March 21, 2011

three little birds...

sat on my window, and they told me there's no need to worry.
(song of the day, find the video at the bottom of this post.)

IT'S MONDAY, AGAIN!  My spring break(s) are over, and the long haul process has begun.
Graduation in May, birthday in June, summer camp planning: NOW!

Oh see those tan legs? I got myself a spray tan.  For those who are weary, it isn't scary at all!
I got a mystic tan, where you stand in a booth- get sprayed- and it is heated to dry the spray tan.
Pretty awesome, only took 10 minutes.  You get a deep, beautiful, sunless tan with no UV rays.
Win, win. 

button-up: thrifted
shorts:  ROSS
scarf: thrifted
shades:  betsey johnson
ring: gifted from WISH
shoes: american eagle

I love this scarf because it reminds me of a Monet painting.
Scarf, shirt, AND clutch: ALL FROM GOODWILL :)

I hope you had the most wonderful weekend ever.  
I had so many wonderful comments from readers, family and friends in person, through email, and in comments over the last few days.  Thanks so much to everyone who reads, responds, and really loves 
Matters of Merrymaking.

(i love you ALL)

song of the day :)



  1. I'm SO jealous that you can wear shorts in March!! Loving the outfit. I really like this whole wearing a belt over a scarf thing...must try it!

  2. love the spray tan, should try that as well. I look like a ghost, that's how white my skin is. But I also love the snow white kind of look. So I am not sure about it yet.

    I adore this look. The scarf and the shoes bring in some color to this cut and simple outfit!!

  3. ooh, love the tan! i'm one of those weary ones, lol! great outfit with the belted scarf...LOVE it lots!

  4. Love it're looking fabulous.

  5. This outfit is killer. I've been nervous to try the belted scarf thing because I haven't seen it in a really casual way until now. it looks awesome! I also love the tan. My sister does the mystic tan. She loves it. I've done it in the past (for my wedding) and you are right it's not scary at all.

  6. Thanks everyone!
    @monkey, this was my first attempt at the belted scarf, and I am surely going to do it with my summer scarves.
    @dana, @oomph, @anja: i LOVE the spray tan, i got tons of compliments and everyone was totally convinced I spent the week at the beach :)

  7. The scarf makes this outfit perfection! I absolutely love it!

  8. wow, really?? That tan looks completely natural, I'm amazed! I can't believe you're wearing shorts while it's snowing over here. So not fair.

  9. Your spray tan looks AMAZING! I need to try that! And I LOVE your scarf.

  10. ALL THAT AMAZING SWAG FROM THE GOODWILL? i love it. i LOVE it. so amazing. my favorite? definitely the scarf. you're like some kind of thrifting genius.

  11. THANKS ELLE! I know, I have thoroughly improved as a thrifter here lately. I totally scored some finds today, too! i'm addicted!

  12. wow, really?? That tan looks completely natural, I'm amazed! I can't believe you're wearing shorts while it's snowing over here. So not fair.

  13. Love it're looking fabulous.

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