October 31, 2013

Hippie Halloween

dress:  ASOS // fringe vest: target (old) // booties: barefoot tess // 
ostrich bag: vintage gift // headband: claires // nails: house of holland

My favorite thing about Halloween (aside from the Reese's PB cups shaped like pumpkins) is trying to create a costume with the MOUNDS of crazy clothes I already own.  I had been eyeing this dress for a few weeks and when it went on sale, I was certain that it would be a perfect dress for a Hippie Halloween and forever after!  Even some of my friends mentioned that I looked like I was just dressed like "normal Bekah." I mentioned earlier this week that we celebrated a little early last week by going downtown (and I did upgrade my outfit a little by switching to a Johnny Loves Rosie flower headband.) If I go out tonight, I am considering putting together a Sons of Anarchy outfit with some of my new leather look items!  Do you order, DIY, or dig through your costumes for your Halloween costumes?  What are you going as tonight?

Cheers! Goblin Punch for everyone! xxoo

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October 30, 2013

Leather & Polka Dots

 dress: ross // leather look vest: c/o dots // necklace: versona accessories // 
clutch: target //  booties: lane bryant

I think it may be time for an intervention.
I've mentioned it a million times before, but I seriously have a Netflix obsession.
I loooooove watching an entire season or series from start to finish.  Granted, we don't have cable anymore as it was a totally wasted expense.  It is so much more satisfying than waiting week after week, through commercials and whatnot.  When I saw this shirt the other day, I knew it was perfect to wear for one of my weekend Netflix binge sessions.  

Let's just coast through the series I have devoured in the past two months:
Parenthood | The Following | Hemlock Grove | The Vampire Diaries | Parks & Rec | 
Don't Trust The B in Apt 23 | Sons of Anarchy 

Come to think of it, I'm not even ashamed.  That's impressive.

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October 29, 2013

Orange is the New Black

  top: target // black party pants: asos // blazer with spiked shoulders: gordmans // flats: nine west

We are SO close to Halloween! Even though I celebrated a little early (I will share photos Thursday) I am still in the spirit.  You can't really tell because it was so overcast this day, but these "party pants" from ASOS have a fun sheen to them.  I got them at the end of last spring on super sale so this is my first time breaking them out.  I'm linking up with Trend Spin today for Halloween looks in orange and/or black, so be sure to head over there to check out some more Halloween theme colors!

How are you celebrating on the 31st? Trick or treating or a big costume party?  Maybe a big old bag of fun sized candy and a glass of wine?  It all sounds good to me.
I can't believe November is right around the corner.  Happy Tuesday!

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October 28, 2013

Camo & Dots

jeans: c/o dots // camo top: c/o dots  // booties: barefoot tess // scarf: handmade gift // clutch: vintage
 // cardigan: thrifted // sunglasses: cole haan

If you've been a Merrymaking reader for a while, you may have noticed that I often wear pieces found at Dots! Some of my favorite pieces: these pants, also these pants, these shorts, this dress... I could go on and on!  I have always loved their on-trend pieces with affordable prices.  Dots invited me to check out some new fall pieces & it was so much fun!  I wanted to put some camo in my wardrobe for a while and this top fit the bill perfectly with its sheer print and fun cut!  I can't wait to show you the rest of my scores!  Have you ever been to Dots? Click here to make sure you aren't missing out on a store right down the road from you.  The fashion is out there, folks.

Disclaimer: Dots sent me a gift card to purchase some new fall pieces, all opinions written are entirely from my brain.

October 25, 2013

Sweater Weather

 leggings: dots (here) // flat boots: target (here) // sweater: i ♥ ronson (old) //
sunglasses: cole haan // shirt: tj maxx

This is definitely my favorite sweater!  I picked it up on Black Friday 2011 and I was so thrilled to break it out today for the first time this season.  I am beyond thrilled that today is Friday and the ever elusive weekend has come a-calling!  I am having the first of many costumed Halloween shin-digs and celebrating my big brother's 30th (WHAT!) birthday!  Lots of merrymaking shall be had around these parts.  I've gone back and forth (and back) trying to decide what to dress up like this year, but eventually I just had to go with my heart's desire.
(Yes, I am an adult, and yes, I take costume parties seriously... there will be daiquiris after all.)
What have you got on your weekend agenda! Pour one for me, happy weekend!
Oh, and that cute black dog?  He's the best accessory for any outfit.

