February 28, 2011

there's a whole lotta floral goin' on

Hey chickens! How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and restful.
I spent my two days off with family and friends.
and margaritas.

And Sunday was marvelous with a little lot of closet organizing and cleaning.
I could barely get to the back of the closet to my spring clothes, 
so I thought I'd revamp + get rid of some stuff.
(and make room for new treasures)

Pinks and florals and stripes, oh my!
It was colder than expected when taking pictures.  Hence, the grimace and fists.
And you can't really see but the shirt has three tiers of ruffles.
I'm on a roll.
Cardi: thrifted, Ruffly Shirt: Target, Black Pants: Gap, Flats: Payless, 
Bad Hair: Priceless

I have owned both of these items for a long time, but this is the first time I'm wearing both of them!
It was like Christmas, finding new things in the back of my closet.
And now, I have a gift for you.
It's my beautiful little sister- She's awesome. And what a looker.

Yep, we're from the same gene pool.
Notes: She dresses correctly for the weather.

2011 Oscars Fashion
Did any of you watch the Academy Awards last night?
Here are MY choice picks for best lookin' ladies:
Florence- from Florence + the Machine, wearing Valentino, was the first dress that I saw and LOVED.
 Hathaway has like a BILLION costume changes, but I liked the Lanvin tuxedo suit she whipped out mid-show.  And did you check out the kicks? Heaven.

 I loved the color scheme and lace detail of Mila's dress.
Her dress was Elie Saab.
And you may hate me disagree for this but I died and went to dress heaven when I saw Cate Blanchett.  Her Givenchy dress was compared to my twitter fam as the "dippin' dot dress" but I love the shape and structure.
And the color.
And the back:

She was divine.

Best wishes for a great week!


February 26, 2011

ruffles: party of two

 If I have learned anything from starting this blog, it is the fact that the clothes you own can be temporarily altered, or manipulated, so you get the most out of one single item of clothing.  Meaning:  You can make a dress a skirt, by folding it down or wearing a shirt and belt over it.  You can wear a skirt as a shirt, and no one would know the difference. And if they do- so what? 
You're smarter than them.

Hi, my name is Bekah and I am wearing two dresses.  And I feel like a genius. 
I am wearing a summery dress with ruffles (I repeat, RUFFLES) under a more bland (plain by itself) black dress.  And voila, I have a NEW dress.
Maybe, it was my tutu phase as a young, toddler ballerina, but I love everything about ruffly or tulle skirts.  I was horrible at dancing, but I was just in it for the sequins.
And I may or may not have broken in to song while twirling...
 (I feel pretty, oh so prettyyyy...)
So for all of my fashionistas out there, do not be afraid to layer, tuck, belt, pull up, lower, manipulate your beloved clothing items to make them pull double duty for you.  No, I didn't invent wearing two dresses at once, but I'm pretty sure I'd wear ruffles under everything if given the chance.

Special shout out to my fellow FBFFers who nominated me for two different awards yesterday,
  The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Rebekah N Bryan + Life and It's Other Drugs.

You're lovely and I have officially added you both to my favorite people list.  
At the top.
In bold letters.



February 25, 2011

friend friday smorgasbord

It's Friday- which means it's time for my second round of FBFF, if you don't have a clue what I be talkin' bout: check out last week's post.
But first, since I have acquired a gaggle of new readers chickens, 
I wanted to re-introduce myself just a bit.
I'm Bekah, in Memphis, Tennessee. I am new to blogging, and i, um, love it.
I love clothes, fashion, style, and interior decorating. 
OH! and shameless online shopping-
 that's where you put a ton of stuff in your online shopping cart + then exit the browser before you go in to significant debt because you're a college student with a part time job, so stop dreaming... sigh.
and i love scary movies, but that's a whole 'notha story.

Moving on:
This week for 
Friend Friday
we are doing Blog Award nominations.  Now, I haven't been blogging for all too long- but I've been reading for some time.  And here are my noms:

1. Creative Juices- Most Creative: Sydney from The Daybook
I would put this chick in every single blog award category, but I don't want a restraining order filed against me, so I will just stick with this one.  She has the best style, great personality, and she is so creative with her blog, everyday.

