January 31, 2014

Broncos, baby!

 dress: asos (here ON SALE) // necklace: versona accessories (similar) // 
booties: jeffrey campbell (here) // lipstick: stila liquid lipstick in tesoro (here)

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, you know, in case you live under a rock.  I always pick a team even if I don't have heartfelt reason to go with them.  This year (just like last) there is a Manning in the big ole bowl.  It makes the decision a lot easier round these parts.  If the orange, navy, and white leopard print did not tell you: I'm a BRONCO!  Those poses are the direct result of freezing cold weather and no sleeves.  I learned all my poses from Peyton (see pic below.)
  Also, you're welcome.

  I live for themes and dress-up parties... (Seriously, asking me to plan your birthday party is pretty much a blatant request for me to make everyone dress in similar colors with coordinated accessories and designer cocktails named in your honor..)  
HENCE- I love a Super Bowl shindig.  The fun commercials, the best foods, killer half time show (BRUNO IS MY HOMEBOY!)... partying with people on a school night AND boys in tight pants.  I've been sold since I was seven.

I like to bring an extra degree of sass to the party, so maybe fringe boots with a 4-inch stacked heel don't scream down, set, hut... but I'm just making it merry, folks!  
Enjoy the game, the weekend, and your closet :)! 
See you in February, my little chickens.

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  1. I love love love your Jeffrey Campell booties ^^ I've been trying to figure out if any store in Belgium sells them, but all I can find are those horrible Lita's. Anyway, have fun this weekend with the Super Bowl. I live in Europe so I didn't realize the game was on. Hopefully your team wins ^^ xo

    1. Thanks, Nikki! They are so much fun, I hope you can find them somewhere!

  2. I always pick a team even when mine's not in it. I am rooting for the Seahawks even though that Peyton is a damn good QB. I just have to hate any and all things Vols.

    And I love the blue + green combo the Seahawks rock. Ha!

    1. I was just so glad the 49ers didn't make it, I liked the Seahawks all season except for when they played my teams! Blue and green are preeeeetty!!

  3. I wish these BRONCOS would come on and play in this game! I need a win! GO Peyton!

  4. Oh my! I adore this outfit! Those boots are amazing! Linking up this Monday with you and Bre!


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