March 28, 2012

12 in 2012: UPDATES

It has been 2012 for almost three whole months now.  So far, so good.  I hope you can say the same.
Early in January I documented 12 things I wanted to get done in 2012.
A bucket list with a year expiration date, if you will. 
Here they are again... with updated information by each of them.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
one: apply to grad school UPDATE: I applied!  Gathering the last few checkpoints (see next one) and then it is in their hands. (Prayers wouldn't hurt, chickens!)
two: take the praxis by march UPDATE: FAIL!  I am taking it in April though, registered & paid for.  Now just got to get some practice tests down!
three: work on my finances (make a dent in loans, etc) UPDATE: I have to take this from the back burner to front and center.

four: learn the basics of sewing & make a skirt (or a pillow) UPDATE: None.
five: read more books (hello, kindle) UPDATE: Three months in 2012 = Six books down and in the beginning stage of another.  I'm proud of myself and becoming more and more obsessed with my Kindle Fire.
six: run a 5K UPDATE: None, sadly.  Ugh!
seven: drink less coke UPDATE: Pretty good, I only reach for a diet soda on the most desperate of days.
eight: make time for myself to think and grow UPDATE: let me think on it... haha jk, I do need to 'unplug' more and take it all in more often.
nine: cook more meals at home, go out to eat less UPDATE: I have been doing better! I have been bringing my lunch to work & dining out less. YAY ME!

ten:  take better care of myself UPDATE: I have had the best of intentions, can't blame myself for that! It's a process!
eleven:  take TWO real vacations, one in the mountains & one to the beach. UPDATE: HALF WAY DONE! Beach = SUCCESSFUL!  Are there mountains in NOLA? Because I am planning a super awesome trip there in two months!
twelve:  shop less, thrift more UPDATE: I haven't thrifted AT ALL since 2012 started... Contemplating making April a thrift-only month... contemplating.
Well, there you have it little chickens!  Achieving some life goals, while merrymaking IS possible.
How are you 2012 goals coming? Happy hump day!

March 27, 2012

Mad (Wo) Men

I haven't watched Mad Men since the first season, and honestly I got boreddddd.
But... I will always give something a second chance, so I tuned in Sunday night for the 5th season premiere.  The verdict? I was entertained, I love the 60's, the clothes(!!!), the booze, and it wasn't THAT hard to catch up on the past few season's storylines.  Zou Bisou Bisou!
It wasn't on The Walking Dead's level or anything... (can it be, without zombies?)
However, during TWD hiatus... I will be tuning in to Mad Men.
Enjoy my 60s (ish) inspired outfit.  It's as vintage as we get here at M of M.
 {dress: ROSS | floral pumps: nine west | necklace: eclectic ornaments | watch/shades: MK | bangle: dots}

Hey it would look better with a Manhattan in my hand, right?
PS Can you believe MARCH is almost over?
I will be doing an update with my "new year's resolutions" sometime in the next few days.
Have a lovely Tuesday, my little chickens.

March 26, 2012

Merry Monday Must-reads

Happy Monday! (Is it? Hope so.)
I had a really great weekend, and I am sad to see it go.  But the best thing about a weekend ending is that there is a brand new edition of Merry Monday Must-reads! I am really excited about today's edition!

Do These Kids Make Me Look Old? | I am very excited that my fellow Memphis blogger is diving back in to the scene with a brand spankin' new blog.  Her life (and daily schedule) keeps her busy and on her toes, I know you're going to love getting to know Raquel.

At The Pink of Perfection | Amy has just opened an Etsy shop, it's brand new and in the start-up stages, but aren't those cards ADORABLE? I am a fan!

Behind The Leopard Glasses | Emma did a "bucket list" post of the bags she would like to own one day... Yes, it had me drooling.  And then immediately crying when I check my bank balance.

Glitter and Grace | I just stumbled across Sara's blog over the weekend and I just fell in love with her style and positive attitude!

The Blog of Worldly Delights | Laura just looks super hot in her red glasses.  And there may or may not be a super kick ass Batman watch, too.

Do you have a must-read that you just must share with me? Email it me, chicken.

March 23, 2012

Tangerine Tango & some merrymaking

Here is one of my newest shopping spree benefits!  Orange (errr...tangerine) is in this season and I am on that wagon, my chickens! The Pantone wagon... not the UT wagon, I'd rather die.
I am so excited that it is the weekend! The post-Spring break week was not too killer, but I am ready to go out to dinner and drinks this weekend with my girls!
Namely, this:

I'll be back with some Merry Must-reads and plenty of Instagramcocktail pictures.
What are your merrymaking plans this weekend? MAKE ME PROUD!
How do you feel about the emergence of tangerine tones?

{dress: ROSS | boots: payless | belt: UO | earrings, ring: gift | bangle: dots}
My Friday dance was interrupted by the eyes of my neighbor.  Hey, guy.


March 22, 2012

love list

Sometimes Pinterest can be daunting and overwhelming, but sometimes it really brightens up my day.
Here are some things that made me super happy to browse through today:
I am going to see the Hunger Games tomorrow, and this just made me all the more excited about it.
Explains the McDuffie household quite well.
This playsuit from ASOS is perfect for the approaching spring!

My favorite performance from Idol last night... She may become one of my favorites.
This is pretty much a pointless post, but I really do love all of these things.
I wore something really cute yesterday but it rained allllll afternoon, so no luck on that.
The good news? I went shopping and got 3 new dresses for under $60! Thanks, Ross!
Also, I got a new lunchbox because I decided to finally embrace the teacher in me.
HA! Cheers to it almost being Friday!

