June 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

Yes, indeed, my little chickens! The merrymaker turns 25 years of age this weekend. 
Sunday, to be exact. 
// Cue Dies Irae \\
Here's a quick throwback to the last monumental four birthdays of my twenties.

A quarter of a century of laughter, friends, family, and fun.  Four (legal) years of margarita consumption and over a million karaoke songs under my belt.  Sure... not all of 20's life goals have been crossed off my inner to-do list, but I have had way more fun than I deserve.  The past year had brought on a mountain-load of hard times and losses, but every day was made easier by the amazing support system I have in my life.  So, have a margarita in my honor this weekend and turn up some country music really loud... call a friend and tell them you love them. And hey, I think we can all agree that a new driver's license picture was the best birthday gift I could possibly receive.


June 3, 2013

Bachelorettes & Blind Bears

Well, I am barely recovered from the last three days!  My weekend took off early on Friday with my sister's bachelorette party (the wedding is in 12 days!!!!) and we had such a blast.
I planned the whole she-bang and I was super thrilled that it went so well!
We had a Great Gatsby theme where everyone dressed up and it was so fabulous.
The night started with a wine tasting led by one of my friends, followed by a lingerie shower, then to a fabulous restaurant in Memphis called the Majestic Grille.  Then we rented the room behind the bar at the Bind Bear, our local speakeasy, for cocktails and dancing.  If you're not familiar, it is a room with a two way mirror behind the bar so you can see everything that is going on in the bar from your own private room! SO FUN!

Cheers! I hope you had great weekends of your own, little chickens!
See you soon :)