March 8, 2011

lots of love + DIY

here are a couple things i am head over heels for right now:

my new (you guessed it) HEADBAND.
it sparkles- it's stretchy- its from target.

oh it's the simple things in life.
pretty little liars, the tv show.
it has become my secret (obvi, not anymore) guilty tv obsession.


my new Essie finger nail polish: Wicked.
I love rockin darker nail colors and different shades of red and purple.This shade is like a perfect mix of all those.


My first spring/summer shoe purchase.
These studded gladiator flip flops were screaming my name at Target today.
They are so versatile + comfy.
They come in a lot of colors and I am definitely gonna splurge another $12.99 for the turquoise pair.


What are you LOVING these days, my little chickens?

Here's what I did over the weekend:
(besides eat and drink beer)

DIY: Spray Paint
My new additions to my room:
They were a gift from a family friend.
(there's a matching bookshelf, also)
I loved them + they are super useful.
BUT I was so not crazy about the formica fake wood.

Since my wall are like a medium gray, I wanted another deep color than could easily translate as I change and rearrange.  In my bedroom, I like darker neutrals with pops of color that I can change often, because I get bored easily.
(This is my first love affair with spray paint*, we didn't get along the whole day, but we may have a second date- it just depends)
FIRST, I primed everything.
yeah, i'm not that technical.
I wanted the nightstand to be different so I chose a purple to match my tapestry.
Oh and Ozzy really wanted to be a part of this DIY reveal.
What a ham.
For the dresser and bookshelf- I went with Valspar's Indigo Streamer.
It didn't photograph well and the lighting is HORRIBLE (its actually darker than this), 
but TRUST ME it looks FAB against the gray walls.
I will tackle the bookshelf another weekend.  I think I got carpal tunnel syndrome 
from holding the spray button for so long.
*I don't claim to have any knowledge of painting, and I am certainly not an expert. I live and learn from doing.  It was fun and if you want to spice things up in your area, it was pretty easy :)



  1. great polish...and your application is perfect!! i really love nails don't chip for weeks! just wish the brushes were bigger! nice job on your DIYs! love the colors that you chose.

  2. dude your like a rockstar, great DIY. Love the blue color.

  3. I'm loving my new haircut- I got impromptu bangs yesterday as a spring break treat!

    i love that nail polish color :)

  4. I love that blue!
    You have just given me a great idea....

  5. i LOVE that color turquoise. it's SO pretty. now i want to go out and buy a ton of unpainted furniture. also, i love that headband.

    my list of likes for right now?
    might taco (it's a buffalo thing. nom.)
    seltzer with tons of ice
    the slightly warmer weather
    black tights. always.

  6. dude your like a rockstar, great DIY. Love the blue color.


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