March 31, 2011

you don't look a day over fabulous...

...quoted by the one and only Steven Tyler.
Today was my first solo on-location photos.  Meaning: I journeyed off the safety of my land and found new and different trees to stand in front of.  I didn't do it on purpose.  I was going to take my pictures like normal, at the end of my driveway- but then these men showed up to work on our house, and that's weird to have strange men watch you take pictures of yourself, right?
So I left, feeling somewhat disappointed, and WAY too early for work.
I drove past this park, and thought to myself: You can do this.
and Melissa was right all along, it is liberating.
There were only two people out in the park, and they were getting their cardio on.
I mean, I won't go too crazy on these locations by myself, I mean this is Memphis city and if you value your camera (or life)- the last place you should go is behind a building by yourself or anything.

Just kidding it's not that bad.

sheer patterned shirt: Mossimo from Target
pretty blue cardigan: thrifted
button embellished leggings: LB
flower flats: payless
gypsy necklace: antique store

I don't know if you watch American Idol. 
 I had really strong feelings against it, because I feel they have an unfair preliminary judging system, etc. 
(One of my BFFs, Amber, made it really far in the competition, 
just to be told they have "enough country" singers.)
1. Lauren Alaina, you are lucky to even be in the competition 
{I know that everything happens for a reason, Amber's name will be in lights...Look for it.}
 But my boycott ended when they hired Mr. Steven Tyler.
I grew up on Aerosmith, the Magic School Bus, and corn bread, folks.
If you don't follow me on twitter, then you don't know that I love Paul + Hayley!
Seriously, watch this and try not to be impressed.
It is like a beautiful love child of Elton and sparkles.

Thank me later.


March 30, 2011

{almost} april showers

I wanna knoooooow- Have you ever seen the rain?
I love CCR.
I hate Wednesdays.

(how I truly look on rainy days)

As you can see below, I picked Party Pony as the style to rock my brand new turban today!
I got tons and tons of complements.

Including some hottie in my history class, he thought the vintage look was oh-so-flattering :)

I want to buy 1400 more turbans.
Seriously, THE EASIEST way to rock unwashed hair and still look STYLISH.

striped shirt: LB
skinny jeans: Gap
grey cardigan: LB
black rainboots: Target
red turban: yellow songbird
rain coat: columbia

A lot of my favorite bloggers sometimes go off on little rants (not necessarily negative) about things they feel strongly about in the almighty blogosphere.  
As I gain more followers and find new blogs I love- 
I'm always reminded to stay true to my personal blogging beliefs.
Cue mini-rant:
I will always be sure to be the best representative of myself.  
Meaning: The Bekah you see is ain't nothing but the real thang-
Sarcasm, eclecticism (is this a word?), vain notions that you may care about my posts beyond a glance.
All that aside:  I want to be real, talk about real issues AND pretty things, get real feedback, etc.
I may feel the need to post an OOTD, a picture of my dog, or a video of me lip syncing to Hanson.
Or all of the above.
You've been warned.

I hope you are here because you like my style, my attempt at humor, or my love of sparkles.
That's all. Oh-
 I'm glad you're here, seriously. Stick around, there's more to see:
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Today's special: Read one post, get a blooper free!

Cheers, my little chickens.

Also, I have updated to Disqus, so if you sign in below and comment like crazy birds,  I will be sure to respond to every comments :)

March 28, 2011

yellow scarves & mustaches

This awkward phase between winter and spring needs this bright yellow scarf.
and this blogger needs more hours in the day.

gray boyfriend cardi: mossimo
bright yellow scarf: gordmans
brown tunic: ross
black skinnies: gap
tiger print wedges: nine west
brown woven belt: urban outfitters

You can see from these photos that the awkward lessons paid off.


Want to help style my new turban? Please check out yesterday's turban post.

Today, Matters of Merrymaking has linked up to the Color Brigade: Vol 12.
Check out the brights and other color tones from other bloggers.

holy turbans, batman!

Look at me, look at me.

