January 31, 2013

Wild Horses & my new BFF

{leggings: tj maxx | booties: LB | tunic: Simply Bee via Gwynnie Bee | necklace: J. Crew | watch: MK}

 We all know how much I dearly love my animal prints (leopard HELLO!)  BUT did you know that I also have a small fascination with clothing with actual little animals on them?  I think this horsey shirt is my new favorite!  I love the color, cut, and the fact that I'm renting it...

Have you guys heard of Gwynnie Bee?  It is like Netflix for clothing.  Only better.  For one flat rate a month, you can pick out a certain number of garments (1 at a time, 3 at a time, etc) and you can swap them out for new garments an UNLIMITED amount of times.  ARE YOU SIGNING UP YET?  The best part is that Gwynnie Bee is offering a FREE 30 day trial because she knows my merrymaking chickens will LOVE this!  I got this shirt in my first shipment and I can send it back tomorrow OR keep it until I'm tired of wearing it.  I have a leather pencil skirt and a foil print floral blouse waiting to be worn, too!  Freshen up your closet and try a new trend on for fun! 
It's clothing without commitment.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

January 30, 2013

Olive, Stripes, & Leopard

 {jeans: tj maxx | striped top: target | green blazer: old navy | scarf: gift | leopard flats: nine west}

We made it halfway, little chickens!  HUMP DAY!  I can't believe it will be February in a few days.  I am definitely getting in the Valentine's mood.  That is- lots of hearts, glitter, pink and purple, candy shaped like hearts, love from kids, heart adorned outfits (just wait!), and much more.
It is definitely the best holiday colors!  I'm too excited about bright colors to focus on this dark ensemble.  But I do love this scarf... and olive green.  And every merrymaker should own a pair of trusty leopard flats that never let ya down.
See ya on Thursday!

On Your Mark! 
Round Two: featuring SMASHBOX!

January 29, 2013

Beauty Feature: On Your Mark! Round Two

A five part beauty feature taking us on the journey of finding the ULTIMATE eyeliner.
The Contenders:
{Round Two}

2. Smashbox Jet Set Water Proof Eyeliner (in Deep Black)
The only gel eyeliner in the group, I wanted to give a highly reviewed gel a fair chance.  It's very smooth to apply, almost like a cream.  Honestly, it seems like a tad more work to apply this evenly because its not as dark as some eyeliners.  Although, when working with a brush it is easier to get close to the brow line.  It lasted all day and did not smudge or end up under my eyes which is something I have experienced with previous gel eyeliners.
| Did you miss it? | 
Round One: Stila
Coming Soon
 Round Three: Urban Decay

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty guru, makeup expert, circus clown in training, or anything of the like.  I am not reviewing these products for any reason other than sharing my experience with my faithful readers.  Hope you enjoy! Feedback welcome.

January 28, 2013

Oxblood & Stripes

{dress: tj maxx | cardigan: target | tights: we love colors | boots: LB | rings: silpada | bracelet: gift | earrings: target}

Berry? Oxblood? Maroon? Yeah, I don't know what color the tights are either, but I dig them.
They spiced up a boring black and white striped ensemble and I got a lot of compliments on them!  I sure will miss my tights collection when winter finally leaves, but I think it's an even trade for cute sandals and spring break.  Am I right?

I hope everyone had the best weekend ever! I have to admit, I did not get my preferred amount of R&R in, but I definitely had one of the busiest and laughter-filled three days ever.  I babysat for FOUR different families in four days, had my first Just Dance 4 experience, got in a birthday cake fight with one of dearest friends, and I refused to conquer the mountain of dirty laundry taunting me from the closet.  Come Sunday night all I wanted to do was enjoy a ginger ale and watch Toddlers and Tiaras.
But don't worry, I am in full merrymaking mode this week. 
Bring it, Monday, I am so ready for you.


January 26, 2013

The Great iPad Mini Case Search

I got an iPad mini a few days before Christmas, and ever since then I have been perplexed with the task of tracking down the best case. I had a case that it came with- a leather one that had a cover and doubles as a prop-up case. It's lovely, but not user friendly and compact enough for me.


The Patriotic Choice: etsy, click here

The really cute, fancy one that's completely ineffective in protection: etsy, click here.

The Stud: etsy, click here.

My tribal print addiction continues: etsy, click here.

Monogrammed: etsy, click here:

Lastly, just an option for fun and lots of laughs: etsy, click here.

You SEE why I'm having such a hard time making decisions?!?!

Whic ones do you like? Do you have any suggestions? Help a girl out.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


January 25, 2013

Beauty Feature: On Your Mark! Round One

A five part beauty feature taking us on the journey of finding the ULTIMATE eyeliner.
The Contenders:
{Round One}
1. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner (in Black)
Stila was the first one that I tried, and I immediately liked it.  It is the only liquid contender in the group and from the beginning it is LEAGUES above other liquids I have used in the past.  And trust me, I have tried them all.  It is SUPER user friendly and makes a great cat eye for the weekend merrymaking events.  I have to be honest, I was really impressed with this eyeliner because it lasted through a two hour migraine headache nap without smudging a smidge.  If I love all of the eyeliners this much, then I will definitely have a problem picking a winner.
Coming Soon
 Round Two: Smashbox

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty guru, makeup expert, circus clown in training, or anything of the like.  I am not reviewing these products for any reason other than sharing my experience with my faithful readers.  Hope you enjoy! Feedback welcome.