October 24, 2013


 dress: asos // sweater: thrifted // necklace: eclectic ornaments // booties: lane bryant

Truth be told, this outfit was inspired by this pin on Pinterest.  I did not have the patience to get the belt to work with this before I started twirling around in the dress (bad habit.) Also, I am completely convinced I need to get more sweaters.  During my shopping lunch hour yesterday, I perused the Old Navy choices and they have a lot going on.  Sequin cardis, embellished sweatshirts, hello gorgeousness!
I need more sweater ammo in my closet.  Have you seen any sweaters or sweatshirts rockin' your world lately? Please share.

October 23, 2013

Uniquely You

Good morning, little chickens!  Recently, I teamed up with Modcloth to be a part of their Uniquely You Polyvore challenge!  I will style outfits centered around one specific and provided item of clothing from their website.  This week, the article of clothing was the fabulously striped Sacramento style skirt.  I was really inspired by this skirt, and this outfit would be perfect for grabbing coffee and catching a new exhibit at the museum. THE SHOES are to die for!  Thanks for checking it out! Happy hump day, dearies.

Modcloth: Sacramento Style Skirt

October 22, 2013

Happy Dress!

 dress: american rag via macy's (here) // wedge booties: dolce vita (here) // sunglasses: cole haan // ring: gift // skull cuff bracelet: via random instagram sale :)

This dress actually screamed out loud at me at the mall.  It has everything I love about a dress.  The swing, the ruffles, sheer-ness, a unique piece with a ton of versatility = la la la happiness!  The best part is that it was on sale on top of sale on top of a 10% discount! WOOHOO!
Triple the score!  In other news, this is my first time breaking out this booties and boy do they need some breaking in.  My fourth toe on both feet didn't have the best time that day, but that is how it goes!  I'm not the only one who deals with a little bit of discomfort for the perfect rust colored bootie wedge, right? Right.  Then, it's settled.

October 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

This was me for most of last week.  I think it was a side effect of the flu shot I got the week before, but thankfully I am feeling merry once again.

I was rockin' out by the time the weekend rolled around.
Braving the surprise of a super cold earrrrrrly Saturday morning, I went to tailgate and attend the Memphis Tigers football game.  We lost, but it was definitely FUN FUN!
Sunday, I got to meet my new nephew puppy, Copper! Isn't he the CUTEST! I love him already.
Perfect weather called for some lattes and the mall with my baby sister.
I got a new dress and a new Mac lip pencil I am way too excited about.
Hope all of you guys had super great weekends!!
Stay merry.

October 15, 2013

Come Together

graphic tee: torrid // cardi: dkny // boyfriend jeans: torrid // flats: nine west 
necklace: accessory auctions // sunglasses: calvin klein

Boyfriend jeans, graphic tee, cardi, and flats... my new favorite go-to grab! Inspired by this post y my girl Kelly, I grabbed this new jeans and styled them for the first time, and I actually love it!  I was so anti-boyfriend jeans until I just took the plunge and tried them on.  Now I have officially learned not to judge a trend by the way it looks on a shelf/mannequin/Katie Holmes.  You just have to give it a go!
I am in the market for new leopard print shoes, I wore these down last year!
I love these!

// The lyrics on the shirt are from one of my favorite songs by the Beatles, but my heart belongs to the Aerosmith version.  Listen below and improve your day by 715%.
Happy Tuesday! 
Don't forget to enter the Versona giveaway for a $25 gift card! Jewelry, purses, and shoes OH MY!

October 11, 2013

Versona Accessories and a GIVEAWAY!

There's a new store in town, friends! Versona Accessories!!
Conveniently located in the super expansive Southaven Towne Center, Versona has only been open two weeks and that place is packed with great trends in EVERY color imaginable.  I was expecting jewelry, but they have SO MUCH OF IT and more.  They invited me to attend the Grand Opening a few weeks ago, which I could not attend, but I finally made it in this week to get my hands on some new accessories!  The quality of their stuff is top notch and really affordable.
In addition to jewelry, they have tons of clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

You can go try Versona yourself because they gave me a $25 gift card to give away to one of my merry readers!  Before you enter, check here and make sure there is a Versona in your area!
Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

October 10, 2013

Seven Layer Dressing

maxi skirt (dress): target // gingham top: target // flats: nine west // 
military vest: old navy // necklaces: accessory auction

