August 19, 2014

Just writing to say I love you...

Attention: This is NOT a test, I repeat do not adjust your monitors.  You're reading this correctly, I have returned from the elephant graveyard right to your blog reading device once again… Oh hey there!  How have you been the past three months?  My, oh my, I have been great.  Summertime is always better spent lounging by the pool, sipping cool drinks on patios, and spending some QT with your besties.  Sure, I still get dressed and go shopping and such, but for some reason I have never been much a good blogger during the summer months.  Honestly, I don't think I've cracked open this here laptop since I got my iPad in March! Eek!  I realllllly dropped the ball this summer.
I missed you chickens, I did indeed.  I would totally do a catch-up post, but if you even give a hoot about what I've been up to… you already follow along in my Instagram.  But because I love picture collages (and you probably do too) here is a collection of some of my favorite things I did in the past three months, for your eyeball's enjoyment.  
Imagine this in my best TV voice: Previously on Matters of Merrymaking…

Long story short (too late)... I spent two weeks in paradise, enjoyed a summer of tourist-ing in my own town, spent too many days by the pool (I'm one big freckle,) and there are many margaritas and craft beers not pictured.  
I hope to return to merrymaking more regularly here soon!
PS Thanks for all of the emails & notes telling me you missed me, be sure to leave a comment or shoot me a message to let me know how you've been.  Sweet words have not gone unnoticed and I seriously have some of the best readers ever ever! XO, Bekah
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