July 31, 2013

Eat, drink, & be MERRY!

As the sun was slipping behind the trees on June 15, 2013...
A treasured and beloved little sister wed her soul's complement.
The ceremony and ambiance really were perfect and 
everything felt like a celebration of Sarah and Rob.
It's hard to imagine (even now) that the little sugar bear that used to follow me around everywhere and draw pictures of me in her self portraits is now a grown up, married lady.  But hey, if they gotta fly the coop... send 'em out with a good ole time and a great party!
Warning: Picture heavy post, but boy... they are great pictures.
 The Happy Couple

So cute!

 Barn doors & moss letters.
 Personalized bridal party glasses with our dresses and names painted on them!
GOLD SHOES! (and cajun shrimp OPI)
 Gorgeous Bridesmaids
 Lots of laughter and only a few tears.

(Sister-in-law, Brother, Bride, Groom, ME, Sister)
Then we party!
 The Lowrie's!

Cheers to the happy couple!


July 30, 2013

Current Obsessions

I have been blogging for almost 3 full years here at M of M, and every summer without fail, no matter how many good intentions I have... I fall behind.  I become a total blog slacker.  I still get dressed and I still go out and do things (maybe even more so) but I turn in to a total recluse on this blog.
Maybe it is because the sheer thought of standing outside in the 100% Memphis humidity and tkaing outfit pics?!  Probz.

Anywho... just in the nick of time for summer beginning ending, here are some of my current obsessions right about now :)
Maxi dresses are totally a year round thing for me.  I love layering over them in the fall/winter and rocking them with fun sandals and wedges in the summer.  ASOS has some super amazing ones that I am watching to go on sale.  Also, this model is my favorite... she's gorgeous.

My birthday present to myself was this beauty right here.
Clarisonic Mia 2 in Lime

Seriously, OBSESSED with this investment and if you have been putting off getting one, run to the store right now.  My skin has never been smoother and my pores have NEVER been smaller.  It is worth its tiny little weight in GOLD!

Starting with the Clarisonic, I totally revamped my skin care regimen recently with these three products and I have never been happier.  I do want to invest in a great night moisturizer, so I am definitely taking recs on that!  I have seen amazing results in brightness and even tone in my skin. BIG deal, HUGE!
When I'm not washing my face, you can probably find me tuning in to Big Brother 15.  Say what you want, but it is the only reality show that I can stomach.  And I am OBSESSED!  I love the drama, the crazy comps, and the fact that it comes on three times a week.  Also, I may or may not have subscribed to the 24/7 live video feeds.  Look here, everyone has their vices mmmmmk?  PS I am Team Judd & Team Amanda, for sure.
pic 1 // pic 2

What is atop your list of obsessions these days, chickens? 
Please share, a merrymaker always has room for more.
Happy Tuesday!

July 29, 2013

Two months later...

Dear sweet little baby chickens-
It's been too too too long.  
But don't worry, I have still been reveling in my merrymaker ways.
I cannot believe this week brings us the start of August.  Where is 2013 going?
I dearly miss my blogging world, but alas, I have succumbed to sleeping in, indulging in lazy pool days, and everything else summer has to offer.

  I hope summer has been sweet to everyone.  I hope to recap my sister's wedding, showcase my summer go-to outfits, and share a few sneaks of what I have been doing lately.

For the meantime, follow along with the party over on Instagram (@missbekah.)
All the cool kids are doing it.