and check you out, more than likely love you (for good reasons, no doubt.) and then you're a part of the club, sistah! 
Word of mouth, or literally just word, and you could be taken from a couple hundred followers to pushing close to a thousand in a few weeks.  It could intensely change your focus.
-A couple blogs have been writing on a similar subject lately, about how they've quit fashion bloggers 
or only keep reading ones that they can find some heart in... I can't imagine some one thinking harshly on the people I look up to, that inspire me.  I find happiness in my day to day blog adventures and relationships, but I'd be kidding if I didn't find allure in the shiny possibilites of blog growth.


Where is David Arquette when I need him?

But, it's NOT about the numbers, it's about the content, right?
 I mean... that's what they say.
They're right!


Be the true representation of yourself, 
and the hot guys readers will come.
My experience, short as it may be, is way more enjoyable than high school.  I love building my relationships daily with the women who have been with me since the beginning 
AND the lovely ladies whom have just come aboard the merrymaking train.
You guys are great, glad you're here. 
Perhaps the best lesson we can learn from 'Never Been Kissed' is:

"Find out who you are 

and try not to be afraid 

of it." 

-Josie Gellar 

Can I get an AMEN?
At the end of the day, I will continue to measure my blog's worth in the value I find in it, the lessons I have learned from it, and continue believing that I am worth my weight in sparkles.
Thank you.


**No disrespect to ANY wonderful, talented females. 
 I love them and read their words/drink in their style daily.  
I think that they rock.

easter eggs & coconut

I can't believe I spent my groundbreaking, milestone of my 100th post on Saturday
talking on and on about bicycles and basketball.
What a bummer.
I will make up for it now... second thought...
 Don't hold me to that.

This is my Easter themed outfit, I didn't try too hard, but I admit I spotted this cardigan at Old Navy during their clearance extravaganza and it makes me sooooo happy.
So I did combine ruffles, florals, and pleats.
Remember how I was raving about pleats and then ended up owning some?
This was a skirt I have owned since before I started college... thank you Isaac Mizrahi for your acclamation for elastic waistbands, you come in handy on holidays that center on deviled eggs and sugary treats. 
Also, to be honest... This cardigan was peeled off after these pictures because it is out of control hot and humid here, and I was melllllttttinnnngggg. It's going to be a rough summer.
Did you guys have the most wonderful Easter ever? 
We kinda mixed traditions today with margaritas (!!!!) for lunch, family dinner, 
and coconut cake.  
I hate coconut. 
 Does your family ever repeatedly ignore you when it comes to desserts? 
Oh, they knoooooow I don't like it.  That never stops them.

Enjoy your Easter Monday, well I will... I don't have work or school today.
I'll be lounging and studying for Exam #1.
The countdowns are on:
graduation: 12 days!
royal wedding: FOUR DAYS!
my birthday: 44 days (okay, I'm a BIT ahead of myself here... but just so you know-- it's coming!)
the only egg i got to decorate this year... so i did it big :)


April 23, 2011

grown ups

This afternoon, I will be buying and facelifting my first grown up bicycle.
(Although I hate to admit my Marc Jacobs spring items did not come in on time, so I won't be able to look quite as fashionable as the ladies above)

I am pretty excited to get it and ride it, maybe get a bell?
More than that, I will be able to get around town on the newly designed and opened Memphis Greenline.
Any bike/biking/bicycling tips?

Other than that, I would like to extend a big fat thumbs up to the Memphis Grizzlies, who are in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, (12 years, I think).
They are 1-1 with the San Antonio Spurs, and game 3 is tonight.

April 22, 2011

FBFF: Inspiration

Hello there, loves.  It is Friday! (yay) You know what that means.  It is time for FBFF questions.

