January 31, 2014

Broncos, baby!

 dress: asos (here ON SALE) // necklace: versona accessories (similar) // 
booties: jeffrey campbell (here) // lipstick: stila liquid lipstick in tesoro (here)

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, you know, in case you live under a rock.  I always pick a team even if I don't have heartfelt reason to go with them.  This year (just like last) there is a Manning in the big ole bowl.  It makes the decision a lot easier round these parts.  If the orange, navy, and white leopard print did not tell you: I'm a BRONCO!  Those poses are the direct result of freezing cold weather and no sleeves.  I learned all my poses from Peyton (see pic below.)
  Also, you're welcome.

  I live for themes and dress-up parties... (Seriously, asking me to plan your birthday party is pretty much a blatant request for me to make everyone dress in similar colors with coordinated accessories and designer cocktails named in your honor..)  
HENCE- I love a Super Bowl shindig.  The fun commercials, the best foods, killer half time show (BRUNO IS MY HOMEBOY!)... partying with people on a school night AND boys in tight pants.  I've been sold since I was seven.

I like to bring an extra degree of sass to the party, so maybe fringe boots with a 4-inch stacked heel don't scream down, set, hut... but I'm just making it merry, folks!  
Enjoy the game, the weekend, and your closet :)! 
See you in February, my little chickens.

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January 30, 2014

Leather & Lace-ish

 top: target (old) // leather look leggings: h&m // necklace: dots // cardi: thrifted // booties: lane bryant

I asked my professional photographer* if I looked like Stevie Nicks in these photos because honestly, I felt a little sass-a-frassy and super funky with my flowy tops and funky leather leggings.  They said no, BUT I still felt a little inspired by her look when I threw together this outfit.  Either way, I then tuned the iPod to Rhiannon and called it merrymaking!
Happy Thursday, are we there yet?

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*my mother

January 29, 2014

Leopard Print Scarf

 black pants: h&m // polka dot blouse: target // cardigan: old navy
 // leopard scarf: target // flats: marshalls

If you don't recognize my leopard print partner in crime up there, it is none other than little Laura of Walking In Memphis In High Heels.  She invited me to take part in styling myself for her Day to Night series.  We picked a leopard scarf (an item we both owned) to style! I LOVE leopard, that is quite a recurring theme here.  I have a more casual, daytime look and Laura with her red hot accessories is more of a nighttime ensemble.  I couldn't stay away from my new liquid lipstick, but the pop of color makes the otherwise neutral outfit feel fresh.  I know LB in real life and I love her style so much!  Check out her blog and the deets on her outfit here


The Memphis Flyer featured me in a Style Session post yesterday.  I was so thrilled when they asked me to be a part, and it was SUCH a blast!  I am even more inspired to save up for that nice camera because the pictures turned out great.  The rest of the pics and the post can be found here.

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January 28, 2014

Comfort & Style & Lipstick

top and jeans: h&m // necklace: versona accessories // lipstick: stila tesoro // 
shades: target // flats: tory burch // suede crossbody: target

 First things first...
I definitely found a new happiness with the Stila liquid lipstick and it is EVERYTHING!  I plan on including it as part of an upcoming beauty product review, but it is so amazing that I had to share right here this minute!  The color is beautifully pigmented and lasting power stayed put through beers are karaoke this weekend.  D-d-d-definitely a winning combination.  Secondly, I'm definitely going through a comfort phase when it comes to getting dressed.  My closet is tired of me reaching for the basics, but I can't get enough.  Fancy sweatshirts are my new thing!  I need like seven more, STAT!
What are your favorite go-tos for comfort and style?
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January 27, 2014

Polka Dot Dot Dots

 dress: asos (on sale here) // necklace: eclectic ornaments // booties: barefoot tess 

The weather was amazing on Sunday, like 60 degrees amazing!  It was definitely a welcome addition to this weekend, but I hate to say the warm front has left us alone once again.  This weekend was so much fun! I spent Friday night celebrating a close friend's 25th! Saturday, we visited a local brewery and celebrated my little boy dog's birthday (he's six and I cannot believe it!)  Sunday was spent catching up with old friends, playing darts and not watching the Grammys!  I seriously do not have the attention span for awards shows.  They waste so much time and I like pretty, sparkly dresses as much as the next girl out there, but COME ON.  Speeches are annoying and awkward and the live performances are very rarely worth writing home about...  I did enjoy following the shows unfolding on twitter while I drink my tea and watch Downton Abbey. 
 I will take Lady Mary over Lady Gaga any day.

LAST FEW DAYS to enter the 

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January 24, 2014

Friday Faves

Here's a random merry gathering of some fabulous favorite things from the past week! 
Enjoy your weekend, my little chickens.

