April 30, 2012


Some of my weekend, according to my iPhone library.

A little lounging, a lot of babysitting, very little sleep, and a few precious hours with good friends.
Hope you had the best weekend ever.


April 27, 2012

Grind Forth

 {skirt: handmade | top: old navy, borrowed | vest: unknown | necklace: simply chic | bracelet: target}

I only got one decent picture last night, but considering how excited I was it's no wonder!  We went to watch the Grizzlies play the last season game, and they WON!  So, now we have home court advantage for the NBA playoffs.  Not too shabby, Grizz.
What do you chickens have planned for this weekend?
I hope it is something overwhelmingly fabulous.  I will have the most mundane and boring weekend ever full of standardized tests and babysitting.  Saving up for a super special trip in a month, so it's worth it! ;)

Grind Forth!


April 25, 2012

"What Would Phil Dunphy Do?"

Things have been a little silent on the merrymaking front this week!
I wasn't feeling so hot on Sunday night, and come Monday I found out that I had caught the super popular stomach virus going around. Been hanging out with my soups, Gatorade, Modern Family, and my nurse, Ozzy.

Two recovery days later, I am feeling a bit better.  I will be catching up on work and grad school prep this week so I hope to holler at you chickens by the weekend!


April 23, 2012

You Didn't Have To Cut Me Off

RE: Blog post title: I just couldn't help myself. Two things this morning... #1 I cut it off! This skirt used to be a dress, but I never wore it. I just cut off the top of it, leaving the elastic waistband.  Easy peasy.  I always loved the colors and design of it.  Now it is going to be in circulation more this spring/summer as a skirt.  Love it.

#2 This is my 300th post and it is less than monumental, sorry!  Thanks for following along the past 14.5 months! I have loved sharing things with you and getting to know many of you.
Here's the next 300! Cheers!

April 22, 2012

Earth Day

I hope Earth Day finds you well, little chickens.  Also- that you enjoy it by having a gorgeous brunch on a patio or lounging in a park.  You deserve it. 

April 18, 2012

Put A Bird On (In) It

 {skirt: Talbots via TJ Maxx | boyfriend tee: target | sandals: nine west | belt: UO}
Yes, those are 5pm wrinkles. 
Yes, those are one of the seven shirts that I have in this style (get used to it...)
 And Yes, I am keeping it extremely simple this morning:
And here's why:
As I am in my pre-coffee pre-work morning funk routine, I hear a weird sound coming from my partially open closet.  This would cause concern for a normal person, but as my little black dog loves to get in my closet and bury himself... I barely noticed.  It wasn't until the sound got louder and longer that I even turned my head.  What I saw next will no doubt keep me in a constant state of fear for the rest of my closet door opening days...
I see a HUGE pair of black wings emerge from the top my closet door followed by what could only be described as the face of the devil.  Yes, folks, my closet was inhabited by a sparrow overnight (???) apparently and my early morning friend scared me out of my wits.  I fled downstairs to safety... Found the guilty canine who apparently discovered the bird in the middle of the night and fled his closet haven.  Long story short (too late)... the bird committed window suicide before it could be freed, but we assume he got int he house because he flew down the chimney.  Now, I have two scar-me-for-life bird stories.  We can save the duck one for another day...
Can you top that for a Tuesday morning?
Let's hope this hump day goes more in my favor....

POST SCRIPT: Poor Gavin was voted off of Dancing With The Stars last night.
It's bittersweet.  We will miss him, but now he has more time to devote to 'us'... Right?
POST POST SCRIPT: I am now Team Katherine and Mark.

April 17, 2012

What To Wear On Tax Day

Just kidding... I wore this last week-ish.
Doesn't matter.  Tax day has come and gone (so has my refund, BAHHHH!)
But I think that a structured dress and fun accessories are perfect for tax day, whether you are down to the deadline or if you filed that shiz back in February.
I'm hoping to have the most productive week ever full of studying, laundry (must do laundry), and I am working a ton ton!  But don't fret, little chickens, I will throw up some posts along the way.

 {navy blue dress: thrifted | yellow ruffle cardi: old navy | nude flats: payless (old) | necklace: F21}

And I am beyond obsessed with his eyes this song:
Can't lie.

Happy Tuesday.


April 16, 2012

InstaWeekend :)

According to my continually overflowing Instagram feed (@missbekah)... Here's what I did this weekend:
 Catching up with an old friend, going to a new favorite place, bloody marys, and stripes.
Scary movies, new favorite drinks, great people, and a super awesome canine.

Sadly, my weekend was jam packed with the above activities that I am behind on blog reading!
Merry Monday Must-reads may be finding a new weekday home.
Have a great week, chickens.

April 13, 2012

Breaking News!

{boyfriend tee, gray cardi: target | blue pants: dots | sandals: payless | keeping it simple: priceless}

Breaking news:
I now officially own this boyfriend tee in seven colors.  SEVEN!
Also, my shoes are sparkly.
Happy Friday.

In case you missed it: 

April 12, 2012

lemondrops & a birthday bash

{dress: old navy | shoes: payless | headband: borrowed | watch: MK | bracelet: dots}

Baby girl turned 22 in style.  We hit up some happy hours after work & then had dinner in midtown.  She LOVED her presents from me (Minnetonkas & MK sunglasses) and we really had the best time.  We checked out some new restaurants and new-to-us places! SO. MUCH. FUN!  The gazebo pics are from outside the new Italian place, Cortona, which is where Dish used to be in Cooper-Young! GO THERE! The bartender was super nice, and the happy hour specials are cray-zay!

Hope your week is going well, little chickens.
It's almost Friday! :)


April 11, 2012

To Sarah, on your 22nd birthday.

Dear beautiful, baby sister:
You have grown up in to such a lovely human and I have enjoyed spending almost every day of that human life with you.  We laugh, we get mad, and we laugh some more.  You used to draw pictures of me in your self-portraits and we shared a room for most of our childhood... You're my little Pocahantas and I will always be her best friend even though I don't know her name because you wouldn't let me be Pocahantas.

I love you more than meat loves salt.
Happy Birthday, Sarah.
We basically stand like this and hold hands in every picture ever.

April 10, 2012

easter eggs & orange dresses

{dress: ross | belt: dots | earrings: simply chic | sunglasses: michael kors | wedges: nine west, old}

More weekend biz: Wore this dress here, but decided it made the perfect Easter Sunday dress so very excited to wear it again! We went to church downtown for a special Easter service at the Cannon Center, and then to a family brunch at The Majestic Grille.  Rode the trolley, met some tourists and laughed a lot.  Baby sister gave me the rock ring for Easter and I am in love with it.
And of course, no brunch is complete with out eight some mimosas.

Unfortunately, blurry pictures taken with Instagram.
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April 9, 2012

crawfish and a long weekend

Hey there, remember me? Boy, I have been out of my rountine lately and it has been marvelous.  I had a 4.5 day weekend that I am still enjoying! It was an amazing Spring Break Part 2 filled with festivals, Easter time, family birthdays, cupcakes, and quite a bit of merrymaking.

This dress has become a super springtime staple in my closet.  Seriously, if I need something to look cute and I have no time to think, I grab this pleated printed maxi.  Which just shows you how out of practice I am with OOTD shots, because I have worn this dress 100,000 times and just now posting it.

My sister and I went to the Overton Square Crawfish Fest in midtown on Saturday afternoon and it was fun! Hurricanes, crawfish, and live music... doesn't get better than that.
I have like 100 more posts on my weekend coming up, so get ready for it.
Have a great Monday, little chickens.
PS the Merry Monday Must-reads will return next week!