April 6, 2011

Country-Fried Flare Flair

I don't live on a farm.
But we can pretend, can't we?
My neighbors have a barn, they used to have horses.
I love barns. I think they are rustic and beautiful, 
especially this one because it's rusty roof & faded wood.

Plus, we used to have awesome barn parties, complete with bonfires and s'mores.
Ahhhh, Memories.
I normally wear this top as a tunic, seen here.
Today, I "fake-tucked" it into my belt to give a lower waistline look.
Cheater, cheater, Reeses peanut butter egg eater.

I was confused when flare jeans came back in to style.
I love my skinnies as much as the next girl
 and I was not interested in jumping on the super flared jeans bandwagon.  
I don't like the extra fabric, weighing down my lower legs :)
My flare is a moderate flare circa 2006ish.
and since I already owned them... I feel like a smart fashionista.

(check out that sexy shirt lump on my arm down there. jealous, aren't ya?)
 If you have not had enough silly rambling to satisfy you for a year, please come back tomorrow.
You could even tell your friends.



  1. Love that orange shirt!! Orange really suits you!

    Monique xx


  2. I LOVE flare leg jeans. They're actually my absolute favorite to wear. I'm sooo short, so the super flares look muy estupido on me, but I DON'T CARE. I wore a fully sequined dress to work yesterday, and my legs look like highlighters, today. So I really think super flares would not be my biggest offense. ;)

    I LOVE this casual look on you. And I also adore how your outfit really fits into your photo locale, today!

  3. Oh man, barn parties sound like so much fun! And I have to confess, I do love me some flares, but its so hard to get the right kind, these days! I like moderate flares, but they never seem to have them in my height...

  4. I do believe I'll try the flare again. You've inspired me.

  5. barn party? i'm in! you know i love flares, and i love seeing others in them, too! so glad you gave them another shot, because they look great! love it paired with the red floral shirt and wide belt...very country next to the barn. great location!!


  6. WOWZA! I love it. I felt weird at first, but then I got so many compliments and people are so happy the flare is back. Let me know how it goes!

  7. HAH! Thanks, R! I wanted to make my photoshoots work harder today. What a theme, right?
    I now know why you love flares, they make me feel fancy!

  8. Thanks Kim! I would wear sparkles everyday! I love that you rock the flares AND I love the highlighter legs :)

  9. I know, I remember how happy I was to find these in a "tall"... I think I did a little dance.

  10. Id love to live on a farm///love your outfit too....the color of your cardi is really great:) Im a huge fan of flare jeans...looking good!!

  11. Hello my darling, You are looking Fabulous in those flared jeans and so smart too because you didnt have to spend any money! I love when something I have is back in style that is way I almost never get rid of anything. Eek.

    Well I also love the previous outfit great way to style a Maxi.

    Write it in Lipstick

  12. i love this color combo! you look so springy, and the weather outside just looks amazing. so jealous! i think it snowed this morning a little bit where i am.

    i too am interested in experimenting with the flare jean. i have a pair from college that i might need to wear on casual friday. thanks for inspiring me!

  13. Thanks, Collette! I am in love with this shade of blue and can't stop wearing it. Thanks for coming by and being so sweet! :)

  14. Why, thank you mam! And just think how rockin' you look in those maternity dresses!!! Such a good example to keep staple pieces!

  15. THANKS Elle bo belle! It has been pretty wonderful here today and yesterday, but the pollen count is so high I can't breathe. So you win some, you loose some.

    WEAR THEM JEANS! ...then show me :)

  16. you look so cute, I love that belt. Old barns are so pretty! too bad there are none close by here :(

  17. I know.. I love my skinny as well.. I haven't catch up with the flare jeans fever..
    tunic as top. clever!


  18. Thanks, you should give it a try!!! It was more fun than I thought!

  19. OMGosh barn party? Where can I sign up! I'm so glad that flares are coming back in now...gotta go dig up my old pairs too!


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