April 30, 2013

The One Where I Danced Around Main Street

dress: simply be // wedges: Nine West //
necklace: groupdealz // dancing partner: not pictured

I had some requests for outfit details from yesterday's catchup post. I am always happy to oblige, yet when I found all of these gems snapped on my iPhone from a friend... I couldn't keep them hidden. Who am I to withhold behind the scenes gold like this?!


Okay, yeah, sorry mom.


April 29, 2013

Merry Mondays

The amount of selfies (hate the word, love the action) that I took this weekend should be illegal. But, I think it's okay to do it when you get new hair or new shoes, or whatever. Right!? Also, if you can't take them at Target... WHEN CAN YOU?
Daiquiris and watching the Memphis Grizzlies game downtown was so fun! Great crowd and fun surprise parades.
Memphis the musical was such a ball! We dressed up and had dinner at Bluefin on S. Main downtown then walked to the Orpheum. I am thrilled I got to see the show this time. I go back in a few weeks to see Rock of Ages.
Is it still a selfie if you include someone?!
Instagram overload at the Southern Hot Wing Festival along the banks of the Mississippi river! The weather is perfecto here right now so for once its not miserable to be outside enjoying adult beverages and good friends.

So I'm beginning this Monday even more exhausted than I was on Friday, but it was totally worth it. Four day week for me... Here we go!


April 26, 2013

Five Things

Happy happy happy Friday, folks!
Here are five things rockin' this merrymaker's world today.
I am planning a Great Gatsby themed bachelorette party for my little sister and we are SO excited about it! The deets are hush hush, naturally... but I love researching ideas!

 One of my nearest and dearest is taking me with her to see MEMPHIS at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis tomorrow! I am so excited because I am such a theatre fan, plus when a musical is based on your hometown it's always a good thing :)

The current sale on ASOS.com is seriously blowing my mind.  Really makes me wish I had not lost my debit card over the weekend, it has been the longest 7-10 business days of my life.
How PERFECT would this dress be for the Great Gatsby party?!

 My new Netflix obsession, Hemlock Grove, is super duper grody at times... but it is a pretty decent tradeoff for the eye candy!

This recipe for a Thai Shrimp Salad from Bev Cooks is making me superrrrrr hungry right now.  I may be hitting up the store this weekend to make this delicious dish on Sunday afternoon!

So what are my little chickens up to this weekend? Please do share.
What things are rockin' your world, loves?
Have the best weekend ever, enjoy a cocktail or two and be sure to hug the ones whom you love.

April 25, 2013

Maxi Skirts & Wildflowers

chevron maxi skirt: lane bryant \\ tank top: old navy \\ denim jacket: jc penney \\ sandals: target \\ necklace: groupdealz \\ purse: tj maxx \\ sunglasses: michael kors

I hope the skirt pattern doesn't give you vertigo, mmmmk?  
It is just the perfect skirt for field frolicking and such and such.
Such a funny though hit me today, the date: April 25... made me think of this quote!!!
Not too hot, not too cold.  All you need is a light denim jacket.
For once, that is actually true in Memphis.  And I for one am not too sad that it is taking it's time to heat up!  Fingers crossed for nice weather next weekend for Beale Street Music Fest!!! :) :)
Enjoy your Thursday.  We're almost there.
source: here


April 24, 2013

Pink, Blue, & Leopard, too.

bright blue pants: dots \\ hot pink tank: tj maxx \\ leopard espadrilles: payless \\ necklace: dots

Hey there, can you see me? Maybe I should have worn something brighter?
ALL I can think about is the fact that it is hump day and we are almost to the weekend.  I have the most fabulous weekends to look forward to as May approaches.  It is a rare thing for me to be able to say that!  Getting a new look at the hair salon this weekend that I am THRILLED about.  Fingers crossed. We also have music festivals, food fests, Broadway shows, and tons of merrymaking to look forward to! Oh, and then June brings bachelorette parties and showers and a big wedding for my little sister.

Obsessed with this song, had to share:

 May your hump day go by quickly and may Friday be here soon.


April 23, 2013

More Spikes & Short Skirts

spiked top: rainbow \\ black bubble skirt: ross \\ bootie wedges: shoe depot \\ crocodile clutch: vintage

I'm a big believer in balancing out the top of an outfit with the bottom, so with this shorter skirt I was thrilled to pair my newly acquired spiked shoulder top.  (Not to be confused with the spiked shoulder blazer) OR my new spiked purse.  I obviously like this trend, chickens. It is such a perfect outfit for the truly Spring weather we are having.  The best thing about this outfit is that is was so comfortable and perfect for having brunch & catching a movie!  I would also super love this outfit paired with some Chuck Taylors or flip flops.  But, it's safe to say I am definitely on a wedge kick.

My Life According to Instagram
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1.  I've officially switched over to iced coffee.  I don't know why it cost almost a dollar more to order the SAME thing over ice.  Someone explain it to me.
2.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE lemon greek yogurt.  Go get some now and you will thank me forever.
3.  I picked up a few new sandals on a Target trip.  I wanted them all, but I only purchased two.  That was super hard to pick.
4. Still putting sriracha on everything.  And I have NOT had time to get through this magazine.  Tragic.
4.  Out of my favorite Sugar lip treatment.  I don't know if I have ever finished a lip product to the end before it is lost or eaten by my little black canine.


April 22, 2013

Print Party!

 dress: eloquii via gwynnie bee // wedges: payless // earrings: bid girl // bangle bracelet: dots

This girl is not one to shy away from a crazy print dress.  Ladies and gentlemen... exhibit A.  This print is like a kaleidoscope and Rorschach test had a neon love child.  The best thing about a print that says, "HEY BEKAH IS HERE, Y'ALL!...." is the fact that it needs little to no accessorizing.   Just add some teeter-tottering sky high wooden wedges to make me top the charts at six four and half feet tall and we are golden.  Maybe the print will help distract everyone that it is Monday again.  

April 15, 2013

Monday Misery

Happy Monday! But is it really? I'm kind of a grump this morning. I don't have any outfits or posts prepared. Mostly, it's because the weekend flew by so fast. I tried holding on to it, pouting really hard... Laying on the guilt trip, stomping my feet, slamming the door. But nothing worked. Time kept moving, my Sunday stolen from me by the careless manicurist who almost made me cry from frustration. Yeah, I know. #dramaqueen #dontevengetmestarted
I mean, I did have a lovely Saturday with some of my nearest and dearest. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I did :) we went to the Overton Square Crawfish Fest in midtown Memphis! No one even mentioned getting crawfish to eat, which didn't occur to me later, but we did drink a lot of locally brewed beers and we enjoyed the super sunny day!

In other news, I missed out in buying these shorts before they went out of stock. Bummer beyond all bummers, there. ASOS tweeted me back in mymoment f frustration to reassure me they maaaaaay pop back up, if the summer shorts God is willing.
My baby sister did pick out a wedding dress over the weekend, oh and also sprung the news that they are tying the knot in two months. FROM TODAY! Now, she didn't buy this one pictured, although she would have had to take out a loan. She did find the right one, and the day will be perfect.
So that just about catches you up, and in true blogging form, I feel a little bit better after venting slightly and resharing my Instagram pics.
Oh, here's the cutest dog ever so excited about a car ride.
I hope all of the little chickens in the world have the best Monday. I am going to make today my bitch. Ka-POO-ya!