April 11, 2012

To Sarah, on your 22nd birthday.

Dear beautiful, baby sister:
You have grown up in to such a lovely human and I have enjoyed spending almost every day of that human life with you.  We laugh, we get mad, and we laugh some more.  You used to draw pictures of me in your self-portraits and we shared a room for most of our childhood... You're my little Pocahantas and I will always be her best friend even though I don't know her name because you wouldn't let me be Pocahantas.

I love you more than meat loves salt.
Happy Birthday, Sarah.
We basically stand like this and hold hands in every picture ever.


  1. Best blog ever!!! I love you both!! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
    From the Mother of the Merry Maker and Pocahontas!!

  2. What a sweet post! I love the photos you when you were little. Happy birthday to your sister!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Well holy crap isn't this the cutest thing to ever exist on this earth. Sigh. <3 <3 Happy birthday, SOBBFF. (Sister of blogging best friend forever, not son of a ... blogging best friend forever.)


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