March 7, 2012

hump day & some random ramblings

{pants: gap | t-shirt blazer:  old navy | scarf: gift | booties: payless | shirt: tj maxx}

Random post warning... I'm ALL over the place this morning.
Spring Break countdown: 2.5 school days and counting...
Tonight is American Idol's first night! (Of real singing/voting goodness)
I haven't mentioned it much, but I am really looking forward to the craziness this year!
Steven Tyler's antics, this contestant (and his hair), & J Lo's sparkles.

Obsessed with this song:
Aaaaand just Jack White in general.

Have you entered the *ECLECTIC ORNAMENTS GIVEAWAY* yet?


  1. How about you just come to my house and style me everyday? Mmmkay thanks :)

  2. Love those booties! AND, Jack White! AND, I'm seriously looking forward to some Steven Tyler, in all of his glory!

  3. I have a little obsession with DeAndre, too. That "ooh-hoo-hoo-HOO" note he sang during the group round...I sing at least twice a day. And of course I love his hair. He's precious. Also, speaking of hair, I have a huge crush on Colton Dixon...but he needs to change his hair. I think I have a bigger crush on him than I do on Phil Phillips, which I didn't see coming. BUT. My votes mostly go to SKYLAR LAINE. I'm good friends with her big sis. Send some votes her way!

    Love your shoes. And the whole outfit. And as Rachel said...come to our house and style us up!

  4. Oh my goodness, you are so adorable! That scarf is AMAZING! Love the colors. And I'm totally jealous you get a spring break. Also, American Idol? I heart Elise, Shannon, and Phil!

  5. Oh, yes. And DeAndre. He swoons me in a way a 17 year old should not.

  6. Oh I can't wait tp have American Idol tweet talks with you!  I love Colton and Phil too! Phil looks like someone I could fall in love with and start a family.. wait, what? 

    I like Skylar, but Deandre.. he's my boo right now.
    And I'll be seeing you soon... I am thinking an Oxford trip should be in my future.

  7. THANKS! Steven Tyler is glorious.  I'm so obsessed with Jack White, its not funny.  He's coming to play a show in Memphis, but I am going to miss it. BUMMMMMER!

  8. I LOVE that first picture, Bekah. You have the most adorable look on your face! SPRING BREAK!

  9. HAHA! Thanks, Laura! I literally am counting the hours until SB with every fiber of my being! Here's hoping I can hold on!

  10. I like this Jack White song, too. And Jack White in general. But mostly the song Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground. Hahaha.

    Uhhh my spring break isn't till the first week of April. JEALZ.


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