January 23, 2013

Red Dress & An Army Vest

{dress: target | belt: UO | army vest: old navy | leggings & socks: tj maxx | boots: nine west | sunglasses: michael kors}

This red dress is the sister dress to my birds dress, and looking back now I see that I styled it almost exactly the same way.  Boooooo Bekah! I like the fun print and the vintage cut, but it definitely isn't a dress that can stand alone.  This is the first time that I have actually completed an outfit around it and left the house in it! Have you ever bought something that you were sure you loved at the time of purchase, but then it just hands around in your closet for months without seeing the light of day?  I felt bad for it, I took it home... and I just don't think we feel the same way about each other any more.

I mentioned on Twitter this morning that I am doing a big feature on eyeliner on Matters of Merrymaking in the next week!  I have had the biggest issue finding a good eyeliner (drugstore OR department store) that last through the day without smudging, bleeding, or coming off!  I bought FIVE of the bestsellers at Sephora and I will be doing a test run of each to judge the best.  Keep an eye out for that!  
Happy Hump Day!
I hope we make it through! I know I had to get my grande triple latte on this AM!


  1. Love this outfit! And I can't wait to read your eyeliner review because I'm right there with you in needing a good quality SMUDGE PROOF eyeliner!

  2. Love how you layered the vest over the dress...soo cute! I'm looking forward to your eyeliner review. I like Stila's smudgestick eyeliner and also MAC's.

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. I think with all of the other colors I threw in there, that it worked! I definitely thought Christmas, but shrugged it off! I constantly put orange and black together too! Thanks for reading! :)

  4. Thanks, April! I can't wait to share, I am very excited about this feature!

  5. I wore pretty much the same outfit the other day minus the vest. Super cute!


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