2. The Real Deal- Most Authentic: Ashley from The Shine Project
Ashley has not only reached out to view my blog, and follow me on Twitter, she focuses her entire blog on inspiring people to get the most out of life. To SHINE!  I love every post. Oh, and she's drop-dead gorgeous!

3. Spark Notes- Most Helpful: Melissa from Write It In Lipstick
I haven't sought much help from other bloggers (yet) BUT I know when I need help, this woman will definitely come to the rescue.  She was the first person to offer me a link up, and it was so much fun!  Extra points: She is one hot momma.

4. Newbie- Best Blogger Under A Year: Linley from Dwelling & Telling
I'm sure this girl will dominate the noms in this category because she is supremely impressive.  I love her blog, her entire wardrobe (THE SHOES!), and her DIY are pretty great too.

5.  Can You Hear Me Now?- Most Connected: Kendi from Kendi Everyday
Everyone has her in their blogroll.  She's straight-up the best.  Every outfit she posts is unique.  Plus, she is funny.  But seriously, she is everywhere and no one could ever get sick of her.  Ever.

6.  If I Had A Hammer?- Best DIY: Kelly from Fabulous K
It might be cheating, because she is not solely a DIY blogger.  But her blog is always bright and shiny with lovely items she has found/refurbished, etc. (check out her bright blue entertainment center she re-painted, it's fresh).  She is my shiny inspiration.

7. Tribe Leader- Blogger Who Leads/Brings Bloggers Together: Katy from Modly Chic
She is the founder of the FBFF group and she has made it such an awesome place for bloggers to meet and bond.  And she strives to help every single individual (like emailing me back when i was oh-so-confused about how it worked)!

8. Practically Perfect:  Most Fashionable: Monkeyface from Hello, Monkeyface
She runs an anonymous blog, keeping her super secret identity intact.  And she has the best quality pictures I have ever seen, it's like reading a magazine (a monkey magazine).  Her ensembles would definitely sit at the cool kids table at Blogspot High.  

9.  Paint By Numbers: Best Beauty Blogger: Cora from Vintage or Tacky
I don't read many beauty blogs- for no particular reason.  But I wanted to nom someone for this award, so I did some research and I dig her style.  It's different than basic tips and tutorials.  I will definitely be referring back to her soon!

10.  Renaissance Woman/Man- Best All Around Blogger (Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle):
Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere
Wow, here we go I envy her hair, wardrobe, and culinary talents- She has it all!
Also, she shares pictures of her home and her decorating talents are spectacular.
She is the epitome of the Renaissance blogger.

NOW- more about ME:

 I love this bag. love love love. I got it at Goodwill for $4.
We will have many more adventures together, me + mister tote.

I was so disappointed with the lack of lighting in my full body pics that I took some fun ones (first and last) in the good lighting.  So, just consider those little nuggets of love. Love nuggets.
You're welcome.

Everyone has their one look that they love on themselves & that they gravitate towards when shopping or getting dressed.  And I definitely think I luuuuurve me some tunics.  With belts + tights ot jeans.
I could wear that ensemble for the rest of my life.
(although the wind makes my shirt look like a tutu in the pic above. ha)

This is the first day I sauntered around in my new rainboots.
Now, go ahead and ask me if it rained.
Around seven pm, we had some serious tornado watch action.
(but don't worry, i gathered my cocktail + lipstick and promptly got in the closet, puppy + laptop in tow.)
But, no, I experienced ZERO rain on my first day with my boots.

HAPPY gloriousamazingsweetbeautiful FRIDAY, my friends!
It could not have come at a better time!
Do you guys have any amazing plans?
I will be working and of course finding some time for a little merriment.


February 24, 2011

hey there, lumberjack

ummm, it's true.   
 I spent most of my night reading up on my new follower's blogs, drinking tea, + blaring Adele's new album.  Seriously, she is amazing.  Her new record came out on Tuesday and it's beautiful.