March 21, 2012

Pollen and great combos

[skirt: my mom | gingham top & sandals: target | necklace: eclectic ornaments | watch & shades: Michael Kors | tons of wrinkles: c/o nine hours teaching preschool]

So the cars may be bright yellow with pollen, but I try not to let it damper my mood.
However, I think the swollen eyes only add to my undeniable charm, right??
I feel like this outfit enhanced my mood with a trifecta combination of three great things.
Coral, gingham, & sea foam.
Take that you damn allergens.

March 20, 2012

TV Talk: Downton Abbey

It's official... I am officially obsessed.  I was hesitant to start watching this show after it popped up (IMO) out of nowhere.  I mean, Masterpiece Classic what the what?!  Finally, someone was just like GET ON IT, Bekah!  So I did just that.  I downloaded the first season so I could watch it in the car on the 12 hr drive to JAX Beach.   And I did!
Here's one reallllly good reason to watch:
IF that's not enough 1. You're cray cray 2. Look again.
Lemme tell you what!  I was gasping, screaming, giggling, yelling, and all of the above the whole time.
The show is everything I love about television shows.  Drama, mostly.  Gooooood drama.

I won't give anything away because that's cruel and the suspense is the best part.
Don't give away Season 2, I am still watching.
Have you watching Downton Abbey?  Let me know if you love it as much as I do!

photo 1/ photo 2/ photo 3

March 19, 2012

the beach, st. paddy's & a winner

My iPhone library is busting at the seams with all of the pics from the past few days of galavanting!  Here's a little modge podge of photos to show ya what I have been up to! ENJOY!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Basically, my Spring Break consisted of a lot of driving, tons of food, huge waves & many tasty beverages.
It was all awesome.  Although I left for FL with a suitcase full of carefully chosen mix and match outfits, I found myself staying in my swimsuit and sundress coverups the whole week.  It was bliss!
Definitely needed it to recharge.
All photos taken with my iPhone.

Yesterday for St. Paddy's Day a bunch of us went downtown for the parade and one to two green brews.

Drumroll pleeeeeease!

Congrats Sharon! You are the winner of the Eclectic Ornaments customized necklace.
Check your email, little lady.

March 17, 2012

Top of the mornin'!

I am back from the beach, a little tan... a little tired... did not want to leave but so happy to be home!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! The greatest holiday to throw on a green frock & drink green beer and dance to bagpipes. I hope you guys had a great week and I can't wait to share my trip (and a giveaway winner!) with you on Monday!  Enjoy yourselves and report back, xoxo.
and yes... those drinks were magically delicious.

photo via

March 12, 2012

Merry Monday Must-reads

I'm making my way to Jacksonville Beach, FL right now...
 BUT I had to share some of these links with you!
Enjoy!  I hope to get a few posts in while spring breaking! Keep it merry, my little chickens!
Welcome to the Merry Monday must-reads, a stockpile a list of blog posts, DIYs, etsy shops, and "new to me" blogs that I just can't keep to myself. So gear up and get ready!
Merry Monday Must-reads

matters of merrymaking A little shameless self promotion first, my *eclectic ornaments necklace giveaway* ends on St. Paddy's Day! So be sure you've entered to win!

feathers & freckles Megan has impeccable style, but more than that she has the most adorable hair and freckles EVER! Check out how she styled a bright pink skirt and chambray top!

le kiss kiss See Francesca's perrrrrect hippie chic outfit! I love it and want effortlessly distressed jeans like hers!

dwelling & telling Linley shows FIVE ways to style green pants.  Since colored bottoms are SO in for Spring, I took a couple pointers from her!

jilly beanstalk Jill and Alana teamed up to share their take on interview attire.  See Alana's look here.

Harley and Jane* featured Dani of the Daily Dani and she shares her story on why she started blogging! It's a great read and made me so happy to be in the blogsphere with all of mt blogger friends & lovely little readers chickens.

Hope this Monday finds you happy and healthy!
I'm somewhere with my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand.
*(not pictured above)

March 9, 2012

five (or six) things friday

-sweet cards
-unexpected finger injuries
-the best easter candy
-personalized coffee
-a new beach hat
A little tuneage for your Friday.
I have this song on repeat.  Not in like a depressing emo way or anything...
It's just haunting and beautiful and free.
Very much looking forward to seeing them (The Civil Wars) here in May.

I have been getting so many sweet emails this week from my readers asking me questions!
I am going to finally get cracking on the FAQ page, so if there is anything you have ever EVER wondered or wanted to ask... now is your chance. (email me!)  Free margaritas for everyone! :)
Have a lovely weekend.

March 8, 2012

new favorite...

New favorite outfit alert! 
I was extremely comfortable ALL day... which never happens.
Tights, tunic, blazer, scarf... BAM!
Love it! SO did you watch American Idol??
I'm still marinating in my thoughts.  But, boy did Deandre look ADORBS in his blazer and ponytail!
I know that the Voice and the X Factor all get compared to Idol, but I will always be a fan.
What is your faaaaavorite vocal competition? Or do you watch the Bachelor or something?
Yeah, I don't get that show so you can hate on Idol all you want. 

 {tights, dress: tj maxx | leopard flats: nine west | blazer: old navy | scarf: target | shades: kate spade}
 The "It's Almost Friday Dance" step one:
 Step two:

Repeat as necessary.
Enter the Eclectic Ornaments giveaway!