April 11, 2011

zesty crackers

Hey there, sunshine.
Matters of Merrymaking rules:
1. Cardigans are necessary for the workplace.
2. Ditch them as soon as you can.
3. Post pictures from last Thursday and try to fool everyone, because your sunburn is so embarrassing.
Today is my sister's 21st birthday!
*Happy Birthday Sarah!*
I can't believe my little shadow is twenty-one.
I remember when she used to follow me to school and cry when she had to go to her separate class last year in elementary school.
Hah, just kidding :)
 I will be working alllll day and then going straight to her house for a celebration!
For our family celebration, she wanted to go to a local Native American/Archaeology museum in town.
We had the best time ever, and it was really different and fun.
Silly sister.
(That is sister with her canvas I made her, pictures of the outside of the museum, and the card from me as well... Wow, I'm a good sister)
It is summertime weather here for sure.
I spent the weekend doing TONS of outdoor activites (including, but not limited to:)
patio lunches
getting sun (burnt) by the pool
local crawfish festival
margs and trivia at a local taco shop
visiting a archalogical museum with my family (where we learned to throw spears, weird, right?)
and cooking out on the patio, again.

I am so exhausted, I need a nap.
aaaaand some vitamin e for this wicked sunburn I am rocking.
I am so tired, I must be rambling.
Once the coffee and allergy meds kick in, I hope to make sense.
If you are wondering about the title of this post... I have no words.


  1. LOL about the post title!! Aw, glad you had a great time celebrating with your family! Happy Belated Birthday to your sister! Oh and hope your sunburn heals quickly. :-/

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. you look sooouper cute! I love that paisley dress. I bought a very similar one last summer at a thrift store, but like so many other great buys, I ended up having to give it to Ellie because her boobs are bigger. Oh right, and I've totally been stocking up on cardigans to wear over all my sundresses to the office. The Gap has some scrumptious brushed cotton pastels beauties on clearance right now.

  3. Thanks, Lidi. I looking rather lobster-esque but I hope to return to normal soon!! :)

  4. Ooooh thanks for the tip! I shall have to fall in to the Gap!

  5. you look great! Happy birthday to your sister - AND I LOVE the CD!!! Seriously, it's amazing! :)

  6. this look is so cute!!! I love the dress and happy birthday to your sister :)

  7. LOVE your rules- all so true. ;) I hate the sun, though. I'm deathly afraid of it, so I won't be sporting a burn any time soon.

    So sweet to celebrate your sister's b-day on the blog!!! And I have to tell you I'm nearly starving right now, so it was VERY difficult for me to click on your link in my reader... I was so afraid there was going to be a picture of some delicious crackers, topped with a zesty red pepper hummus or something.

    Thank goodness this is not inclusive of food.

  8. she looks just like you in that left picture...and the canvas pic is sweet! so...you got a lil toasty this weekend, eh?? i'm jealous...it was rainy here! and i agree...ditch blazers, jackets, cardigans, sweaters as soon as you get in the car!


  9. zesty bread!!! hahaha this weekend was SO MUCH FUN with you! happy birthday sarah!! yaay 21 :) :)

  10. Thanks, Carlsworth! I had so much fun tooooo! :) Can't wait for many more upcoming ones !!!

  11. Isn't she the cutest little lady? I got more than a little toasty, but maybe I can adjust the contrast for tomorrow's pics to attempt to not look so lobster red! Haha!

  12. You are a good sister that card is so cute. I also love the dress the pattern is fabulous my friend.

    Write it in Lipstick

  13. Haha, my friend and I were joking about putting hot sauce on zesta crackers and making millions... but I am glad I didn't include pictures :)

    Now, I want hummus ahhhh.

  14. That means SO much! I was afraid it might not go over well... I like a wide range of songs, mostly unreleased tunes. And if one person liked it, then it is allllll worth it! woohoo!

  15. Thanks, Melissa. I was so out of it this morning I noticed I didn't even include my outfit deets.
    It must be sun stroke or something...

  16. I really love it! I think I have a great sense of who you are from your blog and choice of music! I think we'd be friends if we met in real life too, not just through the internet :)

  17. Anja_AHeartandSoulStoryApril 11, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    Your weekend sounds fun! Apart from the sunburn - got one on my nose, looks similarly hillarious, I am telling you!

    HAPPY B-Day little sis of Bekah!!! Hope you had a great celebration.

    I adore your outfit! The dress is so cute and those shoes!!!! awesome! BTW: What nail polish did you use for your toes?

  18. I did the same thing today! I wore a flimsy little sundress with a cardigan over top. Then, on my lunch break, I drove up to the top level of our parking garage, shed my cardigan, and tanned for an hour. So blissful.

  19. Happy Birthday to your sister!! Loving those shoes you are wearing!

    Monique xx


  20. why are you so awesome? i LOVE that dress and i LOVE that pedi. and i love that you got to sunbathe this weekend, even though my mother would be scolding me and following me around with SPF 50+ if she heard me say that.

    oh hey, let's go back to thursday and split a liter of wine and run around in the warm weather. good idea. yes? yes.

  21. AH I LOVE that dress! The print! The Colors! The Style! TOO CUTE. Where is it from? And happy birthday to your sister!

  22. Happy official adulthood, sister!! And ya know what, your makeup always looks incredible, Bekah. I don't know if it's the editing or what but you always make me want hot pink lips. Also, I love the dress too :)

  23. I love the art you made! 1. You could sell that so easily! 2. I want one! 3. I totally need to copy you and make one hahah.

    <3 The Daily Dani

  24. I love your outfit. Summer dresses are making their way out of the closet and I couldn't be happier. Also, do you AND your sister study history or anthropology? If so, that is AWESOME, as I have a degree in art history and a degree in anthropology. It's always awesome to find people with the same interests.

  25. I love knowing that there are size real girls out there that rock it, I get into clothing ruts, and while the blogging community has beautiful dressors but the options arent the same for me. So i send you a huge standing O for being on my inspiration board :)

  26. OH yes PLEEEEEASE! and don't worry my mother gave me the "it only takes one sunburn...." lecture. I told her I put 35 on my face... don't want any wrinkles, mother!

  27. It's the only way to beat the blues of being inside when its so nice outside!

  28. Pansy by Essie!!!!!!!! :) :)

  29. It is from Target... isn't it fab? I felt like I was wearing a super stylish nightgown, and I had zero probs with that.

  30. No lie, I saw it on Pinterest and just used brighter flowers and blue background that I knew she would love. Also, her bday card was inspired by a Pinterest card too! :)

    Immiation = Flattery x Sparkles

  31. Why, thank you Monk-Monk! I am just pretty much obsessed with lipstick, lately. You can blame my obsession with cosmetics for my day-to-day face... oh that and mom & diddy.

  32. Haha, she just loves that stuff, although she is Communications/Public Relations.
    I think my dad's obsession with the Last of the Mohicans rubbed off on us!
    I do LOVE anthropology... the museum we went to is actually run by my university's dept!

  33. That means so much, and I likewise find inspiration from other blogs.
    I think that since starting this blog, my confidence in the matter has skyrocketed.
    There are real ladies out there, everywhere and I love you for sharing that with me :)
    *internet hug*

  34. Yay! I am so glad, I hope I am representing myself well :)
    And I agree on being friends in real life, Liz! Yay us!

  35. I found your blog through EBEW and loved your maxi...and now I love this dress, too!


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