Clockwise from left, 1, 2, 3, 4

I recently fell in love with the turban headband trend (and wanted to buy a handmade one)
So now- I am having trouble styling it for everyday life.
I never turn down a headband.  So check out how I styled it and let me know what you think.

The turban itself is cranberry red. I love love love the color, the possibilities are endless.
It is so well made and comfortable.
 Let's get down to it.

1) Turbo-Turban: the most normal way to wear it.  Over hair that is completely down. May look better with hair in waves.
2) Fake Bangin': aka I pinned my hair back to appear as if I had bangs.  I'm anti-bangs for myself, but everyone wearing turbans HAVE bangs.  SO I gave it a go, P.S. totally fooled my family.
3) Party Pony: My hair is parted like normal, with a normal ponytail and some volume.
4) Vintage Vibe: Front of hair pinned back.  Turban worn like regular headband.

So what do y'all think is the BEST look for me?
Which one would YOU wear?

I bought this turban from one of my favorite blogger's online stores.  
Kim from Yellow Songbird sold them bid-like on twitter.
She's the cutest.

^ This is how Kim wore it ^

Whoa, that grid of pictures is like Bekah overload.
you're welcome.

I got dressed today... AND I looked super cute.


playing grown up

Recently, I started working full time three days a week, in addition to class and part time the rest of the week.  I am helping plan the most awesome summer camp ever for kids in pre-kindergarten to 8th grade at a private school in my town.  I live for summer camps, I love field trips and arts and crafts, you name it.

So, just become accustomed to seeing me play grown-up a couple days a week, now.
wink, wink.

black pants:
blue button up: totally from my brother's closet.
flower pin: gift
the best shoes ever: payless
earrings: betsey johnson
bangles: LB
watch: vintage from my dad

I love the one side tuck with a button up.
I got these studded gladiator sandals at a recent trip to Payless, to use my BOGO coupon.
I love them so much. They have a slight wedge and are more dressy than most.

Aren't they fabulous? 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It rained non stop here, hence the super green grass.

And something I have to remember more often:

In case you missed it: this is my current obsession.
Are you following me on Twitter?


March 27, 2011

current obsession: {pleats}

If you have opened your eyes lately, you probably have seen the resurgence of
pleated skirts and dresses
I am obsessed:
big pleats, small pleats, long pleats, short pleats.

I love the light fabric, the twirl factor, and the fact that they scream SPRING!
Do you feel the same?
I've already picked the skirt I want to buy for the spring weather.
{ once that tax refund comes in :) }

Oh, and just for fun.  This needs no explanation.
baby bowie


March 26, 2011

snapshot saturday 3.0

Sister #2, Colbie Cailliat, and ME

Last September, I won tickets to sit SECOND ROW at the Sheryl Crow + Colbie Caillat concert.
I took sister #2 and we had the most amazing time.
The venue was outside at the Mud Island Amphitheater, on the Mississippi river.
We were invited to meet and greet with Colbie, where we took this picture. 
 I love her music, her beachy style, and her sweet personality.

The best concert of that summer, by far.

Check out the other link-ups at Yellow Songbird.

Enjoy your weekend!


March 25, 2011

five things.


I totally did not plan ahead this week for Friend Friday.
It might have been the two massive exams & history report I did in the last three days.
So, as I am not at all prepared, here is a little spontaneous merrymaking.

These shoes I bought at Urban Outfitters! 
(We just got one, yesterday.)
I got them from the boys section :) ! I loved them so much and 
they're the most comfortable shoes EVER!

Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle

I got these shorts in charcoal-- and I am going to go back and get
For someone who is outside all day in the summer, these shorts are comfy and stylish.
Looking forward to pairing them with a white tunic and espadrille wedges.

Old Navy at ShopStyle

THIS song.  I am a new lover of Mumford & Sons.
I can't stop playing this song (The Cave) on repeat.

THIS nail polish.  It's so pink, it looks like Barbie threw up on my nails (too graphic?)
I love it.
Essie: PANSY

And I am loving the always delicious- whiskey sour!
I am planning on having a couple this weekend as I celebrate this busy academic week being over.
whiskey sour

Have a great weekend y'all!

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