March 31, 2011

you don't look a day over fabulous...

...quoted by the one and only Steven Tyler.
Today was my first solo on-location photos.  Meaning: I journeyed off the safety of my land and found new and different trees to stand in front of.  I didn't do it on purpose.  I was going to take my pictures like normal, at the end of my driveway- but then these men showed up to work on our house, and that's weird to have strange men watch you take pictures of yourself, right?
So I left, feeling somewhat disappointed, and WAY too early for work.
I drove past this park, and thought to myself: You can do this.
and Melissa was right all along, it is liberating.
There were only two people out in the park, and they were getting their cardio on.
I mean, I won't go too crazy on these locations by myself, I mean this is Memphis city and if you value your camera (or life)- the last place you should go is behind a building by yourself or anything.

Just kidding it's not that bad.

sheer patterned shirt: Mossimo from Target
pretty blue cardigan: thrifted
button embellished leggings: LB
flower flats: payless
gypsy necklace: antique store

I don't know if you watch American Idol. 
 I had really strong feelings against it, because I feel they have an unfair preliminary judging system, etc. 
(One of my BFFs, Amber, made it really far in the competition, 
just to be told they have "enough country" singers.)
1. Lauren Alaina, you are lucky to even be in the competition 
{I know that everything happens for a reason, Amber's name will be in lights...Look for it.}
 But my boycott ended when they hired Mr. Steven Tyler.
I grew up on Aerosmith, the Magic School Bus, and corn bread, folks.
If you don't follow me on twitter, then you don't know that I love Paul + Hayley!
Seriously, watch this and try not to be impressed.
It is like a beautiful love child of Elton and sparkles.

Thank me later.



  1. I am loving that bright pop of blue! Also think the leggings are tres adorable. I'm so proud of you (and impressed) that you went out in public to take your pictures. You can see I haven't ventured past my living room. One of these days I'll build up the courage...

  2. Girl I'm loving this look on you..Teal is definitely your color. I love how relax and chic your look is!! Loves it.

  3. cute leggings and love the color of the top

  4. I love your outfit! especially those leggings! And gollies, Bekah, congrats on your ""liberation"! I still have to work on my insecurities about taking pictures in public and taking pictures myself. Tiny steps for me! :)

  5. I am loving Steven "kitty" Tyler. That cat got some pipes!

  6. Thanks! I really doubted that I could even do it, but once I was done I was SO happy with it!

  7. Thanks, I love this shade. I am on the hunt for more!

  8. THANKS! They're my favorite leggings everrrrrr :)

  9. Thanks, Laura. Give it go somewhere not too public and you'll feel the liberation, i promise :)

  10. He sure does. That pic made me laugh for forty-five minutes.

  11. Love the blue cardi on you!!


  12. Aww kitty! LOL. Love the turquoise on you!

  13. I love the judges on American Idol this year! Paul & halley are def 2 of my faves! I could go on about Idol forever :)

  14. I love your leggings with the little embellishments! Cute!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies


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