January 14, 2013

#GoldenGlobes Loves & Hates

I didn't watch the Golden Globe awards because I was far too busy prepping and anxiously awaiting my Downton Abbey tea party. However, between securing lumps of sugar and delicious finger sandwiches, I was checking Twitter (@missbekah) to keep up with the looks on the red carpet. Thanks so much to those who were so perfectly covering the event in 140 characters or less.

Let's start with the ones I LOVED, because that's the most fun...
I am not playing favorites, but I do love her and this dress so she wins first place.
1. Michelle Dockery
I wasn't sure about it at first, but this turned out to be my second favorite gown. I just can't hate it.
2. Julianne Hough

Middle Ground (Most Improved) :
I think T Swift really stepped up her game. I loved seeing her dressed like an adult for once. Way to go!
3. Taylor Swift

Hey girl, what WERE you thinking? It looks like something I would have hated from Limited Too in '96. Ick.
4. Sienna Miller
While I like the premise and general idea of this one, it just gets confusing from the waist down.
5. Kerry Washington

From the coverage I read, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were beyond hilarious and I am so proud. Girl power! What do you think of my favorites and not-so-favorites? Do you agree? Who did you think had the best look of the night?


  1. I agree!! I mean Taylor brought it ... it is almost like they plan/ intensify the shock of her adult outfits by only showing them on the utmost special occasions. :)

    Seems like you are in a gold and white fashion phase judging by your top picks :)

  2. But seriously... Sienna looked like the mid-spring Delia's catalog in 1997.

  3. Even her awkward hair is uncomfortably tween-esque.

  4. Kerry Washington actually looked way better than pictures do her justice. On TV, her dress was a pretty pink and looked so chic. Also, a picture where she isn't standing awkwardly might be better. In a sea of big ball gowns and mermaid tails, she had this interesting length and straight down. It looked really cool, I think.

    My faves at -> http://daniellesotherblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/golden-globes-2013-best-dressed.html


  5. Yay for making new blog friends, especially new friends in the same town!

    I can already see we have similar tastes in fashion. Michelle Dockery looked amazing. Loved her dress!


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