August 24, 2011

Professional Wear

Not in the lawyer, doctor, etc sort of way.  No, I have become a professional (or as I call it: being pro-fresh) in making my clothes work harder.  I don't own many non-denim pants.  I don't own many skirts.  But I do rock dresses and shirts, so I have gotten in to faking (and loving) wearing shirts over my dresses to give the appearance of an unlimited wardrobe.
{dress, shirt: ROSS | shoes: payless | belt: dots | necklace: gift}

Faking pants is a little bit harder, and I'm still working on my degree.

To my long time readers, it feels good to be back.
Also, let's welcome back the awkward stances.
Betcha missed 'em.

Happy hump day to you and yours, little chickens.


  1. super cute! I too turned a dress into a skirt today!! :)

  2. You look so stinkin cute!

  3. welcome back!! missed ya! i totally need to do this to expand my wardrobe and experiment with layering!


  4. A guy that I went on a date with referred to my job as a "professional player." He sure didn't stick, but my interpreted job title did! You are lookin' like a major pro-fesh pla-yuh. <3

  5. Isn't it the greatest? When it works out well, it's a good feeling!! :)

  6. You should!!! It makes your closet seem never-ending and getting dressed is so exciting again!

  7. PRO-fresh is the only way to be!!! I often refer to myself as a glorified babysitter, but if the glass slipper fits... :)


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