Get your layers on, girl! I take the privilege of layering very seriously.  I have to be flexible in needing to shed a layer in mid-day.  In college, one friend commented on my outfit, asking how many layers I was actually wearing... I've toned it down a bit since then though.  I feel much more "dressed" when there are more elements to my outfit.  Today it is just dress, shirt, vest!  I can't wait until the temps cooperate and I can break out my scarf collection.  In the meantime, we are having really great evenings with windows open and pleasant mornings of coffee on the patio.
Oh yeah, and this vest?
We are ready for another beautiful fall/winter season together.
What are your favorite go-to layering pieces?  Buying any new ones this season?
I would love to get a new vest like this or this to add to my collection.

October 9, 2013

(Dish)Crawlin' In Memphis

When it comes to food, I'm not necessarily known in my group of friends as the chick with the refined palate.  I like what I like. but I am always game to try new things!  Exploring new restaurants is fun!
When the fabulous Kim, from Dishcrawl, asked me if I wanted to be one of the judges for Battledish: Memphis (read more about that here,) I didn't hesitate.  I got to try new dishes at 6 different downtown restaurants in Memphis, FOUR of which I had never even been to before!  
Also... there were cocktails... yummy, yummy, yummy cocktails.
Here we go:
I'm not one of those people to save the best for last, so I am sharing my favorite with you first.
Some people eat their dessert first, I have an affinity for mango flavored drinks.

The Restaurant:  Automatic Slim's
The Dish: 4-Sauce Pan Seared Sesame Encrusted Tuna with Spiced Rice & Wakame
The Cocktail: They had two cocktails entered.
left: Muddle Mango Mojito
right: Cranberry Lemongrass Martini
I had never had seared tuna before and if it tastes this good anywhere else, I am now a believer!  We all tried the different sauces, I personally loved the soy and wasabi ones.  I loved the atmosphere (check those lanterns out!) and service at Automatic Slim's.  If you are freaked out by the seaweed, that's cool, but every single part of this dish complimented one another.   Our server, Julia, was a gem and she was so awesome to our party of 5, even when we came back post-crawl and ordered MORE mojitos.  Like I said, I like what I like.
We will DEFINITELY come back here to try their brunch menu.  I can't believe I walked by this restaurant a million times and never went inside.
The Dish: Flammkuchen (it was like a pizza on a really thin and crunchy crust with gruyere, bacon, creme fraiche, and sage.
The Cocktail:  Also, they had two, "Million Dollar Margarita" and "Trishalicious" (pictured)
Goodness, gracious, great balls of Flamma-what?
Well, I was not at all familiar with the Flammkuchen dish or what it was supposed to be, but I liked the crunchy crust and the bacon!  Bad judge Bekah, google is my friend now.  I would like to try it again sometime.  The margarita wasn't much to write home about, in my opinion, but I would definitely order the Trishalicious (some mixed drink with cranberry, vodka, red bull, and apple pucker) the next time I am kicking up my heels in the honky tonk.

The Restaurant: Lunchbox Eats
The Dish: Short Rib Chili in a Buttery Cornbread Cup
The Cocktail: (no cocktail entered, but we got Coconut Lemonade and it was BAD ASS!)
I had read reviews of Lunchbox Eats before, but never ventured to their spot nestled behind quiet side of the Fed Ex Forum.  We sat at a huge table with shelves of childhood games at our reach, and I was a fan from the beginning.  Presentation wise, I was immediately won over by the chili being served in little cups of cornbread.  It was adorable and delicious.  I loved the unique taste, more sweet, made with cinnamon.  The short ribs were a great addition.  All five of us ate the entire dish and cornbread cup, crumbs and all.  Also, really great service here. Apparently, Memphians flock here for their grown-up version of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and fries.  I'm sold.

The Restaurant: Tamp & Tap
The Dish: Autumn Napoleon 
The Cocktail: (no cocktail entered here either, but I got a beer because it is a restaurant specializing in coffee AND beer, and I seize all opportunities, folks)
The full description of this dish was Autumn Napoleon of Horseradish Brioche French Toast, Roasted Butternut Squash Puree, Quinoa, Heirloom Tomato Relish, Fried Shiitake and Prosciutto with Lime Chimichurri.  (SAY THAT FIVE TIMES FAST!)  The description (to a non-foodie aka ME) is very all over the place, but imagine it as a parfait of everything awesome topped with more awesome.  There you have it.  I liked the dish a lot, but it was too rich to eat the whole thing. So many flavors.

