February 11, 2011

prep for valentine's day, sweethearts

Monday is the heart day!
I'm a big fan of Valentine's Day's color scheme.
But- that is just about where my fondness for said holiday ends.

I'm all for reds and pinks, golds and purples 
(does purple count? i always count purple...)
 and the more sparkles, the better.
Whether you are going out with your sweetheart or having a sparkly night out
with your best girls, it certainly is fun to dress for the holiday.

Here's a perfect look for any February 14th plans:

It wouldn't be Valentine's without some sweets.
These beautiful mini cakes recreate the look of a box of chocolates.
I don't know a gal who wouldn't LOVE to receive these treats.

 The gold plated cakes are adorable.
I'm drooling.
Also, I came across these adorable chocolate covered strawberries on my friend Ashley's blog.
They're the most precious things ever.  If I was more brave, I'd attempt them myself.

Some bling for all my single ladies...
So, if you want to share your declaration of love and your budget doesn't allow too much stretching-
Check out these adorable e-valentines from Kate Spade.
I've already sent out a number of them to my nearest + dearest.

Enjoy your frills + your chocolates.
And remind all your valentines how much you love them everyday, 
not just mandated commercialized holidays..
 Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Wow. That get up you picked out is A-freaking-mazing. I want that dress! And the earrings are such a beautiful yet unexpected pick. Love it all! Thanks for the cute E-valentine link, I sent one to my bestie. This post brightened my day!


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