March 30, 2011

{almost} april showers

I wanna knoooooow- Have you ever seen the rain?
I love CCR.
I hate Wednesdays.

(how I truly look on rainy days)

As you can see below, I picked Party Pony as the style to rock my brand new turban today!
I got tons and tons of complements.

Including some hottie in my history class, he thought the vintage look was oh-so-flattering :)

I want to buy 1400 more turbans.
Seriously, THE EASIEST way to rock unwashed hair and still look STYLISH.

striped shirt: LB
skinny jeans: Gap
grey cardigan: LB
black rainboots: Target
red turban: yellow songbird
rain coat: columbia

A lot of my favorite bloggers sometimes go off on little rants (not necessarily negative) about things they feel strongly about in the almighty blogosphere.  
As I gain more followers and find new blogs I love- 
I'm always reminded to stay true to my personal blogging beliefs.
Cue mini-rant:
I will always be sure to be the best representative of myself.  
Meaning: The Bekah you see is ain't nothing but the real thang-
Sarcasm, eclecticism (is this a word?), vain notions that you may care about my posts beyond a glance.
All that aside:  I want to be real, talk about real issues AND pretty things, get real feedback, etc.
I may feel the need to post an OOTD, a picture of my dog, or a video of me lip syncing to Hanson.
Or all of the above.
You've been warned.

I hope you are here because you like my style, my attempt at humor, or my love of sparkles.
That's all. Oh-
 I'm glad you're here, seriously. Stick around, there's more to see:
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Today's special: Read one post, get a blooper free!

Cheers, my little chickens.

Also, I have updated to Disqus, so if you sign in below and comment like crazy birds,  I will be sure to respond to every comments :)


  1. Just to respond to your mini-rant... I have just in the last several weeks adopted a new obsession with fashion/style blogs, and I just *met* you a couple weeks ago. And you may or may not be in my top five fave blogs ever. I'm just saying. I think you're fantastic and funny and I love your confidence. Thanks for giving us readers a few merry moments (almost) every day! And do be true to you - if you lose that, you'll lose the fan base. The authentic raw bekah is the bekah that we love to hear from. :) Well, that and the sparkles.

  2. Hahaha I love this post and your blog! I really like the authentic Bekah :)

  3. I loooooooooove the turban on you! Now I want one. And you best believe I'm off to watch you lip sync to Hanson now.

  4. I would like to see a blog about the matter of raking leaves in true Bekah merrymaking style!!! Maybe while wearing a yellow songbird turban.....let's say in a lovely shade of, hmmmmm, red!!! Think of the new fashion trend you could begin for doing yard work!!! Glittery sparkle on your work gloves and a great shade of lipstick from Finland (with UV protection, of course)!! I just get beside myself thinking about it! I simply adore you girl!!! MUWAH!

  5. THANKS! And I used to lip sync to Hanson like it was my job. That was from 09. Gotta love Snowed in.

  6. Perhaps I could do a manual labor monday post? I'm always down for using props!

    *Disclaimer: Do not expect any actual work to be done, my nails just got did.

  7. Thank you lady, it means a lot! :)

  8. excuse me, rose, YOU ROCK! I just did a little happy dance upon reading this. No one saw. It's okay... SPARKLE POWER xoxo

  9. #winning!!! Seriously, that first picture gets me all, "You had me at 'Hello.'" Swooning. THAT's a girl I can know and love.

    And as far as being the REAL you- that's the only you that people are going to fall in love with. So do it and do it (and do it) well. You're doing an awesome job and you're adorable, hilarious, and fly.
    I've never veered from the original Kimberly in the entire blogging experience. I've added things and learned things and found new friends. But being myself is the BEST part about blogging. None of this "Online persona vs. real life person" bidness.

    <3 thanks for being so supportive through my recent craptasm.

  10. p.s.- I'm your newest little chicken. :)

  11. You really know how to rock a turban!!

  12. OOOH! cute cute cute! You are rockin the turban, woman!

  13. welcome to the brood, Kim! thanks for the sweet words, you're AWESOME and an everyday bit of sunshine, so glad we are connecting! :)

  14. So the turban makes it's official debut? I know we all voted and I am happy with the way you styled it. I am glad hottie noticed it because that means he's got style. You already know I love the blog and most of all I love Bekah.

    Write it in Lipstick

  15. If it has stripes? you KNOW Im all about it, the top..I think I need someone to come over and show me how to use this turban type thing....yours looks cool indeed:)

  16. Haha i love the first picture! wednesday are my longest days so I usually don't like them either. NO LUNCH BREAK YUCK! :P

  17. They are MY longest days too! Make me crazy!

  18. Thanks Collette! I have a turban styling post here if you are interested! :)

  19. It official. And I am officially in love with it.
    Thanks for coming by everyday! I love when you do :)

  20. turban + hottie's attention = success!! i love the look...i'll have to go experiment. and i really, really love the last picture, lol! thanks for keepin it real!

  21. I said it when I first started following you, but what attracted me t your blog besides your style is how real and genuine you are.
    And I love turbans! Apparently they are easy to make on your own as well!!

  22. I love the first pic! So cute!!

    Monique xx

  23. That's it...a turban is officially on my shopping list! You look SOO CUTE!

  24. Funny thing, I was thinking about getting me a turban, the other day when I saw a (drop dead gorgeous) girl wearing one! I think you did an awesome job and should wear it more often, looks great on you. And you should be you all the way!!!! People (including me) will return to your blog because of your personality which reflects in everything you do, your texts, pictures, outfits etc. Being unique and staying true to yourself is the most important thing, not only in bloggerland...

    I am not sure if you know about the group Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, it was started by Katy over at modlychic. You should check it out, each Friday, we discuss about blogging issues and more. Often we deal with the things you mentioned in your post today. Just a thought.

    P.S. You got lovely blue eyes! So jealous :)

  25. Oh my! Thank you for stopping by and I kinda want that rocked it ;O)



  26. Very fun these pictures!!! :) Love your eyes! beautiful! Im following!!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  27. LOVE the turban. And your rainy day face! ;)

    <3 The Daily Dani


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