March 8, 2012

new favorite...

New favorite outfit alert! 
I was extremely comfortable ALL day... which never happens.
Tights, tunic, blazer, scarf... BAM!
Love it! SO did you watch American Idol??
I'm still marinating in my thoughts.  But, boy did Deandre look ADORBS in his blazer and ponytail!
I know that the Voice and the X Factor all get compared to Idol, but I will always be a fan.
What is your faaaaavorite vocal competition? Or do you watch the Bachelor or something?
Yeah, I don't get that show so you can hate on Idol all you want. 

 {tights, dress: tj maxx | leopard flats: nine west | blazer: old navy | scarf: target | shades: kate spade}
 The "It's Almost Friday Dance" step one:
 Step two:

Repeat as necessary.
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  1. love it! the last pic is my fav :)

  2. Ha, loving the Friday dance. I was wondering when those shoes would make their big debut...
    I am obsessed with Phillip Phillips. If he doesn't win he is still sure to snag a record deal. I voted for him (first time for everything).
    I am actually a bigger fan of The Voice than Idol this year...I didn't watch The Voice last year so it is new to me.

  3. Such a cute and comfy look! I love how you mixed the print scarf with your leopard shoes! I've watched every season of Idol and I recently started watching The Voice. I think Jessica Sanchez has the Idol crown in the bag....they can just end the show now :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. My three favorites are Colton, Heejun, and Hollie. 

  5. HAHAHAHAHA! I need to get a dance routine down for photo-taking! LOVE the green in this outfit, Bekah!

  6. Some mornings, you just have to dance!

  7. Thanks, Jess!!! Those shoes are my life saver this week!
    Phil is a cutie for sure.  Can't wait to live tweet Idol tonight with you then! :)
    I tried watching the Voice but Christina is too distracting, Blake is sexy, and Adam is a boy child.
    Cee Lo is cool though... haha

  8. Heejun is hilarious. I would be so happy if he won, he has a great personality and an understated charisma!

  9. Get to dancing!!! I think I see a choreographed dance routine photo shoot in our future...

  10. I am currently repeating the dance because, yes, it IS necessary! 

  11. Comfy outfits are the best outfits. I don't usually watch Idol anymore, but I did tune in last night. I LOVE Deandre!

  12. I'm stealing your Friday dance and doing it ALL. DAY. LONG. Wooo, for Friday! Also, I'm lovin' The Voice and--dare I say--The Bachelor. Just can't get enough!

  13. Looking gorgeous!! xxx

  14. Group dancing virtually is my new new favorite.

  15. AH! I just CANNOT get in to the Bachelor! I hate that every US Weekly lately has been dedicated to that junk! Ahhhh!

  16. Deandre is perfect!! He even has good style.  I should probably check out how old he is though... uh ohhhhh :)

  17. even though i've  only seen a couple episodes, i really like the voice! love the olive/military green color here with the leopard shoes. hope all is well, bekah!


  18. I could easily see myself wearing this exact same look! Well, give or take a different scarf because I have so many to choose from. lol
    I'm not a music competition person. I'm all about Project Runway and America's Next Top Model. I guess I wouldn't totally write off AI, I do loooove watching the auditions. But then I quit. haha

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