August 9, 2013

Is It Fall Yet?

 black lace dress: asos curve \\  clutch: target \\  wedges: nine west \\  necklace: accessory auctions

Summer is winding down in the literal sense, with schools starting back this week and next, but summer is sticking around in terms of temperature.  I am realllllly longing for some leggings and boots with some soft fall sweaters.  I cannot wait to devour the September fashion magazines and scope out the new fall trends.  I just can't hold my breath until the weather begins to cooperate.
These pics were taken while in Michigan in the most glorious temperatures in the mid-70s.
I never knew long sleeves in August would be an option, but you Northern gals have got it made!
What are you little chickens getting in to this weekend? I hope you have a whole lotta merrymaking goin' on!  Report back.

August 8, 2013

Home Again

Some of the best trips I have ever taken have been the more spontaneous, laid-back ones.  And the best ones are the ones I get to enjoy with my family!  We have our serious quirks and little bitty baby fights every now and then, but we laugh WAY more.  And only some of that laughter is sugar induced.

I loved everything about visiting Michigan!  Even the 11-12 hr drive was enjoyable with my crazy siblings and it was so worth it.  The scenery was breathtaking, the people were SO lovely, and if Memphis had a Trader Joe's I would never complain about cooking again.  I'm a sucker for a body of water and a pier.  It is so relaxing and so calm.  I never wanted to leave.

What are your favorite places to visit?  Check back tomorrow for an outfit post!

August 2, 2013


Last day of wedding talk, I promise.  Plus, it's brief and mostly about a party.
(I know what you're thinking... geez, Miss B, you aren't the one who GOT married crazy pants McGee!)  Assuming you are still reading, here goes it:
We are hitting the road today to drive north for 12 hours!  Memphis to Michigan in a minivan.  I should write a song about this.  Sarah's (my sister, recently married, to Rob, in case you missed it) husband's family lives in Michigan and not everyone could make the trek for the Southern wedding.  They are having a celebration north of the Mason-Dixon line and we are jumping on the opportunity to see our new family and the gorgeous married couple again!

Check out that awesome (change of) weather!
Plus, I am freakishly excited to drive through Ohio and Indiana because I have never been there before!
This post is eight kinds of crazy, but have a good weekend and be sure to follow along on the merrymaking journey on Instagram (@missbekah)   :)

August 1, 2013

eShakti Bridesmaids Dress Review

If you did not catch yesterday's post, my little precious baby sister got married in June!  I was serving as co-MOH with my other sister in the bridal party, along with some other good looking ladies! When the bride, Sarah, told us she wanted green dresses we search HIGH and loooooow for a dress we all liked, in green, that we wouldn't hate wearing in 100 degree weather at an outside wedding.  It was hard, hard, hard.  Not to mention we are all different ranges of sizes, heights, and skin tones.
Long story short, and a lot of Google searches later, the Bride decided a variety of shades of green and different styles could be fun and fresh for the ceremony. WINNING!
emerald green bridesmaids dress: c/o eShakti // gold sandals: payless

I've talked about eShakti a few times before (here, here, and here.) They have customized dresses in a HUGE variety of sizes that can be made specifically just for you, your mom, or your great Aunt Sally. They have a line of bridesmaids dress, y'all.  Seriously, you could outfit a Duggar wedding with this site.  I cannot explain my excitement when they sent me a dress from the line to review!  
I picked the Hailey style in emerald green, and I was thrilled from the get-go.  It is hard for me to order a generic bridesmaid dress because i am not a generic size nor height.  eShakti did not disappoint and I totally give them a five star review for making this MOH's duties a little easier and A LOT cuter.
My other sister (far right) and my sister-in-law (far left) loved the idea of picking their dress, adjusting the hem and neck line, etc.  All three bridesmaids above rocked eShakti on Sarah's big day!