April 17, 2012

What To Wear On Tax Day

Just kidding... I wore this last week-ish.
Doesn't matter.  Tax day has come and gone (so has my refund, BAHHHH!)
But I think that a structured dress and fun accessories are perfect for tax day, whether you are down to the deadline or if you filed that shiz back in February.
I'm hoping to have the most productive week ever full of studying, laundry (must do laundry), and I am working a ton ton!  But don't fret, little chickens, I will throw up some posts along the way.

 {navy blue dress: thrifted | yellow ruffle cardi: old navy | nude flats: payless (old) | necklace: F21}

And I am beyond obsessed with his eyes this song:
Can't lie.

Happy Tuesday.



  1. You look cute my dear.
    I can't listen to that Gotya song without thinking about Phillip Phillips now...watch his American Idol version. :)

    1. Oh girl- I know! I saw that live and loved it.

  2. Loving that rainbow necklace, Bekah!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Love the necklace! Perfect outfit for tax day!


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