September 11, 2013

Real Talk

 military vest: old navy // white tee: old navy // skater skirt: asos // booties: barefoot tess //
necklace: gifted // bracelet: crack in the walk

I don't know how much you are all affected by the recent tragedy to hit the USA.
I've remained pretty unscathed, but sometimes in the middle of the day, out of nowhere, it just hits me.
The Civil Wars are really, truly breaking up.  
They may never resolve this beef.  Who knows why they feel this animosity?  Can't we all just agree to get along and continue to make beautiful music with the sweetest harmonies of angels?  It's not that hard.  Okay, well just try your best and know that we love you.



  1. What?!?!?! Ok now I really REALLY wish September was over. The Civil Wars no more is heartbreaking to me. This month sucks, with exception to upcoming "autumn" season!


    1. I know. I hope they fix these issues for the fans!!

  2. Those two a-holes need to suck it up for the fans. They are AMAZING together.


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