September 30, 2013

Inopportune Inspiration

dress: asos (similar) // booties: barefoot tess // purse: target // necklace: eclectic ornaments

It often happens when I lay my head down to go to sleep at night that my mind comes alive with so many deep or humorous thoughts that would inspire the most amazing blog posts.  The exact opposite happens when I finally sit down at the computer with my free time and open up the blog.  Some people have these epiphanies and idea while showering or exercising, but no, I have them when I am barely conscious and incapable of remembering the clever idea that tied together my new shoes with world news.  I have heard people say that keeping a notebook or a journal next to the bed is the best idea to write these ideas down before you forget.  You think with my iPhone almost permanently attached to my hand, I could get it all together.  But no, here we both are halfway through a long-winded paragraph about how I don't do that and we both suffer because of it all.

One day, I will get it together.  For now, I share my favorite booties in the world and this new huge windchime they built in Overton Square.  Both are awesome.

September 24, 2013

Three Things

Just a quick post for a rainy Tuesday morning.
Three things on my mind.
Breaking Bad
I know, I know everyone and their great Aunt Sally has been talking about this show, chickie just won an Emmy, and it is all coming to a close this weekend.  I am a super late band wagon jumper.  It took me a year to finally have enough stamina to stick it out through the first few seasons, but now I am super obsessed.  I finished season 4 in twenty four (ahem, I'm not ashamed) hours.  If all goes as planned, this week will wrap up season 5 and I will marathon the beejezus out of the current season and experience the finale with the rest of the world.
To Knit or Not To Knit
I decided the other day, that every modern merrymaker needs a skill.  Since cooking is far away from ever being my forte... I thought a hobby would suffice.  I needed a break from my Candy Crush obsession and you can knit while you watch massive amounts of Netflix (see first paragraph!)
I consulted my extremely multi-talented mother and asked her to teach me to knit.
Really, it's genius.  I love the idea of making chunky knit scarves and ear warming headbands for everyone in the most lovely autumn shades!  It is the little things in life.  
Stay tuned, it is going well... just slooooooowly.
The Great Perfume Hunt
I'm on a hunt for a new scent.  I just hate going in to department stores for one, because all of the smells are very overwhelming and often... headache inducing.  Do any of my little chickens have perfume suggestions?  I like more floral, light tones.  Maybe I should just bite the bullet and order the One Direction engineered parfum.  It is worth buying if it attracts Harry Styles.
I'm kidding... kinda.
Thanks for reading! :)
Happy 2-for-1 margarita day!

September 23, 2013

Perfect Pairs & Pizza Pies

dress: ASOS //  booties: barefoot tess //  necklace: dots //  purse: steve madden // shades:  calvin klein 
What are your favorite things to do on the perfect weather weekends?
My go-to plan is DEFINITELY a patio!  Also, a shift dress and booties make the perfect pair!
The weather was the definition of early fall perfection on Saturday and I took full advantage!
My siblings, my mom, and I wanted to grab lunch on a patio and I knew just the place.
Downtown, Aldo's Pizza Pies has an amazing S. Main St. view of the trolley, princess horse carriages, and prime people watching.  Last time I went, it was really busy so I am glad we experienced a more laid back pizza experience.  Not to mention, they have some of the BEST local beers on draft.
my sisters and me :)

All in all, a pretty perfect fall afternoon with the fam.
Hope your weekend was merry and delicious!

September 20, 2013

Sweet Home Casual Friday

jeans: dots \\  lynyrd skynyrd graphic tee: torrid \\ spiked gladiator sandals: nine west \\ cardi: target

This was such a casual outfit, I hesitated to post, but with all merrymaker honesty... I like this look.  It was thrown together five minutes before walking out the door, which has truly become my trademark routine.  I think I am obsessed with graphic tees!  Add a really cool design or a fun, semi-retro band on it, and I am all over it like a mango margarita.  I love the comfort and the versatility of a great graphic top!  With a skirt or jeans, you can have a fun outfit full of personality.  
(I have a One Direction shirt burning a hole in my chest of drawers, just begging for the right moment to shine.  Like a fine wine, it has to age.)

What are your go-to grabs for a super 
casual and comfy Friday?
Disclaimer:  If you wear a tee with a lady in a star spangled bikini on it, just prepare yourself for second glances.  Your hair looks fine, it's the shirt doing the talking.


September 19, 2013

Wishful Shopping: Early Fall Edition

I came to the realization the other day that I add more items to my closet in the fall and winter months than the other two seasons combined!  Something about the relief of the sweltering heat being over makes me yearn for some chunky knits and funky wedge booties!  Being the smart and somewhat frugal merrymaker that I am... I snagged some boots (five pairs to be exact) on super sale from various stores at the end of spring. Now, I am making a vow to not purchase any more fall/winter footwear BUT these other items are sure making it hard to stick to my nonexistent shopping budget for September.

Orla Kiely Multi Headband | To keep the ears warm, the hair in check, & the cuteness present.  Perfect for the chillier football games!
ASOS Curve Pinafore Dress in Plaid Check | I love that plaid/tartan is ever present this season!  Something about me Scottish roots has me yearning for this dress!
J. Crew Jeweled Chandelier Sweatshirt | I love dressing up a casual thing!  Keep it cute and comfy, please!
Simply Be Fur Trim Cardigan Coat | Memphis weather spends a lot of time "in between" cool and cold, so a lighter coat option is a must!  I love the aztec print.
ASOS Faux Fur Lapel Collar |  I love the vintage feel of lapel collars and the cobalt blue color just adds extra oomph points!

What trends/items are on your must-have list as the fall creeps closer?
Do share!


September 11, 2013

Real Talk

 military vest: old navy // white tee: old navy // skater skirt: asos // booties: barefoot tess //
necklace: gifted // bracelet: crack in the walk

I don't know how much you are all affected by the recent tragedy to hit the USA.
I've remained pretty unscathed, but sometimes in the middle of the day, out of nowhere, it just hits me.
The Civil Wars are really, truly breaking up.  
They may never resolve this beef.  Who knows why they feel this animosity?  Can't we all just agree to get along and continue to make beautiful music with the sweetest harmonies of angels?  It's not that hard.  Okay, well just try your best and know that we love you.


September 10, 2013

I Solemnly Swear I Probably Won't Talk About Fall, Y'all.

 floral maxi dress as shirt (previously here): ross // chambray top: jcpenney // 
bubble necklace: groupdealz  // sandals: target // shades: cynthia rowley

I made a promise to myself, as I step back gingerly into blogging this season, that I would not use M of M as a platform to discuss weather.  Though I am holding my breath for cooler temps and layering and booties galore... I will not succumb to being one of those bloggers.
After this post.
I am going to layer and wear boots prematurely and enjoy the 98 degree temps like any other Southerner.  That way when fall finally shows his/her beautiful face, I will be all warmed up and ready to go.  Kapooya!
And in similar news, if I read another retweet of this tweet, I will LOSE it.
Pumpkin flavor is disgusting.  Get over it.

September 9, 2013

And we'll never be royals...

How ya goin, little chickens?
Divine intervention, if you will, has provided me with some unexpected inspiration and I have done some fine tuning here at M of M!  New look, new header, new button, everything!  I (still) hope to get on a regular posting schedule.  I miss all of you!  You'd be surprised how time consuming eating Starbursts and watching Parks and Rec can truly be.  Til next time, stay merry. 
PS: are you as obsessed with this song as I am?