October 6, 2013

She's Just Being Miley

Okay, okay so I watched Miley Cyrus host SNL last night for one reason only.  
I wanted to catch any scandalous behavior live and in action.
I have always liked Miley, but post-VMAs it was clear she was headed in a different direction.
BUT I'm all good and happy with an artist "expanding" and all that stuff.
(Even if it includes licking sledgehammers.)

Her sketches were funny, she has decent comedic abilities, but she BLEW me away with her live singing.  The girl can SING.  I loved it, it gave me chills.  Even my skeptic cynic brother, who is a hater of almost all pop stars, had to give Miley props for killing it.
 Wrecking Ball is amazing and so powerful.
Now, if she can retire the mesh clothing, I will again be 100% pro-Miley.


  1. I missed it, but fully intend to go back and watch some of the clips because I heard she did such a great job.

    1. She really did! Let me know what you think!!

  2. My friend Miley was so good. Acting and performing. And bein' beautiful. And jus' bein' Miley.


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