January 14, 2014

Featured on Style Sessions

Good morning and happy Tuesday to you all! I hope you survived the muck of Monday and that you are in gear for a great week.  I actually had a fabulous Monday despite the rain and gloom we had as weather.  I had my coffee, a great day at work, and a workout (!!!)... my first in a little while.
In fact, I hadn't realized how long it had actually been until I drove to the gym and found it had relocated.
Don't worry, I found it.
Uhhh, yeah, so here's to a healthier few months and some GOOD NEWS!
Matters of Merrymaking was one of a handful of local Memphis style blogs to be featured in a Style Session blog post by the Memphis Flyer.  We were asked about our favorite upcoming trends and advice on style going in to the New Year.  I kind of sound like an ignoramus quoted in the article, but what can I say? I'm passionate about patterns.  Check the article and other FABOOSH Memphis style blogs here.  Thanks to Sophorn for the write-up and photo below. 
Xo, my little chickens.
Oh, and in case you missed it, enter the Foxcroft giveaway posted yesterday... 
THREE winners!

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