December 26, 2013

December Beauty Product Reviews!

sally hansen hard as wraps + essie polish + insta dri // my new hack to getting tough, shellac-like nails that don't chip for a few days! seriously, it works great and with two coats of any color/brand polish. i never used to pick a base coat, but it makes all the difference in the world. 
sally knows her nail polish, gals.
revlon super lustrous lip gloss in raisin rage & fatal apple // i wanted some gloss to go over some of my favorite lips shades for the holidays for ultimate shine and lasting power.  i had perfect lasting & shiny color through multiple adult beverages! they are not very bright on their own, but paired with my bright/dark red lipsticks, it was a perfect look.
murad clarifying cleanser & clarifying toner // for the harsh winter time, i wanted to make sure i had a skin care regimen that could combat the combination skin without over-drying.  i use the murad cleanser daily with my clarisonic, followed by the toner and I have definitely noticed a difference in clarity & even skin tone. 
it's a 10 leave-in treatment // i heard raves and raves on this product online, and I finally bought a small size to try it out.  i have since re-purchased because i love the way it makes my ends silky and smooth! it also smells like something from my childhood that i can't quite pinpoint, but i love the scent. (seriously, if you know the answer, you have to tell me.)
 i also bought the shampoo/conditioner from the line, but i haven't tried it out yet. 
 these are my favorite beauty product purchases from december! i cannot believe that we are a matter of days away from 2014.  any products out there that i need to try & review? 
is there a cure for post-christmas funk? time to detox!
don't forget to enter the mi-me beauty & bath product giveaway before it's too late!
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December 25, 2013

merry christmas & happy holidays

merry, merry christmas to all of my little chickens.
i hope you all enjoy your families, friends, and loved ones & some good food and happy times.
lots of love from me to you!!
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December 23, 2013

Mi-Me Bath & Beauty Products GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday!  I know it is super happy because tomorrow starts the Christmas festivities :)
This morning I am thrilled to be a part of a giveaway of over $200 worth of beauty products from a Memphis based company, Mi-Me!
Laura of Walking In Memphis In High Heels is one of my favorite bloggers and thankfully, she is my in real life friend & fellow fashionista!  She asked me to be a part by also hosting the giveaway on my blog, and I am thrilled to offer a chance to enter for all my little chickens.
Here's a little bit about the company and the products being given away:

Mi-Me is a handmade bath & body company based in Memphis, TN & Miami, FL.  Founded by friends Gil & Liz, Mi-Me came about as a result of our desire to create affordable, luxurious bath and body products made with natural ingredients you can actually pronounce.  More than just a high concentration of natural ingredients, our love, friendship, tenacity, and passion go into every product we create.

Enter through the Rafflecopter below and enter for a chance get your hands on these products:
Best of luck!

December 19, 2013

Three Years

leggings: c/o dots // boots: ugg australia // scarf & tunic: target // 
denim jacket: jc penney (similar, on sale)

Grabbing that denim jacket out of the back of the closet again!  Truthfully, it is normally a last resort, a not too cold day option last seen here, but I need to reach for it more.  I love the cropped style, but I really do wish that it was a darker wash.  Maybe one of these days I will throw it in the washer with a RIT denim kit and try to get a more indigo denim look.
That's a big maybe.

I realized the other day (11-17-13) that I have been blogging at the lovely Matters of Merrymaking for THREE merry years! It is pretty much beyond embarrassing to read some of my first posts (Save yourself the headache and take my word for it.)  Not to say that I am nearing perfection (sheesh!) in any manner, but I definitely think I found my rhythm by the second year.  I love blogging for that reason! I have this great little documentation of my growth as a person, in so many ways.  2013 has by far been the most challenging.  But, let's not get in to the end of the year reflection posts yet, we have to get through next week first.  Pass the egg nog & holler back.

