February 22, 2011

walkin' in memphis

Beautiful surroundings + just being with the people you love can make any day the
BEST day.  Add in a birthday and holiday, and you have the greatest day in February history.

view along the Mississippi River
Sister #2 found lots of awesome driftwood,
  the mighty mississippi

 To celebrate the beautiful day of Sister #1's birthday, we went downtown + ate lunch at our favorite place, The Majestic Grille, walked along the river, got coffee + explored Harbor Town.  
We gathered a lot of driftwood and it's really amazing to think that it could have come from anywhere upstream, and now we can use it for crafts or decorating!  Even though it was super duper windy + cold, we had such a good time.

 shirt, leggings, and cardi: LB + shoes: american eagle, necklace: dots
 The wind got a little crazy.  As did the hair.

I really like this outfit because it was comfy + casual, but I felt feminine and fun.  I think those are all important qualities in an efficient outfit.  Oh, and I'm rockin' the frames until this weather can make up it's mind and my allergies subside.

And if that wasn't too much awesomeness for you, here we go:

1.  I want to live in the mountains
2.  I love Memphis football
3.  I would choose to live in New Orleans over any other US city
{Pick the lie + comment with your guess, please!}

oh: and the cake was a WINNER:


  1. those pictures look great and it sounds like the sisters had a good time. For the lie I would have to go with #3 am I right?


  2. Ha! Thanks! Actually it's number 2... I hate our football team! Basketball all the way! and I would totally pick New Orleans, love it there.

  3. I just wanted to drop by and thank you for reaching out to me as a FBFF newbie =D I also wanted to ssay that I checked out your blog and I just love it! Your photos are so cute, and I love your style!

    oh and I thought the was number 1 lol

  4. These pics are fab, Bekah! They turned out great. Also, that cake looks just as good as the model.

  5. i really love that cardigan...this is a fabulous outfit on you! ok, i'm new to your blog, but i'll take a guess...#1.


  6. oh my gosh. i LOVE these pictures. ive always wanted to explore ths missisippi!

  7. HECK YES, I am all about the feminine and fun in my clothing, too. I think your poses and hair really kick it up a notch, too :)

  8. That is such a cute cardi! looks so cute & cozy. I miss the Mississippi river so much!


  9. That is such a cute cardi! looks so cute & cozy. I miss the Mississippi river so much!



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