January 24, 2013

A Letter To My Pup {Happy Birthday, Ozzy!}

To my little, hairy, black canine baby,
 I remember when I first got you and I was sure that Sarah (sister #2) was going to steal you for her own.  We almost named you Elvis, but I am glad we didn't because you're way too hard rock.  I got you a brand new doggy bed, but you didn't like it (you later ate it.) Rather, you started your life-long tradition of sleeping under beds and in closets, and tangled up in blankets. You really loved my shoes as much as me.  I will never be able to own a beautiful white bedspread, but it is totally worth it.  And even though sometimes you get out and go get REALLY REALLY dirty and stinky, I still love you so much.  You're the best 42 pound black lab/corgi mix that I will ever know.  I hope you enjoy your teeny tiny doggy cake & all of the extra kisses from your doggy BFFs.
Today it is about you, angel dog!
I love you always and forever, xoxo.
{Yes, I may be a crazy person who celebrates my dog's birthday and talks to him like he is human.  I'm pretty sure I am the norm, and everyone else is weird.  I adopted Ozzy in March 2008, but today is the day his biological mother had him and his brothers and sisters.  Happy 5th birthday to all of Queenie's pups.)

January 23, 2013

Red Dress & An Army Vest

{dress: target | belt: UO | army vest: old navy | leggings & socks: tj maxx | boots: nine west | sunglasses: michael kors}

This red dress is the sister dress to my birds dress, and looking back now I see that I styled it almost exactly the same way.  Boooooo Bekah! I like the fun print and the vintage cut, but it definitely isn't a dress that can stand alone.  This is the first time that I have actually completed an outfit around it and left the house in it! Have you ever bought something that you were sure you loved at the time of purchase, but then it just hands around in your closet for months without seeing the light of day?  I felt bad for it, I took it home... and I just don't think we feel the same way about each other any more.

I mentioned on Twitter this morning that I am doing a big feature on eyeliner on Matters of Merrymaking in the next week!  I have had the biggest issue finding a good eyeliner (drugstore OR department store) that last through the day without smudging, bleeding, or coming off!  I bought FIVE of the bestsellers at Sephora and I will be doing a test run of each to judge the best.  Keep an eye out for that!  
Happy Hump Day!
I hope we make it through! I know I had to get my grande triple latte on this AM!

January 22, 2013

Antiques & Favorite Shirts

{red top: rainbow (surprised? i was) | leggings: tj maxx | boots: nine west | necklace: c/o eclectic ornaments | purse: olivia & joy | sunglasses: michael kors}
 I added an instagram (@missbekah) widget to the right -----> so if you need more merrymaking more often than waiting for a post, there is generally a ton ton to be had there.

A Monday off work was such a treat! As a belated birthday present to my mom (Hey Donna, love you!) I took her to eat at Ronnie Grisanti' s (YUM!) inside the HUGE and wonderfully treasure-filled Sheffield's Antique Mall! I can't wait to go back and score some items on my wish list!  I saw a little vanity table that needs to be mine! Then my lovely friend Kayla and I went to get some margaritas and see an insanely horrible scary movie (my favorite)... by the way, if you want to see Mama, save yourself the ticket price and wait for the redbox.  
Moving on, finding this top was a result of a rainy work day lunch hour where I needed to get in some intense retail therapy in a short amount of time.  I love how flowy it is! It has definitely been moved up on the list of my favorite tops and I can't wait to dress it down and add some layers!  It really was way cold today and I could have used some extra warmth.  Other than that I would say it was a great find!

Bonus: outtake for this Tuesday, you're welcome!
(I'm a little tea pot?)


January 20, 2013

Music City Merrymaking

It feels so good to be home!  A weekend trip can really take it out of you! But as I sit here typing, with my trusty black canine at my feet and a cup of tea by my side, I am thankful I got to have a wonderful weekend with my gals!  We left early Friday to drive the three-ish hours to Nashville, TN where our group of two grew to a trio, and then a gaggle of five when the Huntsville, AL girls rolled in.
It was so fun to play in the city and try new restuarants with fun atmoshperes!
I won't write any reviews here, but if you find yourself in the country music capital, do yourself a favor and find The Patterson House and get a bushwhaker at Broadway Brewhouse.

Country music fan or not, it was fun to listen to live music in a great city!  I've officially brought merrymaking to the honky tonks in town.  Best part of the weekend? Having tomorrow off work!
Did you have a merry weekend?!  What city should we visit on our next weekend getaway?

January 18, 2013

Leopard Print & Weekend Getaways

 {tunic, leggings, belt: LB | leopard coat: asos | boots: nine west}

 There it is! The infamous and heavily pined for leopard coat (here).  I have had such a fun time with it in my possession, but I have not had an opportunity to photograph it (officially) until now.  And the answer is yes, we love each other very, very much.  You know you are a hit when preschoolers want more hugs because you are wearing a soft coat.  I'm the most popular teacher on the playground nowadays :)
There is nothing like a fresh haircut, shiny shellac mani, and a three day weekend to kick the winter blues away!  I am hitting the road this afternoon for a girl's weekend getaway to Nashville, TN!
We are going to take the time and explore one of our favorite cities, hit up some honky tonks, and just have a merry weekend! I hope you little chickens have a super great one, too! Cheers!