April 2, 2011

snapshot saturday 4.0

Here's a good one for y'all for today's Snapshot Saturday at Yellow Songbird.
I am a very passionate person when it comes to merrymaking.
You may have already noticed that, however.
So here is something you can't tell by looking at me:
I love the singing, the very drunk versions of 'Sweet Caroline' by old men or sorority girls, 
revelry and pitchers of beer, J. Lo approved sparkles....
It's all gravy, baby.

Seriously, I have a few favorite places and more than a few go-to songs.
For the local peeps, this pic was taken at the Windjammer- early 2010.
I haven't had the time to go lately, so I am going to step up my game.
Any fellow karaoke fans out there?
Rock out, chickens.

Hope you enjoyed this random post, and getting to know me as a crazy singing fool.
Compelling stuff, yes?
Jump on over to Kim's blog and see everyone else's snapshots to share.
Oh, and you should definitely check out her shop too, it's where I got this turban headband perfection.


I am going to attempt to be productive with a salon visit, papers to write, and a fun brunch with some lovely ladies.  I'll sprinkle in some merriment, here and there.  What are you guys going to do?


  1. hahahha sooo fun!! i haven't karaoked in forever!!

  2. I love your random posts! They make me smile :)

    Monique xx


  3. karaoke? i'm in!!!! at one point, my friend had all our songs in spreadsheet format so we knew exactly what we were going to sing when we got there, and knew exactly what the numbers were, lol. we're lame :)


  4. I am awful at it....but it's hilarious & fun! ;-)

  5. That is adorable! I too, LOVE me some Karaoke!! My fave is when I can get the crowd going with a pop song!

  6. Lookin good girl! I sing at church but for some reason would be terrified to sing in front of people anywhere else. Weird. Hoppin over from yellow songbird.

  7. So cute!!!! Stopping by from snapshit saturday

  8. I love Karaoke! Epecially when I'm with friends that will let me belt out Broadway Showtunes and think it's cool.

  9. I love Karaoke! Epecially when I'm with friends that will let me belt out Broadway Showtunes and think it's cool.

  10. what a great pic! karaoke is the bomb ; ) (here from yellow songbird!)

  11. TheCheapGirlHayleyApril 2, 2011 at 11:25 AM

    Oh my goodness, how fun would karaoke be for a blogger meetup?! I have a very traumatic story that I might just have to tell you sometime. It involves aint no mountain high enough on a cruise ship. and love the keep calm version. may just be my favorite so far.

  12. Thanks! You should go! It's the most fun everrrr!

  13. OH WOW! That's dedication. I have been quite demanding of karaoke personnel, once I get to know them... I love it!

  14. It is FUN! and you don't have to be amazing, that is what makes it so wonderful!

  15. I have ruled the crowd with some Spice Girls once or twice :)

  16. Thanks! I definitely had to build my courage to try it the first time in high school! You can bring friends up there with you!!

  17. Oooooh, I haven't upgraded to Broadway. I keep it country or oldies... easier to pull off :)

  18. Thanks! I love love love it!

  19. I am down for any excuse to whip my hair back and forth!

  20. OMG! I LOVE KARAOKE! This looks like you had so much fun!!1

  21. WriteitinlipstickApril 3, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    I take my karaoke very seriously. I sing my heart out and wait for some agent to discover me. Hasnt happen yet- dang it.

    Write it in Lipstick


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