April 1, 2011

stop. collaborate. listen.

There's an FBFF post down there at the bottom.  Promise.
but first...
Your daily dose of sparkles:

I had a test today, and if you've been paying attention, I have strict rules about days like this.
That is one sequined top, my chickens.  I hope you love it as much as I do.
Two weeks ago, I won the lipstick challenge giveaway at Feminine Bravery! (YAY!)
Charlotta sent me and three other bloggers a tube of the best lipstick ever.
(one of the four of us will be picked and featured on her blog... stay tuned)
My color was Lingerie Pink and it fulfilled all my of my bright pink dreams.
(thanks, girl)
Lipstick adds a dash of color to any outfit, and I think ANYONE can pull of this look.
No excuses.
(bonus points for neon green sparkle shirts)
striped sweater: gap
sparkle shirt: LB
necklace: gifted
gray jeans: ross
flower flats: payless

Today's Friend Friday questions answered by yours truly.
Read other fabulous answers written by my fellow blogger friends at Ms. Katy Rose's blog ModlyChic.
1. Guest posts are a good way to gain new exposure. What do you think
is the appropriate way to go about securing a guest spot? 
I think that just networking with new bloggers and getting close to current blog friends is a really good way.  When a blogger needs one, she generally will ask one of her favorite blogs or blogs most like hers.
I have never personally needed one, but I know if I did, I would ask the bloggers that I speak the most with, and the ones that have similar content.  Likewise, if I'm asked to be a guest poster, I am completely willing to sprinkle some humor & sparkles, as directed.
2. Leaving comments is essential to growing your blog. But how can you
leave a comment without coming across as ‘Follow Me. Follow Me!’? 
I have never said, Follow Me, to another blogger.  I think that is so disrespectful.
I leave my link at the bottom of my comments on their blogs, so that they can easily come to my page.
(sometimes it is hard to get back to a commenter's page directly, so I love when people leave links)
If someone says COME FOLLOW ME with some generic comment, I generally don't respond, much less follow. But thankfully that really doesn't happen.
3. We’ve all gotten a mass email at one time or another asking for
blog exposure, a link exchange, etc… But the mass emails don’t work.
How do you make your email stand out from the crowd? 
I wanted to get my name out there by networking through comments, twitter, and FBFF. 
 I also work on generating new content so that people want to keep coming back.
I have been blogging for a whoppin' 3.5 months now, so I am not one to give a bunch of advice on this :)
4. In interacting with other bloggers where do you draw the line
between seeking support and begging for exposure? 
I follow blogs and bloggers that I like for one reason or another. It is the most amazing when they want to connect back with me through commenting, following, or tweeting.  Recently, a few of my favorite bloggers have followed my blog and it made me jump for joy.
No, really, I did.
It's kind of like Lady Gaga complimenting you on your leotard.
5. What’s one rule of engagement error you made and how have you
remedied that? 
I did so much blog research beforehand, and I have been reading them for longer- so I think I played it pretty safe.  Unless I have been screwing up this whole time and no one told me.
Thanks, you guys.



  1. I seriously think I'm going to end up reading every person's answer to this week's FBFF. I've got my work cut out for me. (:

    First things first, I love the sparkles and happy yellow color. That is exactly what tests need is a slap in the face with happiness! Hopefully that test of yours went well.

    I agree that just asking/telling/demanding someone to follow you is disrespectful. And I think it is disingenuous because it is taking away the legitimacy of what it means to follow someone. I want to click the follow link when there are things on that blog that appeal to me and inspire me to want to check back and know that blogger, not because we bargained follows so we could rack up numbers.

    On a last thought, it doesn't appear to me that you've been doing anything wrong, but who am I to say? I just got here today.

    Just Take a Bow

  2. Love this post!! Soo honest!!

    Monique xx


  3. This is one of my favorite color combos, except sometimes I feel like a bumble bee, but who cares. You look cute girl!


  4. you're doing a great job on your blog!! I love how honest you are in all your posts!

  5. "Lady Gaga complimenting you on your leotard". I love it. I'm with you on the researching before starting my blog.


    SSG xxx

  6. Anja_AHeartandSoulStoryApril 1, 2011 at 5:33 AM

    I really think the sparkle rule for exams is great!! It would have been good to do something like that when I had exams. I have been a nervous wreck at all of them!

    Love your answers to the FBFF! You are so right about the "Never ask someone to follow me" rule! I am so there with you. And now that you mentioned you blog only for 3.5months, I feel already a lot more connected to you! Same for me and it's still all new etc, but you got the right attitude going. Keep it going like that. Love to read your blog every time!



  7. Hello sweets! I LOVE your sequin top, it's SO stunning. I love that you paired stripes with stripes, so beautiful & gorgy with those lovely jeans. Have a fabulous Friday! xx veronika

    PS loved your q&a, awesome questions + answers. :-)

  8. I'm a BIG fan of daily sparkles! I wore shimmery sparkly tights yesterday, we must have been on the same wavelength, though I did not have an exam! Your answers are authentic and make you sound like one cool chick! Yay! (You've got a great smile, too!)
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  9. aha! You look amazing, so glad I picked that lippie for you as it's perfect with your skin tone! Great job with the outfit, too! Love the sequined top!

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on those important topics! Great minds!

  11. It's actually a very yellow-green which didn't come across well in photos! But as for yellow and black, I also love it even with the bumble bee aspect!

  12. Thanks, Amy! I'm just a truthful little lady :)

  13. Sparkles always! It really helps to look good when taking tests, in case you bomb :)

  14. Thanks, Veronica. It means so much coming from you, lovely!

  15. Sparkles for everyone! Thanks for coming by and thanks for the compliment!

  16. I know, I was so pleased that it worked out so well, too! Best giveaway ever!

  17. ooooh! I love your sparkles. And the little flowers on your shoes!

  18. This post is all about inner and outer beauty darling! The outer beauty: the lipstick is heaven! The inner: I love reading your answers. I agree with you that it is important to keep it real and to dare to reach out and connect. So lovely getting to know you a little more!
    x Anika

  19. The lipstick is a lovely shade for you, I agree

  20. i love the double dose of stripes! since starting wearing lipstick again this year, i have to agree it's a great way to top off an outfit with color!


  21. WriteitinlipstickApril 1, 2011 at 9:42 PM

    Dude can I just say that lipstick looks so good on you, Like whoa! Also I love the sparkle and the stripes just the right touch of color.


    the Lady Gaga comment made me laugh out loud. So funny.

    Write it in Lipstick

  22. I agree with your comments. I don't reply to generic comments of the 'FOLLOW ME' variety and I even have a warning on my comments box to let people know that if they leave that kind of comment there's little chance I'll reply. It's a shame that I have to be so blunt but I was getting tired of comments that made it completely obvious that the poster hadn't even read my content and just wanted exposure at the cost of decent behaviour/simple etiquette.

    I love your outfit. Mellow yellow really suits you.



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