June 4, 2011

art shows & hair bows

tank: OLD NAVY | dress: ROSS | belt: UO | headband: ANTHRO | purse: OLD NAVY | necklace: GIFT

and boy, is it a hot one!
Speaking solely for myself, it is way to hot outside to even function.  Especially, when you add in the humidity, heat index, and air alerts.  It's cray cray.

I took these pics last night when we went out to a friend's art opening.  I wasn't even planning on shooting my outfit, if you can believe it.  I saw these amazing location and was like "TAKE MY PICTURE!"  It's such a fashion blogger thing to do, chickens.

Thankfully, my fellow art aficionados agreed & sister #2 even hopped in a couple herself, that little fashion maven.

On sister: skirt: UO | shirt: J. CREW | purse: thrifted

The art show was fabulous! The picture above was my favorite piece, so I had to snap a pic.
I love art openings and trolley nights, where the whole arts districts has shows.
SO MUCH FUN!  Especially when there is a nightcap, aka, a top shelf margarita.
I hope all of my chickens are staying cool and comfy, and enjoying their weekend.

Summer camp starts MONDAY! As does:
My birthday is Thursday, so be prepared for tons of merrymaking and posts on ME!
If you can't wait for the posts, follow me on twitter :)

And until we meet again, stay merry!


  1. Bekah, you and your sister are lovely! And what is that piece you're modeling next to? It's so colorful and pretty!

  2. YAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for this week! You look lovely!! xx

  3. Super cuteness! Loving your outfit. I'm sure you're aware, but I have a major hair bow obsession. Looking forward to a week full of BEKAH! <3

  4. i love the sister pics!! you look so great with headpieces! so you must be a gemini, right????


  5. Love these adorable picks, and I too adore finding great locations. You're necklace is gorg & and I've got to get on the maxi skirt bandwagon because I'm just loving the look!! And yay, for birthday week. xx veronika

  6. Have I ever told you how fabulous you are?? Well, you're fabulous! Love the bow in your hair and your sister is so cute too!!

      Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. Stop it! YOU ARE FABULOUS! Thanks!!!

  8. I found like 5 more on this same day I need to go back to, so keep an eye out for even more awesome-ness!

  9. i AM a gemini! as crazy as they come!! :) i love hair accessories!

  10. THANKS!!!! You're the best! It's weird how I have always has a summer birthday, but if I came to visit you it would be a winter birthday!

  11. It is graffiti of the name of the art gallery I went to, it says 'Odessa'... pretty neat, huh? :)

  12. I am so obsessed with headbands, so glad they've been thriving the past few years! :)

  13. Your sister is a cutie patootie - love her color. And man....your hair and hair bow...SO GREAT!!!! Looks like you had fun - I love art shows jsut for the fact that you can wear something FUNKY and be accepted and FIT IN. 


  14. I adore this outfit. I love pairing black and brown together!

    xo, jill



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