August 31, 2011

simple + sweet

No lie, this is my go-to top.  I lost it for a short 2 weeks, by putting it away in the wrong drawer and it was rough dealing with that separation anxiety. It's BACK and as comfortable as ever.  Not to mention it's the easiest piece to work with EVER.

My mantra for getting dressed and out the door by 6:30 AM is layering, layering, layering.
This shirt over a dress, a simple necklace and ring, and I'm donezo.

{dress: ross | shirt: rainbow | necklace: dots | ring: grad gift | shoes: payless}


August 30, 2011

the range master

{dark jeans: ross | white tunic: target | vest: rainbow | necklace: gift | combat boots: LB}

Sunday afternoon, my brother invited me to go to the shooting range with him.  He offered to pay, and I am always up for an adventure, so I decided to tag along.  I'll be honest, my first thought was, "OMG, I can wear my new combat boots."

Long story short, if there is every a zombie clown invasion... I have preeeeeetty good aim.


August 29, 2011

trolleys and karaoke bars

Happy Monday folks! Boy, it flew by, like always!
Friday night, we went to the Historic South Main Arts District, downtown.
All of the stores and art galleries open up and have drinks and food and you can ride the trolley for free from stop to stop.  It only happens once a month and I will definitely go again next time.
We had so much fun! Sangria and a reason to dress up? HELLO, I'm sold.

{shirt: vintage | skirt: target, 2006? | shoes: payless | belt: dots | clutch: vintage gift | necklace: dots}
So many backdrops... I couldn't pick just one, y'all.
Later Friday evening, we had a bittersweet time at my favorite karaoke dive bar.
Yosemite Sam's has been around since my parents were my age, and even before.
They had their last night of karaoke this past weekend, and we will miss them dearly.
Here's to the memories made and the songs butchered!

Did my chickens have a lovely weekend? I hope so.
Love yas.


August 26, 2011

i'll drink to that

I love the new Rihanna song, which is weird because I don't normally like her at all.
I think it has to do with the Avril Lavigne (Yeeahhheeeyeah) loop that runs in the song.
Love me some Avril :)

{shirt: old navy | tank top: target | pants: LB | shoes: nine west | earrings: TurKoyz | bangles: gifts}

It's a little messy, I'm a little bit rushed.
I am going to more art shows tonight, so excited!

Have a fabulous weekend, my little chickens.


Flashback Friday: May 2006

(thank goodness it's flashback friday!)
My BBFF (blogger best friend forever) Dani is starting to do a weekly post where you post a picture of you in the past, to share with everyone your style/fashion/life from your pre-blogging life.

I thought it would be easier to pick one but it was so stinkin' difficult. I scoured through my 3,000+ pictures on facebook and saw this one.  First, it made me laugh. Then, I was confused. But now, I am positive that it is just awesome.

I was the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella my senior year in high school.  I didn't choose my outfit, but I can take credit for that makeup. YIKES!

Good stuff.  Feel free to post your own flashback photo and let me know so I can check it out!
OH! And check out Dani's post on The Daily Dani.
Hope you enjoyed, little muffins.


August 25, 2011

is it the weekend yet?

The first FULL week of school is almost over.  My thoughts are focused on the weekend.
Many plans, a little nannying here and there, a Sunday Funday, & a little wedding planning.
No, not mine.
We are scouting venues for a family friend's wedding next September and last weekend we visited River Terrace on Mud Island, in downtown Memphis.  Amazing views of the river, bridge, and sunset. It got my vote.  I took some pictures near the other great backdrop: the Memphis skyline.

{dress: ross | shoes: nine west | belt: torrid | bangles: dots | shades: MK}

We are still not sure about where the wedding will be, but I am sure that I am ready for fall.
Bring on the layers and boots, now!


August 24, 2011

Professional Wear

Not in the lawyer, doctor, etc sort of way.  No, I have become a professional (or as I call it: being pro-fresh) in making my clothes work harder.  I don't own many non-denim pants.  I don't own many skirts.  But I do rock dresses and shirts, so I have gotten in to faking (and loving) wearing shirts over my dresses to give the appearance of an unlimited wardrobe.
{dress, shirt: ROSS | shoes: payless | belt: dots | necklace: gift}

Faking pants is a little bit harder, and I'm still working on my degree.

To my long time readers, it feels good to be back.
Also, let's welcome back the awkward stances.
Betcha missed 'em.

Happy hump day to you and yours, little chickens.

August 23, 2011

i'm back, y'all.

Summer's over. School has begun. And I am back in the merrymaking swing of things, my lovelies.
I am waking up early, drinking massive amounts of coffee, taking my outfit pictures again, and then molding the lives of pre-schoolers.  Well, I'm gonna try to do the majority of those things daily.
Priorities, y'all.
But truth be told, I am ecstatic to be back and (hopefully) everyday.
{Dress: Michael Kors | shoes: Payless | earrings: gift | shades: Michael Kors | polish: essie: clambake}

So, you guys, what is the 411? What has everybody been up to? What is the hot gossip? Tell me everything! :)

August 12, 2011

works of art

It's official! I love going to art shows.  Whether I know the artist or not, I love dressing up, drinking wine, and looking at art.  It's the second best thing to margaritas and karaoke.
My friend's husband recently had a prominent local show and a huge group turned out and it was amazing.  I got the best statement necklace recently, and it was a steal at $14! I love it.  Expect to see it super often.  School starts back in the next week, so look forward (hopefully) for daily outfits returning after my summer off.  I am ready for full on teacher mode.  
{dress, belt, necklace: dots | shoes: payless | hair: frizzy | nailpolish: essie clambake}
Oh- and look who is a work of art: ME!
Excuse the water hose, I was shooting at my sister's house.
I used to HATE the shirts/dresses with cut outs on the sleeves, but I fell in LOVE with this dress and I think I might just be a superfan now.
Some BFFs at the show :)
Have a merry weekend xoxoxo

August 3, 2011

Throw Some Glitter

Hey hot chicklettes!
I know you were all waking up this morning with the distant thought on your mind: WHAT would a merrymaker wear to a Ke$ha concert? Rest your ever-weary minds and relax.

The answer lies within this post.
My BFF and I ventured out three hours for her birthday present to the state capitol to see the glitter throwin', whiskey chugging legend herself.  We had the most amazing time ever, and if you have the chance to see her in concert, it is totally worth it!
{Leggings, boots, top: LB | racerback tank: Target | jewelry: assorted}
See that haze? Yep, thats TN humidity for you.  Five minutes after a rainstorm.
For your viewing entertainment:

Hope you enjoyed.  PS I like you.... alot.
Are you having a good week? Got anything super cool going on?
Comment it out. XOXO.