April 22, 2011

FBFF: Inspiration

Hello there, loves.  It is Friday! (yay) You know what that means.  It is time for FBFF questions.

1. Which celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for fashion
 Honestly, these days, I am finding so much inspiration in my fellow beautiful style bloggers.  It is more realistic and closer to my itty bitty budget than checking out a celeb in a magazine in those zillion dollar threads.  But, if push came to shove (i do not condone violence)... 
I would choose Alison Sudol (of A Fine Frenzy) ... 

via via and via
She is the epitome of all things girly and ruffly that I want to be.
2. When it comes to your own personal style, what inspires you? 
 As I mentioned, I am inspired by all of my new and old blog buddies and their daily lives and style.  I have to dress for my body and my budget... Sometimes it hinders me.  I love finding a new blogger who is not a size 2 and has some of the same items I do. It is great to see another person style the same items and you can see them in an entire different light.  But even if I don't have the items seen in mags or blogs, I just use my little noggin and often recreate other outfits that are similar.. like here:
Thanks, Linley for not caring that I ripped off your Malibu Barbie outfit... errr Maxi Barbie.. either way.
That's Linley of Dwelling & Telling. She's awesome, and once I get some coral heels, I will continue to aspire to be her :)
3. How do you hope to inspire your readers?
That's a good one too, Mr. FBFF...
I hope to show them a real person with real issues.  Yes, I have issues.  About 12 of them :)  But seriously, I am about to graduate college, my wardrobe budget is minimal and I am super tall with huge feet.  That is the motherload of probs when trying to buy clothes and look good presentable in them.  Every time I get a new reader/follower/comment about how I inspire someone because I am a REAL woman makes me smile HUGE.  If I can make one person feel better about themselves then ALL of this is worth it.  I love blogging and the amazing people I have met in the last 5 months,
 I hope some of them feel the same way.
4. Outside the realm of fashion who/what inspires you? 
I am super inspired by my sisters.  They are the most beautiful and fashionable people I know.  Just check out some of the pictures below.  Besides their outside gorgeousness, they are the nicest, most genuine people in this world.  I can tell them anything, and I know that they will always have my best interest in mind.  They are honest, caring, and loving people on the earth.  Open hearts and open minds, inspiring me to be a better person.  
Love ya big/little sistahs!
 (sometimes too shy for a photo sesh... here are some recent ones):
November, at a wedding

June, at the casinos
Oh and she's too cute:
Valentine's Day

Spring Break 2011
5. And since Idol is ending… Which songs inspire you? 
Pre-note: I love Idol, please send all of your votes to HAYLEY!!!!
okay, thank you.

I love this question--
  I definitely find strength in these songs, they are both new and old to me and regardless of artists or radio play, I let the lyrics speak to me.  They are my go-to songs for when I need some clarification and realization. Please take a listen, if you have the time, and thanks for reading...

Sara Bareilles - Let The Rain

Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek

Kate Nash - The Nicest Thing***
*** This song is the most played song on my iTunes, I can prove it.
You're the best.
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  1. Aww I love your pics :) Love A Fine Frenzy, she's beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Kimberlee!!! Isn't she drop dead gorgeous!?

  3. Thanks for sharing your answers and inspiration - you're so cute!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments! I love your sense of humor so I've decided to stay...I am your newest follower! I agree with #1 above. I get the best inspiration from other bloggers, too.

  5. Thank you, ma'am... but no.. YOU"RE so cute!!! :)

  6. Thanks for finding me & visiting, these are such great questions. & I love your headband. I hope to inspire my readers in lots of ways, by realizing that being a women amazing & that with nothing is impossible : )

  7. Family is everything :) Thank you for commenting. FBFF makes it possible to go and meet so many wonderful people/blogs. I take to heart your answer about being real and having issues. By embracing the good and the ugly, to my belief, only makes you richer and stronger. Continue being you and sharing with us.



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