This quote spoke to me from the depths of Pinterest & helped motivate me to jump on some tasks I have been meaning to do, just for me. This beautiful Carmakoma backless, white textured dress from ASOS is screaming summertime and I am so beyond ready for the weather to get a little warmer.  I finally downloaded Beyonce's new album.. I know, I know.  I forgot how much I love the warmth of her voice, and she made the gym suck a little less this week.  I officially joined the Julep Maven bandwagon and got my first order!  I am addicted to nail polish colors and getting high quality polishes monthly in the mail is the perfect set up for me.  Sign up through this link* & your first box is free!  If you don't recognize that super adorable face in black and white then google Aidy Bryant & do yourself a favor.  I love her on Saturday Night Live... she's HILARIOUS.  I love seeing a plus size woman on the show and this week she favorited one of my tweets, so we are basically BFF now.

What are your favorites this week?  Let me know what is striking your fancy!
Merry weekend to you all!

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Full disclosure:  I get points if you sign up through the rewards link posted above.

January 22, 2014

Fancy Sweatshirts 4ever

sweatshirt: design history via tj maxx // black blouse: calvin klein // leggings: target 
// military coat: INC // boots: nine west 

I never knew the sheer amount of happiness I could find in a gloriously embellished sweatshirt.  I'm glad I held out as long as I did, ignoring the J Crew and Old Navy gems, just to find this perfection waiting for me on the rack of a crowded, suburban TJ Maxx.  If you have not experienced the amazing joy of warmth from a comfortable sweatshirt paired with this level of embellishment sass... RUN to get your hands on one so you too can be the sassiest, most comfortable version of yourself.  I think that is what we all want during this freakish polar vortex cold front.

Also, a military coat will instantly take your look up a notch.  I own more army green than Lieutenant Dan, and I keep racking up more.  Next to leopard, it is my favorite neutral.
Happy hump day! The weekend is not too far in the distance, so grab a margarita (or 2) and be merry :)

In case you missed it:

Style Elixir
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January 21, 2014


shirt: calvin klein // black pants: gap // boots: nine west // clutch: enitdesign (giveaway below!) //
ring: dots // bracelet: handmade // lips: heat wave, NARS

I'm no secret fan of leopard, so this clutch spoke to me from the Etsy page! I love shopping handmade, so I love everything about enitdesign, including the sweetest shop owner Christine!  Leopard is the new neutral and I love the little pop of pattern it can add to an all black ensemble.  Enitdesign will be giving away one leopard clutch to a lucky little chicken!  Make sure you're following Matters of Merrymaking through GFC or Bloglovin' and visit the shop to let me know you're favorite item.  Enter with the rafflecopter below for your chance to get your hands on a made-just-for-you leopard clutch!  Giveaway ends next Wednesday at 12AM.  Best of luck to all the little chickens.

// ALL readers can get 15% off the enitdesign shop with the code: MATTERSOFMERRYMAKING \\

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January 20, 2014


I had a friend in town from Atlanta this weekend (Hey Alli!) and I had the best time ever showing her some new Memphis places that have popped up since she moved.  We went to great restaurants, hit up the new candy shoppe, and more importantly had amazing Bloody Marys.  Girl's weekends are THE best! And I am so sad that it is over now!  I hope all of my little chickens had the best weekend ever, and I hope you'll come back tomorrow and check out the AMAZING new giveaway I will have running!  Make the most out of this Monday! Xo.
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January 17, 2014

Primary Confusion

 dress: target (old) // cardigan: old navy // scarf: F21 // leggings: asos // boots: target

I had a whole idea about what I was going to talk about today, but then I doubted the fact that yellow was a primary color.  I guess I didn't really pay attention during the color wheel lesson in Art class.  A quick and somewhat sketchy Google search later, and my original hypothesis was still cloudy.  Apparently it is not, yet some people argue that it is because of some sort of thing your eye does...
Fifteen minutes later, I forgot what I was going to say all together- 
Something to do with red and yellow.. I think.

There is a slight difference in these pics, but can you spot it?  No, not the spots on my dress.  And although, you can't see my eyes... The difference is my hair!  Nothing too drastic, but I went to get the ombre darkened a little bit.  I loved the bright blonde, but it had faded just enough to become brassy and it needed a facelift.  I LOVE IT!  The ombre is perfect and the color on top is still my virgin, natural colored hair which I love. Who knows what is next on my hair experimentation list?!

to enter the Foxcroft collection giveaway!  Three winners will be chosen and giveaway ends Monday!

((Oh, and if you're local in Memphis, do yourself a favor and go see Elaine at Prescay Parlour.  She is my favorite person alive and always does exactly what I want!))
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