June 28, 2011

casino style

:: Please insert "i've been busy, not getting dressed, staying in my pajamas, i work in shorts and a t-shirt" excuse variation of you choice here ::

Okay, good... Now that's over and we can move on.
This past Saturday was my lovely sister-in-law's birthday and we planned a last minute rescheduling trip to Tunica, MS! It's just about an hour away from us, and a Southern Vegas style atmosphere.
If you're ever in the area, you should visit... Lots of fun.

Women in my family, whether by blood or by law, love to dress up! And we took the occasion very seriously and put on some duds to rock the casino floors.
(Plus, you enter in free drinks & video poker and I could never leave.)

at the casinos, with the bday girl

To honor her birthday, I wore the hairpiece we wore in her wedding to my brother.

{dress: ROSS | shoes: NINE WEST | ring: TARGET | peacock clip: ETSY, gift}

The pictures are not that great, but I was bound and determined to get pics in before it got dark, hence too much flash and poor quality.  I got so many compliments on this dress at the various casinos we visited... it cost me something like $14.99 at Ross! I love the "cupcake" fold top part, I call it that anyway, I am sure there is a proper name.

I hope my readers liked this post, I found out over the weekend that I have a whole slew of readers (aka my extended family in AL...if you're reading now HEY Y'ALL!)
 I did not know about, and that makes me happy :) 
If you need an outfit fix, may I suggest you check out the Daily Dani, like daily?
She is doing the 30 for 30 challenge and not only is she my BBFF (blogger best friend), she has the best outfits on the west coast. Go! Now!

June 20, 2011

Reality TV Overload

My DVR is overwhelmed, folks.
And you can find out why, by reading on...

Summer programming has never been so alluring.  I am rocking my first summer of having cable TV in quite some time!  In college, we never wanted to pay for it because affording food and booze was more important.  I have now become an expert on surfing those very important channels to satisfy my cravings for reality and not-so-real reality shows.  Here is my summer programming breakdown:

First and foremost, my summer OBSESSION:
I have loved the show for the past four summers, even breaking down and buying the live feeds last summer.  (BB talk: the feeds are a way to see inside the BB house 24/7, creepy yet entertaining... just how I like my TV shows) It's basically like Survivor in a house they can never leave, with comps for food and luxuries.  And you're voted out.  Glorious!
Anyway, this is the 13th season and I am OBSESSED! Can't wait. IF you've never seen the show, I suggest you check it out on CBS in July.

Newest addition:
I just recently came across this show and at first I didn't believe it... but it's true.  This is real life.  For some people.  THE DRESSES! They say some of them can weigh up to 270 lbs! WHAAAAAT?
I love it. I am intrigued by this eccentric lifestyle, but slightly disturbed that some of these girls are 16 years old.  Tune in if you want to take a break from normalcy.

The one with the gangsta:

I've been a longstanding ICE T fan... no really, I have been.  He makes Law and Order SVU even better.  And getting a glimpse in to his marriage to this woman who defies nature with her measurements reminds me that one day I will find MY perfect match, too. (cue the peanut gallery)

The one I can't explain:
I tried to explain to someone why I like this show, and I came up empty.  I don't really like any of them or attribute them with redeemable qualities, but I can't turn away.  It's like a sparkly, heavily-accented train wreck that keeps me tuning in week after week.

The show I haven't seen yet, but I know I will love.
This show comes highly recommended by my BFF, so I know I will love it once I have a chance to play catch up this week!  She's famous for being famous, but I truly can't wait to see Brooke Mueller's (Charlie Sheen's ex) part in the show. I'll enjoy this show with a cocktail in hand.

So spill it, little chickens, what are your reality show guilty pleasures?
Any ones I am missing?

June 18, 2011

hearts & stripes

I love my hometown.  One of the newest things to love is the huge I HEART MEMPHIS mural on the side of a building in Mid-town. (Memphians: It is behind Urban Outfitters)
It screamed at me as the perfect place to take my birthday outfit pics.

I had a really great birthday celebration and even though half of my celebration didn't happen :(
I will just have to plan another outing to which I will wear my second birthday dress :)
I hope you guys had a marvelous Saturday and enjoy a glimpse of my birthday merrymaking.


June 9, 2011

The 23rd Annual B(ekah)Day

Here's to 
being more fun than 22...
 with even love, laughter, and little moments to cherish...
Thanks to all of you for being a reader, a friend, or a style consultant.
oh, and i would like to take this time to say happy birthday to natalie portman and johnny depp, as well. just proof that many awesome people were born on the ninth of june.

June 7, 2011

Birds Can Fly So High

Helloooooooo my lovelies! I wanted to share some inspired jewels that I found during my daily Pinterest playing!  Check out the amazing items & watch the video at the end that inspired this birdie theme.  And you're welcome in advance for it being stuck in your head all day.
bird and balloon
bird hair
bird shoes
birds on a wire

Don't forge to vote for me in the lipstick poll, ya know... if ya wanna.
Oh yeah, and birthday countdown = 1 day.


June 6, 2011

Pink Lipstick & Birthday Dresses

A couple months ago, I won a giveaway at one of my favorite blogs, Feminine Bravery.  I love her blog so much because she is NOT afraid of color and she knows I am not either, so she sent me a lovely shade of Lingerie Pink! Ooh-la-la!

I won the BEST shade of lipstick ever, and at the request of the giveaway-er I sent her pics of me wearing the lipstick!  Charlie, of Feminine Bravery, has all of the giveaway winners showcased on her blog with their pics.  Find the pics I sent in below and you can VOTE FOR ME on the sidebar of her blog, if you think I won the challenge!

Here's a little info on my outfit from the pictures:

I bought this dress two months ago, from ASOS, for my birthday dress.
And as I have mentioned--my birthday is THURSDAY!
So I wanted to share the pics I sent her on Matters of Merrymaking, too!
My birthday party is at the casinos, so I chose a flapper-esque dress and can't wait to show you the pictures after the soiree! (These pics were just a warm-up! Birthday dress rehearsal, if you will!)
dress: ASOS | shoes: payless | belt: dots | necklace: sister's | ring: gifted
I hope you liked them and please check out Feminine Bravery and the other lovely ladies who won the giveaway! Vote for who you think won the challenge :)


June 4, 2011

art shows & hair bows

tank: OLD NAVY | dress: ROSS | belt: UO | headband: ANTHRO | purse: OLD NAVY | necklace: GIFT

and boy, is it a hot one!
Speaking solely for myself, it is way to hot outside to even function.  Especially, when you add in the humidity, heat index, and air alerts.  It's cray cray.

I took these pics last night when we went out to a friend's art opening.  I wasn't even planning on shooting my outfit, if you can believe it.  I saw these amazing location and was like "TAKE MY PICTURE!"  It's such a fashion blogger thing to do, chickens.

Thankfully, my fellow art aficionados agreed & sister #2 even hopped in a couple herself, that little fashion maven.

On sister: skirt: UO | shirt: J. CREW | purse: thrifted

The art show was fabulous! The picture above was my favorite piece, so I had to snap a pic.
I love art openings and trolley nights, where the whole arts districts has shows.
SO MUCH FUN!  Especially when there is a nightcap, aka, a top shelf margarita.
I hope all of my chickens are staying cool and comfy, and enjoying their weekend.

Summer camp starts MONDAY! As does:
My birthday is Thursday, so be prepared for tons of merrymaking and posts on ME!
If you can't wait for the posts, follow me on twitter :)

And until we meet again, stay merry!