April 27, 2011

Flower Pin-teresting

More "cheating" today, folks!
But as you assured me- everyone does it, so no worries here!
If you follow me on Pinterest, you saw me pin this picture:
via pinterest
And if you don't Follow me on Pinterest... you should!
Like I threatened-
I stole one of my dad's old work shirts and did my own thing with it.
I used the flower to cover up the name on the shirt... I wish I had this pin.
That certainly would have done the trick.
It was also intensely hot (and sunny...hence the shades and the weird eyes below, so this shirt will just be hanging out until winter.  I took these pics Saturday morning to go bike shopping with my sisters.
I got a purple Columbia trek bike, more for the workout than the looks, I guess.
I wish I could tell you I've been burning up the trails- but we have had severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings the past two days and I have barely been outside, much less cruisin'.

I picked up a lot of great items over the last few days- tops, shorts, shoes... I can't wait to show you them! Again, when the rain stops... I'm on it.
I hope the weather is treating you lovely where you are!
Oh, and my new clutch says hello... he loves you too!

If you have been around a while, you may know I mention my little Ozzy dog quite a lot.
I love the man... he's great. AND TALENTED! I entered him in the ModCloth Bow-WOW Contest, through YouTube.  Voting is not up to the public, but if you'd like to visit the site and check him out, or comment, he would love it.  He works hard, y'all.
What a diva.
Here's the vid:

Thank you for being a friend,


  1. First of all, love this. I need to DIY myself a flower pin. And yeah, I am pretty dang sick of this weather. Hail and sirens had me up all night hanging out in the closet with my dogs.

  2. What a great idea to pin the flower to cover up the name of the shirt! And Ozzy is SO cute!! The video totally had me smiling, I hope you win!!! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. gahh I love Stockholm Streetstyle. It reminds me of my time in Copenhagen... style inspiration was EVERYWHERE, it was so great.

  4. I know- the pins are so easy... gotta get myself to hobby lobby! hope the weather isn't too bad to ya, me and Ozzy have gotten accustomed to hanging out under the stairs.

  5. THANKS! I hope I win too! I would win a $200 ModCloth gift card... UM SHAZAM that'd be awesome!
    I need a bigger flower for fashion's sake... but right now I m working with what I got! :)

  6. Isn't it great? I mean its such a simple outfit, but so inspiring!

  7. love the denim shirt and the lip color is so pretty! Gorgeous! Rachel from adistinctstyle.blogspot.com

  8. I love the big workshirt! I think I need to play with more volume in my clothes. I think sometimes I get really caught up with trying to have everything look fitted and put together, and maybe I just need to relax sometimes!
    Oh! And I haven't forgotten about getting my CD out, I am just living by some alternate time line!

  9. Great recreation!!

  10. oh...the flower pin! i seriously wore one for several months straight after SJP wore hers in sex and the city! perfect juxtaposition next to the tomboyish shirt. LOVE it!


  11. Thanks Rachel! I love that pink lipstick... I won it in a giveaway, it's my go-to color!

  12. Haha, thanks Liz, I love it too! Sometimes the most fun is when I just throw stuff together!
    Don't worry about the CD... it works better this way that way we all have time to listen and appreciate each one! :)

  13. Thanks ma'am! Although, I'd love to have her hair... and shoes :)

  14. Thanks Becks! I definitely wanted to girl that shirt up! I'm going to make a big hot pink one for next time!

  15. bekah you are so funny I like how jacking from dad = thrifted.....I have been thrifting stuff for a while then lol. I do like the idea of the pin placement to cover the name up.

  16. Oh, man. I'm addicted to Pinterest. It's a sickness and it is distracting me from getting my homework done! Kudos to you for making something fun out of your dad's work shirt. (: I love seeing the inspiration for your outfit, but I am less thrilled to see the sun behind you. It is still below 40 here in good ol' Oregon and the rain has yet to stop. I'll send some your way, if you like?

  17. It counts right? Vintage finds in the parent's closet! FREE!
    Yeah, he worked for like a farm or something? Had to cover that up :)

  18. Don't let the sun fool ya, Sarah. These were almsot a week ago... before the tornados and thunderstorms the last three days! Although tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s and sunny. Come for a visit!? :)

  19. You look gorgeous Bekah! and omg Ozzy looks like like my Tango who died a year ago :( like twins! He's adorable! fingers crossed for Ozzy to win!

  20. Sounds perfect, minus the tornadoes, as I said before, haha. I am very thankful that that is one weather nasty that I don't have to deal with on the west coast. I get tsunami possibilities instead, I suppose. And giant earthquakes. (:

  21. Ya win some, ya loose some! I can't even contemplate what to do for a tsunami! But alas, my duck and cover in the closet under the stairs action is completely routine now!!!

  22. Awww! Thanks Weesha, that means SO much coming from you! Ozzy is the cutest little man ever, I'd love for him to win and share his talents with the world! :) Sorry about Tango, but what a cute name. HE must have been such a dear. puppy kisses from ozzy to you :)

  23. I still need to get on this pinterest thing..i've been hearing about it everywhere! but I love the outfit you pinned and your recreation!


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