April 26, 2011

Practically Cheating

I cheated.
I'm not wearing this today... or even yesterday.  I wore it this past weekend for some outdoors activities.
Today, I am taking the first of my last three exams before graduation and honestly, I am going to wear bright yellow shorts and a tee shirt and go without makeup on.  
I might even take outfit pics anyway because my tripod is needy and used to being given attention.
And who am I kidding?
I'm totally going to wear makeup.
Even I have limits, okay?
This skirt surprisingly is hard to style for me.
I wonder why :) ?  I'm hoping to have new and improved ideas for it, 
when I get all of my summer clothes in order.
I love how it's chevron before chevron was even the trend.
Just saw me Trendsetter McGee.
Okay, don't... that's stupid.
This outfit is brought to you by the letter T.
Everything I'm wearing, besides the belt, is from Target.

In case you missed it:



  1. I love your skirt!!

    Monique xx


  2. Thanks, Monique!! Isn't it SO fun!?

  3. I'm glad you went in! Dressbarn is best when you have coupons--look online for them, or get the coupon app on your Smartphone. A lot of times, there will be deals like $10 off a dress, or something similar. I usually don't pay full price.

  4. cheating is good sometimes :P i loooooove that skirt


  5. So unexpected and super fun at the same time. I have a post coming up this Sunday that would be a great inspiration for another way to style your skirt. Stay tuned. ;)

  6. Ooh, that is a tricky skirt to style...hmmm. I guess it would be easy to say pair it with any solid tanks or tees. You can even try a super subtle stripe. Or maybe a ruffle-y top? I'm stumped! Good luck on your exams, I'm sure you'll do great! Sending good bloggy vibes your way for good luck!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. it's not cheating!!! I am horrible about posting the day I actually wore something! I think that is part of having other obligations than blogging. (How I wish I could just blog/work on my blog all day!!! It's my dream!)
    I love your bright skirt :)

  8. Haha! It did feel good to not do my hair and wear tennis shoes... People think I am going through a tragedy because I am always put together... silly people!

  9. Oooh GOOD IDEA! There was a lime green one with shoulder detail that was screaming my name!

  10. BEKAH: (n.) unexpected and super fun, lover of margaritas and karaoke. Known for lipstick adoration and shameless shopping sprees.

    (I'm awaiting post with bated breath, can't wait)

  11. The past few times I've worn it, I wore a white shirt... I'm thinking of playing with stripes or RUFFLES!?! Love that idea... Thanks Lidi, you've got me Jedi-mind-tricked, I'm ready to ace these suckers.

  12. Haha, Liz, you made me laugh! I wish I could blog all day/sometimes I do...don't tell.
    Love following your vacay pics!

  13. I love the whole thing! Such a cute T to pair with that skirt - I love it. well done :)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  14. Good luck hon I believe in you, get'er done. And I agree with everybody else it is not cheating. It is too hard to take outfit pics and blog the same day as your outfit.

    p.s. can you send me your address


  15. Hey Bekah!

    I LOVE this idea of pairing a tee like this one with a printed skirt! Genius. Really.

    And I am soooo glad to be able to connect with other style bloggers from Tennessee...I know there are more out there. Anyway, you have a super cute place here and I love your style!

  16. i have stuff like this that takes a lot of effort to style. but i love what you did with the skirt by toning it down with a tee. no cheating here. my posts get delayed sometimes because i run out of TIME!!!


  17. I am loving your blog and all your fashion cuteness. I am a mommy of two and while my blog focuses on crafting and kid like things I love fashion blogs. I need them to inspire me and keep me away from "Mom pants" you know what I mean. Any I am your newest follower, found you through color blind and am so happy I did:> hope you did well on your exams:>

  18. Good luck on your finals! This is the cutest casual outfit ever.

  19. Honey you look so pretty I absolutely love the way you style your cute skirt!!! So chic and so pretty.!


  20. Well, as a mother of two.. you are completely allowed to loose time... and sanity.
    You're the most chic mother I know! :)

    Yeah, a tee I thought would tone it down... on to more brainstorming..

  21. Hey there girrrrl! So glad to connect with you too! Thanks and can't wait to read more of your posts! :)

  22. Thanks! I'll be lucky to live through Tuesday, but it'll be SO worth it! :)
    Email sent!

  23. Haha, thanks amy! Maybe I could get the right look with it soon! hmmmm... and THANKS for the luck, i'll need it!

  24. I would wear this tee shirt everyday if I could!

  25. Danielle!! I am so glad you are here and thanks for the beyond sweet words! I hope you'll find something valuable here, and even if you don't, I'm going to try to make you laugh :)

  26. Thank you, you are the skirt rockin' queen!

  27. I love this skirt, I see so many possibilities. Black tank, chambray shirt, stripes even! Good luck on your exams.

  28. Best of luck on the exams hun! And I'm loving your gorgeous skirt, it's so fun... love that print. xx veronika


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