**This is kind of a lackluster blogiversary post, which is okay because its silly to celebrate yourself writing about yourself, right? WRONG! Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting upcoming celebration giveaway :)
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December 18, 2013

One Week

Only a mere week until Christmas Day!  People are crazy year round, but give them a national deadline of when to get shopping done for every person they have ever met, and you will really see them shine.
The part I am having the most trouble dealing with is not using all of those glorious promo codes arriving every 15 minutes in my inbox on gifts for myself.  I still have a few shopping items to pick up and stocking stuffers to grab this weekend! Do you still have a shopping agenda or are you the girl with the fully stocked tree skirt?  I'm actually taking a lot of pride in my wrapping art this year.  Blame Pinterest, blame Martha Stewart (she is a walking Pinterest board) but I spent an absurd amount of time with twine and fresh evergreen pieces on the items I wrapped in black wrapping paper and decorated with a chalkboard marker.  Tis the season!  I can almost taste the weekend, folks! 
And then it is go time...
Move outta my way, I've had a quad latte and I'm ready to buy all the things! 

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December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas Waldo!

 turtleneck tunic (old) & leggings: target // booties: barefoot tess // vest: old navy //
 necklace: crack in the walk

Hey look, it's me getting dressed again! Feels good.  I love this turtleneck with every fiber of my being, it has to be like almost seven years old.  Thank Baby Jesus for stretch fabrics...
A little Where's Waldo and a little holiday color combo, I like the idea.
Perfect comfortable outfit for a day running errands and eating lots of macaroni & cheese.
C'est la vie.
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December 16, 2013

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Well, hello there.  It's Monday again, after my accidental and unintentional week off from blogging!
I spent all free moments last week decorating and finishing the last few details before my holiday party (spending most time in yoga pants and tennis shoes!)  If it weren't for an unexpected downpour, we were going to have a roaring bonfire on Saturday, complete with best friends & spiked hot chocolate.  But, no worries, our fireplace worked just as well.  And the delicious hot chocolate kept us just as warm.  I have a few suggestions along those lines.  These different liquors were a hit!
There are tons of options when it comes to spiked hot cocoa, but here are some of my favorites.
I suggest you try them all, but if one drink is in your budget, do it my way.
Swiss Miss, made with milk, add Smirnoff Caramel vodka, top with whipped cream, marshmallows, and a sprinkle of cinnamon! Your body will be warmed and your heart shall be merry!

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December 5, 2013

Ruffles and Such

dress & cardigan: dots // boots, socks & skirt ruffles: target // necklace: accessory concierge 

I have had this champagne colored ruffly skirt for a million years and it was perfect to throw under this dress to make it a little bit longer for the windy, windy day!  I actually forgot I had this skirt and now I want to wear it everyday to make my existing closet seem more boho and fun! The last picture is me failing at throwing leaves with a camera timer, don't be alarmed.

Yesterday when I wore this, it was 75 degrees and humid, I ended up rocking no sleeves in December. Now we are expected to be 19 degree with wintry precipitation tonight and tomorrow.  What's up with that?  I love a snow day as much as the next girl with spiked hot cocoa and a fur blanket, 
but let's stick with the cold weather for a while.  
Translation: I don't want to shave my legs again until 2014 and shut up you're the same way :)

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December 4, 2013

Christmas List

Christmas lists are such a funny thing. I used to fill them full of wants and needs (and every Johnny Depp movie) but this year it isn't much more than beauty products and books!
Oh, and the most adorable coffee tumbler ever created. 
What is on YOUR list this year?
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December 3, 2013

Comfy Camo & oNecklace review

jeans: h&m+ // shirt: dots // wedges: dolce vita // cocoon shell: thrifted // necklace: c/o oNecklace

Let's all notice really quickly that my hair is growing longer and looking pretty stellar. (Big dreams, baby steps)  Woo! Now, that is out of the way we can move on to what is really important.  Like any normal fashion loving girl raised in the 90s, I fascinated with Carrie Bradshaw.  Her infamous Carrie necklace was super popular when the show was on the air, but has made a bit of a resurgence lately.
It is synonymous with her character and now I have one of my own from oNecklace that will accompany me to all of my merrymaking adventures!
I love the perfect size of the necklace, along with the fact that I could customize the length of necklace to find the right chain length for me!  I was half-tempted to get my twitter/instagram handle (@missbekah) BUT I definitely liked the iconic Carrie style.  
Check out other styles and color options here.
Have the most terrific Tuesday! I'm sure they have 2-for-1 margs somewhere...

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oNecklace sent me this necklace in exchange for an honest review, all opinions above are my own.
image via pinterest