1. Which celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for fashion
 Honestly, these days, I am finding so much inspiration in my fellow beautiful style bloggers.  It is more realistic and closer to my itty bitty budget than checking out a celeb in a magazine in those zillion dollar threads.  But, if push came to shove (i do not condone violence)... 
I would choose Alison Sudol (of A Fine Frenzy) ... 

via via and via
She is the epitome of all things girly and ruffly that I want to be.
2. When it comes to your own personal style, what inspires you? 
 As I mentioned, I am inspired by all of my new and old blog buddies and their daily lives and style.  I have to dress for my body and my budget... Sometimes it hinders me.  I love finding a new blogger who is not a size 2 and has some of the same items I do. It is great to see another person style the same items and you can see them in an entire different light.  But even if I don't have the items seen in mags or blogs, I just use my little noggin and often recreate other outfits that are similar.. like here:
Thanks, Linley for not caring that I ripped off your Malibu Barbie outfit... errr Maxi Barbie.. either way.
That's Linley of Dwelling & Telling. She's awesome, and once I get some coral heels, I will continue to aspire to be her :)
3. How do you hope to inspire your readers?
That's a good one too, Mr. FBFF...
I hope to show them a real person with real issues.  Yes, I have issues.  About 12 of them :)  But seriously, I am about to graduate college, my wardrobe budget is minimal and I am super tall with huge feet.  That is the motherload of probs when trying to buy clothes and look good presentable in them.  Every time I get a new reader/follower/comment about how I inspire someone because I am a REAL woman makes me smile HUGE.  If I can make one person feel better about themselves then ALL of this is worth it.  I love blogging and the amazing people I have met in the last 5 months,
 I hope some of them feel the same way.
4. Outside the realm of fashion who/what inspires you? 
I am super inspired by my sisters.  They are the most beautiful and fashionable people I know.  Just check out some of the pictures below.  Besides their outside gorgeousness, they are the nicest, most genuine people in this world.  I can tell them anything, and I know that they will always have my best interest in mind.  They are honest, caring, and loving people on the earth.  Open hearts and open minds, inspiring me to be a better person.  
Love ya big/little sistahs!
 (sometimes too shy for a photo sesh... here are some recent ones):
November, at a wedding

June, at the casinos
Oh and she's too cute:
Valentine's Day

Spring Break 2011
5. And since Idol is ending… Which songs inspire you? 
Pre-note: I love Idol, please send all of your votes to HAYLEY!!!!
okay, thank you.

I love this question--
  I definitely find strength in these songs, they are both new and old to me and regardless of artists or radio play, I let the lyrics speak to me.  They are my go-to songs for when I need some clarification and realization. Please take a listen, if you have the time, and thanks for reading...

Sara Bareilles - Let The Rain

Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek

Kate Nash - The Nicest Thing***
*** This song is the most played song on my iTunes, I can prove it.
You're the best.
Check out all of the other FBFF posts at the hotness lady's blog.. Katy at ModlyChic.

April 21, 2011

the rainy day special

Today, I totally wanted to wear some of my new thrifted items.
(You can check those items out in my vlog, found here.)
BUT... Mother Nature did not want me to have any fun, so it's my rainy day special of jeans, boyfriend tee, and turban.
Speaking of that red head adornment, I love it.
You can see the different ways I have styled it 

I can honestly tell you that three of the numerous items I am wearing today were assumably lost.
I forget when I hang things up to dry in the laundry room and they get hidden by other items.
I thought these jeans ran away... but alas, we are reunited.
(and it FEELS SO GOOD)
Same for the two necklaces, they were hiding under newer items.
I think I need a new organizational system, folks.

Check out those nails! 
What do you think?
 It was harder than I thought, but I'm pleased with the outcome.  You can see Kara's DIY post on the striped nails HERE.
Get some fun colors and have an Easter themed manicure day.
Happy Easter weekend, and Good Friday, and Easter Monday...
Working at a Catholic school has many perks, including this glorious four-day weekend I start at six pm this evening. Hollllerrrr.

Talk to you later, my little chickens.