People have told me I look like her, it's a stretch, but I think she's gorgeous! The hair, those lashes! 
Oh my!
So far, this is my favorite song on the album.  
It's sad + depressing (most great songs are), but her voice is powerful.  
Here's a live version:              

Any new music out there that you have fallen in love with?
I would love to hear some suggestions! :)

This shirt is thirty years old.  I know this because it was my dad's shirt in high school that I acquired a couple of years ago.  I love it so much, obviously because it was his, but because it is worn a bit + super comfy.  I texted him and told him I was wearing it and he was a happy pappy.
What: Button up: Dad (free), Boyfriend Tee: Target ($8), Belt: Torrid ($8), Jeans: Ross ($12)
What an affordable lumberjack look!

Not my favorite outfit, but we are in a weather transition phase here fo sho'.
Flannel was a necessity- but it never hurts to show a little ankle.
It drives the other lumberjacks crazy.
You can now follow me on bloglovin' and the independent fashion blogger website.

Oh- and since you love me (and I can see it in your eyes), make sure you are following me on Twitter!

February 23, 2011

wonder woman

So, after four hours of lack luster sleep (and pushing snooze for an hour), I finally got up this morning.  Then I rewarded myself for my good behavior (fantastic exam grades, ahem, i'm awesome) by skipping my second class and going window shopping.  
Not the best strategy, but I'm a big supporter of rewarding yourself.
And shopping.

Boy, did I stand out today on campus.
I felt like I was rockin a serious wonder woman color scheme.
Like if she wore a cardigan.
Or pants.

I am seriously having some wishful wednesday blues because I want EVERYTHING pictured below. Reality checks will be cashed in later. Check out the beautifulness!
Python print is popping up everywhere- This python bag is the creme de la python.
Free people copper bangles
Vintage Cape- an Emma Pillsbury dream
Chevron Hallway-- the inspiration for my new layout.  I'm digging it.


  I am adding this to my ever-growing collection of headboard ideas on my inspiration list. It's definitely going to the top.
(Picture white paint on my medium gray walls)

Have the BEST hump day ever- you deserve it.

February 22, 2011

walkin' in memphis

Beautiful surroundings + just being with the people you love can make any day the
BEST day.  Add in a birthday and holiday, and you have the greatest day in February history.

view along the Mississippi River
Sister #2 found lots of awesome driftwood,
  the mighty mississippi

 To celebrate the beautiful day of Sister #1's birthday, we went downtown + ate lunch at our favorite place, The Majestic Grille, walked along the river, got coffee + explored Harbor Town.  
We gathered a lot of driftwood and it's really amazing to think that it could have come from anywhere upstream, and now we can use it for crafts or decorating!  Even though it was super duper windy + cold, we had such a good time.

 shirt, leggings, and cardi: LB + shoes: american eagle, necklace: dots
 The wind got a little crazy.  As did the hair.

I really like this outfit because it was comfy + casual, but I felt feminine and fun.  I think those are all important qualities in an efficient outfit.  Oh, and I'm rockin' the frames until this weather can make up it's mind and my allergies subside.

And if that wasn't too much awesomeness for you, here we go:

1.  I want to live in the mountains
2.  I love Memphis football
3.  I would choose to live in New Orleans over any other US city
{Pick the lie + comment with your guess, please!}

oh: and the cake was a WINNER:

February 21, 2011

everyday ensembles + birthday wishes

I had such a bustling weekend!  Did y'all have a beautiful one, as well?I had every intention of taking my pictures + writing a post on Saturday and Sunday.  But alas, the beautiful weather and fun activities kept me outside and in action. Happy President's Day! (no school + no work, yippee!)

I was so happy to break out these espadrilles- the temp got up to like, 74 degrees. Hallelujah!
In other news, my hand goes up in every picture.  I need a photo shoot choreographer, pronto!

shirt: target (on clearance), cardi: LB, jeans: ross, shoes: american eagle, 
+ necklace (thats barely visible):gift

But enough about me- 
Today is my beautiful, amazing, inspirational, red-headed, 
fabulous, loving, caring (i could go on and on...) 
twenty-six birthday.

I love you, Meemers.  You're the best, really, you're a big deal.  I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments + the person you are.  I'm so happy to call you my sister...
XOXO from your little, taller than you sister. 
Happy Birthday!

(and she doesn't know it yet, but we are going to attempt to recreate that rice crispy treat birthday cake pictured above.)
Have a great Monday, my little friends.