April 27, 2012

Grind Forth

 {skirt: handmade | top: old navy, borrowed | vest: unknown | necklace: simply chic | bracelet: target}

I only got one decent picture last night, but considering how excited I was it's no wonder!  We went to watch the Grizzlies play the last season game, and they WON!  So, now we have home court advantage for the NBA playoffs.  Not too shabby, Grizz.
What do you chickens have planned for this weekend?
I hope it is something overwhelmingly fabulous.  I will have the most mundane and boring weekend ever full of standardized tests and babysitting.  Saving up for a super special trip in a month, so it's worth it! ;)

Grind Forth!



  1. That by far is probably my favorite outfit on you. You must re-mix the hell out of it and replicate often. I know I will. :)
    Woo for sports!
    I have a weekend of girlfriend time at a makeup party then bonding with the family home on the farm. Perfect balance.

    1. WOW! Haha, I actually wore the skirt to work and borrowed the vest and top from my sister to freshen up for the game! Sometimes having a second closet at your disposal really helps your remixing skills. Have the best weekend ever, it sounds like a blast.

  2. I LOVE this outfit & this photo - you look so happy & pretty.

    1. Thanks!!! Sometimes the most awkward photo taking situations result in pleasant-ish pictures. Have a great weekend, Kate!!

  3. awww Bekah! This picture is perfect! I love his whole outfit. That skirt is da bombz.
    ♥ laura
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  4. Beautiful outfit Bekah! You look so gorgeous!


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