January 7, 2013

Game Day Ready! #RTR

I am not going to lie to anyone.
I consider myself a football fan. It's not that I enjoy watching the game, although a close game can be super fun. I find myself to be more a fan of the football game EXPERIENCE. I love watching games with people, the social aspect, whether at home, a watch party, or at a bar. I love wearing team colors, and being a part of a group of fans. The food and drinks that go along with football games make it way more fun and interesting. (The cuties on the field don't hurt, either.) So tonight, when the SEC championship game airs and we have Alabama (ROLL TIDE!) (see wasn't that FUN!) playing Notre Dame.... You will be able to find me in my houndstooth dress and red tights, munching some buffalo wings and having a beverage or two. It's all about perspective, people!

Hope you had a great Monday! Are you watching the game tonight? Cheers!


  1. I think you need to come to an Ole Miss game with me and Rach next season! Tonight (and when they played Mississippi State) is about the only time you'll hear me yelling for the Tide. But I will be.

  2. i would love to learn more about the game so that i could actually understand what's goin on!! love the boots!!


  3. I feel exactly the same way! It's not really about the actual sport for me but the whole experience that you described. The food, the people, the camaraderie, and of course the eye candy! I'm way more invested in the fun than the score, which drives my husband crazy. lol

  4. haha, my husband wishes I loved football. I can't even get down with the general experience like you do because I have no idea what's going on. haha


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