April 21, 2011

the rainy day special

Today, I totally wanted to wear some of my new thrifted items.
(You can check those items out in my vlog, found here.)
BUT... Mother Nature did not want me to have any fun, so it's my rainy day special of jeans, boyfriend tee, and turban.
Speaking of that red head adornment, I love it.
You can see the different ways I have styled it 

I can honestly tell you that three of the numerous items I am wearing today were assumably lost.
I forget when I hang things up to dry in the laundry room and they get hidden by other items.
I thought these jeans ran away... but alas, we are reunited.
(and it FEELS SO GOOD)
Same for the two necklaces, they were hiding under newer items.
I think I need a new organizational system, folks.

Check out those nails! 
What do you think?
 It was harder than I thought, but I'm pleased with the outcome.  You can see Kara's DIY post on the striped nails HERE.
Get some fun colors and have an Easter themed manicure day.
Happy Easter weekend, and Good Friday, and Easter Monday...
Working at a Catholic school has many perks, including this glorious four-day weekend I start at six pm this evening. Hollllerrrr.

Talk to you later, my little chickens.



  1. I looooove the nails, they are so cheerful! You look great with the turbant look!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  2. I love your distressed jeans and the headband! It's a very cool look! :)

  3. Your nails WIN! Oh my gosh. My daughter would flip if I could get her to sit still and do mommy and me matching striped nails!

    Also, I need those jeans, stat.

  4. I think those jeans look totally FAB! and your nails.... gorgeous!

  5. Love the turban on you, you are rocking it girl!


  6. Thanks, Cecilia!! I love them and can't wait to play with more colors! :)

  7. It was testing on MY patience, so if a 22 year old can barely do it... haha, jk!
    Thanks, Kimmie (can I call you Kimmie?) :)

  8. you can have (and call me) whatever you like.

  9. Thanks, I am so glad I found them... I have missed them SO!

  10. THANKS!!!! Its a big statement but i love it!

  11. Love the necklaces. And the whole outfit.

  12. Thanks, Faye-Faye! I am basically wearing PJs and I want to go to sleep under my desk.

  13. I'm basically wearing the same thing..skinny jeans and a vneck. But I'm wearing a huge North Face instead of a cute cardigan (cold in my office), no shoes (they're under my desk), and no makeup (I see the same people every day). I'm pretty sure I'll take an "under the desk nap" at some point today.

  14. i like the head accessory :) cute look overall


  15. AH I ma working now but I cant wait to see the vlog! this rainy weather is super sleepy. but that turban is awesome. major props.

  16. i'm dying to see your vlog...i have no speakers at work...BOO! will check it out this weekend at home. i actually love this casual look on you...one i've never seen before. diggin the nails!! nice job. thanks for checking out the guest post!!


  17. SUCH A GOOD OUTFIT. best nails, best turban, best necklaces. so so so great. perfect. i want everything about this.

  18. Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.comApril 21, 2011 at 8:10 PM

    Wahoo, your wearing the turban. great rainy day outfit I lalalalalove it

  19. Thanks, I know, I hate when I can't watch vlogs at work... totally lame. Thanks for the comps! :)
    You're so cute, when do you graduate? I graduate (college) May 7th! ahhhh we are both seniors :)

  20. You better get on that, Becks... and I am glad you introduced yourself like that on the guest post, bc now I can affectionately call you a name now!!! xoxo

  21. I know, you reminded me I had it... CAN YOU DO THAT MORE OFTEN?!?! Remind me what else you like so I can remember I have it somewhere. Thanks, Meliss! :)

  22. You're the best... seriously. Did you know I did a CD swap with your IRL friend Lexie?
    So, y'all should listen to my mixed CD while you're togeth... it'll be like I am there.

  23. First of all, YOU'RE cute. Best friends it is!
    I love this turban and loooove this necklace!

    Stop living in far-away-ville. ;) We need to come up with a blogger project to unite us! :D

  24. what a cute and casual outfit. I love your denim, and stylish nails! -xxoo

  25. Oh, AND you can buy lingerie toes online - http://www.voethosiery.com - they come in so many styles! :)

  26. You lucky girl for a 4 day weekend! LOVE the outfit + nails..gonna try that when I get the chance!

  27. I am seriously in love with your turban headband.



  28. Weather sooo unpredictable!! but you're looking lovely as always and loving your turban headband and your nails are super cute.


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