The Restaurant: Belle Diner
The Dish:  Braised Short Rib with Grit Cake and Sautéed Brussels Sprouts
The Cocktail: Bloody Belle (not pictured)
The Belle Diner now inhabits the former Rio Loco space where I had many a margarita fueled birthday celebration, but that's another story for another day.  I love the revamp of the space, it was fancified and well decorated!  I am lacking a picture of the Bloody Mary because I was so excited about it, I forgot to snap one.  When we got this dish, everyone at the table got QUIET!  My sister, Sarah, looked at me and exclaimed, "Now, this is FOOD!" The grit cake was crispy and creamy perfection.
Our plates (and glasses) were cleaned, and our souls were cured.  

(Check out my official judging face... totally profesh, right?)
The Restaurant:  Rizzo's Diner
The Dish: Grit & Grind (Duck Confit and Goat Cheese, wrapped in Grits, rolled in Panko, and served atop Sauteed Spinach)
The Cocktail: South Mango Mimosa
This was the restaurant that we came to last (almost four hours in to the battle,) and even though we were full and happy, I was a little let down by Rizzo's.  I had such high hopes for this restaurant, as the other judges I ran in to had bragged about the cocktail.  Our drinks were watered down and not really impressive.  The food was really good, I loved the spicy red sauce it was served with.  Also, this was the only restaurant where the chef came around and spoke to all the patrons.  Points for service and personality.  I will make it my life's mission to try this drink again, stay tuned.

If you are still reading...
You deserve a cocktail and a gold star. All of the judge's votes were tallied 
up and you can see the big time winners here.
All in all, it was such a FUN experience to explore downtown Memphis in a different way!  I had passed by those restaurants a hundred times and never gone in!  Check out Dishcrawl's website and see if they are crawling around in your area.  You will not regret it.  I will definitely be taking part in the Slider Crawl coming in November and COCKTAIL WARS in early December.

October 6, 2013

She's Just Being Miley

Okay, okay so I watched Miley Cyrus host SNL last night for one reason only.  
I wanted to catch any scandalous behavior live and in action.
I have always liked Miley, but post-VMAs it was clear she was headed in a different direction.
BUT I'm all good and happy with an artist "expanding" and all that stuff.
(Even if it includes licking sledgehammers.)

Her sketches were funny, she has decent comedic abilities, but she BLEW me away with her live singing.  The girl can SING.  I loved it, it gave me chills.  Even my skeptic cynic brother, who is a hater of almost all pop stars, had to give Miley props for killing it.
 Wrecking Ball is amazing and so powerful.
Now, if she can retire the mesh clothing, I will again be 100% pro-Miley.

October 3, 2013

Battledish: Memphis

This weekend, all merrymaking will be amped up a notch!  I know, I didn't think that was possible either.  I was asked to be one of the judges in the Battledish Memphis competition! If you have not heard of Battledish, which is a special branch of Dishcrawl, you HAVE to check it out.  Chances are there is one right in your own city.  

Six chefs have been chosen to compete in Battledish: Memphis this October in conjunction with the 60 other chefs competing in North America for King of Battledish.
I am so excited to try dishes from six local chefs, paired with delicious cocktails!
If you're in Memphis, use code 'merrymaking' for $10 off your ticket!
Come hang out and meet new people and try fancy dishes from some of the best chefs in Memphis.
Check out the chefs and menus here.
See ya there.

October 2, 2013

Blue & Gray

cardigan: target (old) // dress: asos (here) // purse: target (here) // boots: nine west (similar)
necklace: gift // ring: silpada, etsy // shades: calvin klein via tj maxx

 Yesterday morning, we went to grab a delicious and nutritious breakfast at my favorite breakfast food spot near the U of M campus.  If you live in Memphis, then you know that Brother Juniper's has it GOING on!  Great food, the best service, and breakfast potatoes so good I thought about writing a country song about them. It had been WAY too long since I had dropped in, and I love all of the changes popping up around my alma mater.  It wasn't until I was loading these pics that I noticed I am actually wearing my college's colors! BLUE AND GRAY!
Go Tigers go!
Oh, and by the way...